Do life forms other than human, review their life after death?

Amarantos Do non human life forms have a review after death

Hi dear soulmates,

I conducted a regression recently and was asked a question that appears in the topic title.

In answer to that question, the following is my answer.

As far as review of life by other forms is concerned, from the session concluded by me, it is quite obvious that they do.

For instance :

  1. My client, when asked about review of his past life as a fox, said ‘teamwork’ is important. Work together.

  2. When asked about his life as an eagle, he said: enjoy life. Your share is already there and you ll get it. Dont stress yourself. Live happily.

So, every form’s review of life is different, but its there. This becomes explicit through past life regression.

Regards to you all.



Very nice lessons Hareeshji thank you so much for sharing

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Thanks for sharing such significant insights …
lots of love,

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Harish… our soulmate…
Welcome to the forum…!
Even as an eagle or as a fox life has got something to teach us.!!


Thank you Jyothi. Your group regressions are so inspiring.


Thank you Ramji. Regards. Haresh

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My pleasure, Geetaji. I read your content with such interest. It is so full of information and learning. Keep writing and make us wiser.


Harish… my next elite client is you… try your luck :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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I remember being a bird. I have dreams where I fly by flapping my wings almost every other night. I am usually quite high up and gliding so my best guess is an eagle. and yes I can tell that I feel so carefree, abundant and happy. There is no stress and I just enjoy the views.


Priceless words of wisdom Beloved Haresh

Absolutely ! One of my clients saw herself as a swallow in a past life and her learning from that life was —‘don’t forget to keep up your responsibilities’. the reason for such was that a small girl ( 5yrs old) who was a friend of the Swallow had given the it a pebble as a token of friendship when the child was leaving that location , and the Swallow had placed the pebble in her nest , but during a storm due to the heavy breeze and rain the pebble fell down and was lost. Seems a very silly reason when we look at it from our perspective but when looked at from the bird’s or the child’s perspective …loosing the pebble was like breaking of a relationship (which I gather was the essence [responsibility] of the pebble that had been given to the bird) …So I guess every form has a review and every review has a different perspective :slight_smile:


Thankyou for sharing


That was a wonderful lesson…brinda…:heart::+1:
Even, u can plz post that property selling PLRT…
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Thank you so much for sharing such deep wisdom so beautifully (short and crisp)