Do you know someone who is happy to be sad

How happy are you to be sad?:thinking:

A basic assumption of human behaviour is that people chase happiness and seek to avoid sadness. Why is it, that some people seems to be satisfied to go deep in their own misery, also speaking about it as if it’s some sort of achievement? Even when provided help to improve their lives, they seem to prefer to continue with choosing sadness and complain about it.

Is there a certain comfortable feeling of being sad that creates a block to overcome it or change?

After experiencing few moments of joy why some people go back to their daily routine of sadness?

There could be no. of reasons for this habit of unhappiness.

  • Traumatic childhood memories, where some people grew up with negative environment and feel satisfied by gaining other’s attention by narrating their story repeatedly.
  • Upbringing in a disciplined family with unrealistic expectation that may caused them to compare their sadness with love and excellence.
  • Past memories filled with lots of sadness, which they feel it doesn’t give them the freedom to feel happy because of the guilt and regret they carry along with it.
  • Disappointments acts like a motivator to become unhappy, for taking care of heath, while seeking a good job, while taking a correct decision, stopping our unwanted behaviour, spending quality time.
  • Some people fear to spent happy moments because they haven’t felt anything but sadness.

How do you know that you carry these attributes within yourself?

  • Finding multiple reason to be sad by complaining for minor things
  • Distracting yourself with creating feeling of sadness when things are going in a amazing way like never before.
  • Seeking others attention to narrate your sad moments repeatedly.
  • Blaming others for your problem by hiding your participation for the cause of that problem.
  • Picking up unnecessary fights in a relationship.
  • Creating all the possibilities to be sad when happiness is on its way.

“It’s like an artist feeling happy composing a sad song”

Is Happiness a choice?

For me happiness can be defined in various ways. For me happiness is good things happening to me unexpectedly whereas some people wait for happiness to enter their life with too many expectation and then feel sad when expectation aren’t met. Unplanned days turned out to be so amazing, whereas some people worry so much about the planned day with so many negative outcomes which leads to dissatisfaction. Not worrying about the future but enjoying the present moments feeling happy whereas some of them worry about future by feeling sad and pressurised. For some people happiness is following their passion through their job/business whereas some of them choose to not follow their passion as they already take it as their failure.


Wow Dipti thanks for the detailed description. Yes I have seen many people around me who tell me that they love the pain they are carrying and do not want to part with it. What I feel is its their ignorance which makes them feel this way since they do not know how it feels when you are actually happy and blissful. I totally agree with your definition of happiness and am learning to take charge of my happiness and let it not get affected by the people and situations. Way to go but still practice is on::)). Anyway thanks again for the share.


Hy Geetha, your welcome. Actually this topic to me was given by Venu. When he gave this topic, instantly i could relate it to my life. Once upon a time i was someone who was happy to be sad. Yes some of them carry their pain all their life. But i also think pain is something which takes time to heal. By showing empathy we can only understand other’s pain but cant feel the same what they’re going through, as everyone is fighting their own battle. It is very easy to give solution, but turning our realisations into action or reality takes time. If one has that will power to change they will. Right now i can proudly say i’m the happiest soul and everyone deserves the happiness i’m feeling. You all deserