Do we have to suffer for acts done by us unintentionally?

Many times we come across ailments and diseases where a series of medical tests show everything is normal and doctors do not have an explanation. This case if of a person suffering from severe pain/ inflammation in her feet and legs. Through PLRT we get to see a beautiful story where animals and their families also suffer the pain of loss of loved ones. We all need to experience the fruits of actions done intentionally and unintentionally.

Deepa (name changed), a lady in her mid-thirties, reached out to check if PLRT can help her get rid of the shooting pain she was experiencing in the soles of her feet. It was during the second fortnight of May 2020. I asked her if she had seen any doctor and she said she was hesitant to visit doctors during the Covid-19 pandemic. She mentioned that she had consulted a doctor friend who had suggested blood tests and had suspected that it can be an issue relating to uric acid. But, she was not keen to get visit the laboratories for the blood test.

She turned up for the session in the last week of May 2020. During the history taking session, she also mentioned that at times she had also felt breathless and uses the inhaler at times. But these attacks were extremely rare and were not a priority. For now, she wanted to have the issue of the shooting pain in her feet and legs to be addressed. The pain was severe in her left leg. It was a burning sensation, sometimes it was as if she had stepped on sharp nails. There were no physical injuries and she had never experienced any pain of that nature in her life before and it had all started during the April / May 2020.

She comfortably got into trance as I used the Progressive Relaxation Technique. I asked to go to the time and space, the root cause of her leg pain. After a brief pause, I asked her, “What comes to your awareness?”

Deepa: I am seeing some forest.

T: How old are you?

She was taking deep breath and being aware of the issue of her breathlessness, I asked, “Is your breathing comfortable?”

Deepa: Feeling a little problem.

T: Do you want to use the inhaler?

Deepa nodded her head to convey a ‘no’ and continued.

Deepa: So many people are there.

T: What are you – man, woman, boy or girl?

Deepa: I am a boy.

T: How old are you?

Deepa: 18 years

T: Which place is it? Look at your dress, what are you wearing?

Deepa: Wearing something like s pant. (After getting up she mentioned that it was more like a loose pant worn in the olden days)

T: What is your name?

Deepa: Don’t know.

T: What are people calling you?

There was a long pause.

T: What are people doing there?

There was no reply.

T: What are you doing there?

Deepa: I am watching the people there.

T: What are the people doing there?

Deepa: They all are pricking somebody’s body.

T: With what?

Deepa: Stones.

T: Is the person dead or alive?

Deepa: He is alive only…and he is going to die.

T: What are you doing?

Deepa: I don’t know how I came there.

T: Where have you come? Have you come alone or with somebody?

Deepa: I am alone only…I think so.

T: From where did you come? What are you feeling when you are seeing this?

Deepa: Feeling very scared.

T: What is making you feel scared?

As there was no reply, I asked, “What is making those people throw stones at him?”

I wondered if people were stoning him. (Later, after she was out of trance, she said that the people were pricking him with sharp object and scoping out the flesh and meat from his body).

There was a pause.

T: Ask somebody there, what happened?

Deepa: Somebody is telling that it is his home and nobody should come inside…I don’t know what they will do with me now…I don’t know how I came here.

T: What is happening to you?

There was a long pause again.

T: Who is that somebody at whom they were pricking the stones?

Deepa: They are all looking like some…it is not like they are completely human…they are very scary to see…just too much of bad (foul) smell…so many dead animals, humans.

T: Do they eat humans?

Deepa: Yes, they are eating.

T: How did you come there?

Deepa: I am not remembering.

T: Go back and see how you came there? Why did you come to that place?

Deepa: My sister told to…she told ‘don’t leave me and go’.

T: How old is she?

Deepa: 15 Years

T: Leave her where?

Deepa: Home

T: You left her at home?

Deepa: Hmm

T: Where did you go?

Deepa: I came with my uncle.

T: Where?

Deepa: He told me that he will show me something…amazing things.

T: So, you went with you uncle?

Deepa: He took me inside the forest.

T: What happened in the forest?

There was a long pause.

T: Do you know which year?

Again there was a long pause.

T: Which country is this?

She nodded with a ‘no’.

T: Are you going with your uncle?

Deepa: Yeah.

T: Do you recognize him in this lifetime?

Deepa: No.

T: What happened to your uncle and you?

Deepa: The people sitting on the trees saw us…I was running and playing.

T: In the forest?

Deepa: Yes.

T: What are you playing?

Deepa: Lot of eye pain.

T: What happened after that? Relax and see what happened. What do the people do to you both?

Deepa: They were killing him only.

T: Your uncle?

Deepa: Yes.

T: Why are killing him?

Deepa: I don’t understand. I feel that they are hungry for human flesh…Now they are trying to kill me also.

T: How are they trying to kill you? What are they doing to kill you?

Deepa: Don’t know. I am not understanding.

T: Go forward and see what happens to you.

Deepa: They are trying to shoot with arrows, something like pins while running…I am also running…they are trying to catch me…one person tried to catch me, but I hit him.

T: What happened to your uncle?

Deepa: They ate him a little and threw him in some water, like a pond.

T: They killed him?

Deepa: Yes.

T: Now, what is happening to you?

Deepa: I don’t know where to run. Not getting anything. I am getting lot of pain.

T: Relax and see what happens. What happened to you?

Deepa: They are holding my legs…and pricking with me with nails, making holes.

T: Why are they doing that?

Deepa: I don’t know.

T: What happens?

Deepa: My legs are bleeding, but I am running…I fell inside the mud…I died there.

T: How did you die?

Deepa: It is sticky mud.

T: They don’t come behind you?

Deepa: They wanted me too, but while running I slipped there.

T: So, they leave you there?

Deepa: Yeah. It is very big, muddy thing.

T: What happens to you now? Have you died?

Deepa: Yeah.

T: How?

She was floating now. She was seeing the light.

T: What is the lesson from that life? What do you feel? What emotions are you going through?

Deepa: If I had listened to my sister, I would have lived happily. I think she sensed danger and advised me not to go. I am missing her. I don’t know where I came and why I died. I have lot of pain and I want to come out.

T: Float above and ask the light to relax and check the relevance of this life. What is the message from the white light?

Deepa: I am relaxing…after this I want to come out.

I said yes, you can come out after this.

T: What is the relevance of this life?

Deepa: This is not the root cause .

T: Is this anything to do with your breathing problem?

Deepa: This is also a small thing for breathing problem. My body is paining, I want to come back.

I brought her back after she relaxed for some time in the light.

After coming out of trance she said she could actually smell the foul odour. She had been died by sinking in the quicksand after her legs were badly pierced and with arrows and nails. She said the people were cannibals and attacked people who entered the forest which was their home. The sight was like a nightmare and she said she could not take it any longer and wanted to get out of trance quickly. The left leg where the pain was severe was the one that was badly hurt in that life. I asked her what she had meant when she had said “This is not the root cause” towards the end of the session. She said she was not sure why she said that. As she left, I felt that we had not gone to the root and wondered what more was there if this was not the “root cause”.

After a couple of weeks, she visited again to continue with the session. The pain was still there and both of us felt we had not got the root cause. As she went into trance, I instructed, “Go to the root cause for the pain you are experiencing in your leg. What comes to your awareness? What do you see?”

She said, “While running I just stamped a baby deer.”

I wondered if she was an animal or a human. I asked, “What are you? Look at your feet.”

She continued, “In the forest.”

I asked again, “What are you?”

“A man”, came the reply.

T: How old are you?

Deepa: 18-17

T: Where are you running?

Deepa: Some people were attacking me so I was running. I stamped on the baby deer while running’

T: But where was the baby deer?

Deepa: It was lying near the bushes

T: Why did it not run?

Deepa: It was sleeping. It was very small.

T: What happened to the deer?

Deepa: It died.

T: Who are these people who are attacking you?

Deepa: Somebody -they belong to the jungle - a very - scary persons.

I wondered if it was the same life she had been to in the earlier session.

T: Just find out which place you’re in. What is the name of the country?

There was silence.

T: What is the name of the country?

There was no response again.

T: What happened to the baby deer?

Deepa: It died.

T: Was it alone?

Deepa: There were two baby deer. I stamped on one…one died, the other was OK.

T: Where is the mother?

Deepa: I don’t know.

T: So why are you experiencing that pain now? Why is that?

There was no response.

T: Are you sorry for the deer?

Deepa: Yes…I don’t know but I was very afraid of them (of the jungle persons) and I was running, so without knowing I just stamped the deer with my leg so I think it had a lot of pain but I didn’t do it intentionally.

T: So, it died in pain?

Deepa: Yes

T: You didn’t do it intentionally, so why are you carrying forward that pain”

Deepa: When I see the deer struggling I feel very sorry for it…This must be why I got

T: What is happening?

Deepa: The mother deer came there and it is seeing her baby and she is feeling so worried (seeing the little one) struggling for her life.

T: Where are you? Are you still running?

Deepa: No. I am dead…but the deer is struggling.

T: So after being dead you’re seeing this deer struggle?

Deepa: Yes.

T: What are the emotions you’re carrying forward in this life?

There was no response.

T: what do you need to do now?

Deepa: I just need to ask forgiveness from the deer.

T: So when do you want to ask forgiveness from - the mother and the baby deer?

Deepa: Yes

T: Go to the mother and seek forgiveness let me know when you’re done.

After some time, I asked, “What is the mother deep saying? This had happened when you’re trying to save yourself and it happened accidentally.”

As there was no reply, I continued, “Are you there with the mother deer?”

Deepa: Yes…It is feeling very painful…and it wanted me to know the pain when something happens suddenly and the pain a person or an animal having pain unknowingly…I just unexpectedly…without…the beautiful life of the deer got spoilt from me…It was her baby…a new born baby…Taking off her life was a big mistake.

T: But you did it unintentionally.

Deepa: Yes. But the pain of a mother is…will be big thing only.

T: Are you apologising?

Deepa: I’m asking her…I don’t know why this deer is saying, ‘You are yet to suffer few more months.’ It is not happy with me seeking forgiveness.

T: Ask what you need to do in this life to let go of this. What is that you need to do?

Deepa: Getting lot of pain.

T: Ask the mother deer for forgiveness. Say a sincere sorry and ask what you need to do.

After some time, “Do you recognise the deer in this life?”

Deepa: No.

T: Ask forgiveness from the baby deer, the baby deer that suffered.

After some time, I asked, “Are you able to see the baby deer?”

Deepa: Yes.

T: Seek forgiveness. It is a past life. It is something you did unknowingly…seek forgiveness.

Deepa: It forgave me.

T: Ask the mother to also forgive you. It is something that you did unknowingly. Find out what you need to do in this life to get rid of that pain, to let go of it.

After a while, “What is the mother saying?”

Deepa: No message.

T: Speak to the mother. Request her. It was only an accident. You’re trying to save your life. Ask what you need to do to let go of it.

Deepa: Don’t know. It is not saying anything.

T: Is the baby there also asking its mother to forgive you?

Deepa: Yes.

T: What is the mother saying?

Deepa: It is quiet…standing.

T: Tell the mother deer that it was an accident, not intentional. Ask what needs to be done in this life.

Deepa: I’m just praying hard to forgive…She is moving away…I will pray to God to forgive me.

T: Okay, just go back a little in that life, maybe a year back before your death. What was your name?

Deepa: Richard

T: Who are you with? Where are you? Are you with someone?

Deepa: No

T: Go to a time when you’re with your sister.

I wondered if it was the same life she had seen in her previous session or was this another life and quickly asked, “Do you have a sister?”

Deepa: Yes.

T: What is her name?

Deepa: Diana…I am hearing it.

T: Ask her, what is the name of the place where you are staying?

Deepa: People.

T: Where are you?

Deepa: Home…full of greenery.

T: Are you with your sister?

Deepa: Yes.

T: Ask her what is the name of the place?

T: Is she there?

Deepa: I feel it something starting with N…something like…I am unable to recognize it…she is also not able to…I’m getting too much of leg pain.

T: Go to the time you are with your father or mother. Are you there?

Deepa: Yes…my parents, we stay together. We stay together.

T: Ask your father what is the name of the place?

Deepa: I am unable…I’m getting two names.

T: What is the name? Ask him clearly?

Deepa: I don’t know.

T: You said 2 names, so ask him which of the names. Which is correct? Which country is it?

Deepa: Netherland or Nigeria? I am unable to.

T: Ask him if it is Netherland. What is he saying? Is it a yes or no?

Deepa: Sounding like Land…Netherland?

T: Ask him if it is Nigeria.

Deepa: I don’t know… I feel it is like…It is some…Egeria…I’m feeling it is land. I don’t know.

T: You feel it is Nigeria?

Deepa: Yeah, I feel it is some Nigeria.

As we were not making much progress, I suggested, “Now I want you to go back again to the time of your death and float above after your death and see what regrets you carry from that life.”

As there was long silence, I asked, “Do you see the mother deer?”

Deepa: Yes it is far away.

T: Ask the mother deer, for how long you need to suffer for this. Tell the mother deer you have already died in that life. Tell the mother deer, to forgive you again, it will forgive you.

After some time, “Is it forgiving you?”

Deepa: But it wanted to make me suffer little more and after that it will forgive me.

T: But why does it want you to suffer more? Tell her it’s enough of suffering. You already died in that life. This is another life, and why should this suffering be more in this life. Ask her to forgive you. Tell her there’s no need to carry this vengeance further.

Deepa: Okay.

T: What is it saying?

Deepa: Okay, but few more days.

T: OK, thank it. Request it to reduce the pain at least. Thank it and say once again you are sorry for what happened. It was done unintentionally.

Deepa: What is it saying?

T: Saying, the pain will gradually increase and get gradually decreased.

T: So how many days do you have to suffer?

Deepa: It is saying few more days, I don’t know.

T: Do you have to go to a doctor?

Deepa: Not required, but may need to wait for few more days.

T: OK, thank it. Say again sorry and float above and see what comes to your awareness.

Deepa: I am in the light.

T: Ask the light to forgive you. Forgive yourself in that light for something that you did unintentionally.

Deepa: It is coming back now.

T: What is coming back?

Deepa: I want to come back.

After healing in the light, I brought her back. She said she had seen the same life where the cannibals had killed her uncle and she had died in the quick sand. The uncle was actually a neighbour who said there was something beautiful/magical in the forests, may be some spring or something like that and wanted to take this boy there. There were not aware that the cannibals in the forest would attack them. We felt good that we were able to get to the root cause, but the issue was, why the mother deer was not willing to forgive her.

One month later, she called to say that the pain had got severe, but it used to be “on and off”. She had got blood tests done and the uric acid levels were normal. The doctors had suggested more tests for arthritis, calcium and vitamins. All the results were normal, except for vitamin D which was near slightly below the border. She was recommended calcium and vitamin D, which were not helping her much. We decided to do the third session and this was in mid-July.

T: Go to the root cause of the pain in your legs.

Deepa: I am seeing the mother deer only…

T: Seek forgiveness from her.

Deepa: Yah, she has forgiven me. She is saying that the pain will be there even for few more days…I mean the loss of her child, how long she felt, she wanted to make me also realize that pain. But, she is telling me that the pain will slowly go.

T: How long will it take – 1 month, 2 months?

Deepa: Take little long only.

T:How long?

Deepa: 3-5 months.

T: 5 months?

Deepa: Yeah.

T: Do you have to see a doctor?

Deepa: Don’t know.

T: Ask the mother deer if it will go without seeing a doctor or do you have to see the doctor?

Deepa: Says, you can take a chance but this will / might come again.

T: Even if you go to the doctor?

Deepa: Ya, I am feeling like that.

T: So, we should just wait for five months. Ask her to guide you.

Deepa: I think I can try once (going to the doctor).

T: Is that what she is saying?

There was silence.

T: Ask her if there is any other root cause or just this?

There was no response.

I repeated, “Is there any other root cause for this pain?”

“No”, came the reply.

T: Go to the time of your death and float above. See what happens to your soul.

Deepa: I am with many other souls.

T: What are you doing there?

Deepa: Just floating there.

T: Go forward and she what happens. What happens to the soul?

Deepa: All souls are happy moving around the bright light

T: Which is this place?

Deepa: Full off…something like clouds.

T: Do you see the bright light?

Deepa: Yeah.

T: Ask the bright light if there is any other reason for you to suffer this pain. Is there any other lifetime from where this pain is coming?

Deepa: This is the main life. Nothing more. That was the only life.

T: Ask the light to heal you. Ask the light if you need to see the doctor for this. What is the light telling?

Deepa: I am just feeling that for temporary relief it may work, but even after the visits also this will come again.

T: But will it go away fully after five months?

Deepa: Yeah.

T: Connect with the mother deer and again apologize. Tell her it was not intentionally and you were only trying to save your own life. Do you recognize the mother deer in this life?

Deepa: No.

T: Go back to the light, relax. Do you feel good in the light?

Deepa: Yeah.

After relaxing in the light, I brought her back. We decided to wait for 5 months and see what happens.

But after a month the pain had become unbearable and she reached out to an ayurvedic doctor. Again after some more blood test, everything looked normal, except the iron and Vitamin D which we slightly below the normal. The ayurvedic doctor gave her some more medicines for two months. But the pain continued even towards the end of the course. She decided to wait for the period of 5 months to be over and today as the period has come to a close, she had not experienced the pain for last two weeks. It seems to have disappeared and she hopes this is permanent.

This session only reminded me that the medicines cannot be of much help if we are not keen to heal from within. It also re-emphasised that at the soul level, we are all one with the animals and other living creatures. As souls, we carry the guilt of causing harm by us both intentionally and unintentionally.


This is very interesting and well documented

This Style of interrogation sets you apart as a professional dear Harish👏

One tiny suggestion is that we can let as much as possible come out from the depths of the Unconscious. Instead of suggestions for forgiveness it would have been advisable to ask what is it that she’d need to experience to repay this karmic debit. Because as you pointed out it wasn’t the mother deer but she wasn’t able to forgive herself and the one word for that is guilt.

You’ve dictated this report so well Beloved Harish. Thank you so much. It was engaging all along.


Thank you Venu. Suggestion noted. :pray:


I actually did ask her what needs to be done for her to let go of the pain and the answer was she wanted to seek forgiveness from the deer.

Very true Venu, I also felt she was not able to forgive herself. As we discussed the last session, I asked her ‘why 5 months?’ She said that was the time the mother deer spent time feeling sorry about the dead fawn, till the time she conceived again. When I looked up the internet, I learnt that deer giving birth to two babies is the most common. Deepa also confessed that her knowledge about the wildlife was poor.

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Thankyou for the suggestion Venu. I also personally experience the same guilty feeling and unforgivingness towards self creates lots of blockage in life…


Magical session, yes guilt is the main culprit of suffering and rebirth. This is what i experienced and seen. Thankyou :heart:


I am dumbstruck!! awesome


We should be mindful of others even when we are trying to save ourself from a difficult situation. It can be called out a selfish behavior to be ignorant about others completely


Such an interesting session …One wound think the injuries caused by the cannibals were the root causes… she said that wasn’t the root cause, went deeper in the next part, and realised the guilt of killing the young one of a mother and inability to forgive were the root causes…beautiful session Harish…Thanks for this.


Progressive Regression technique is it a different technique than Progressive Relaxation or the same

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That was a mistake, it should read “Progressive Relaxation”. I have corrected it now. Thank you. :blush:

This is really a good session. And as you rightly said medicines cannot be of much help in many cases what PLR can do

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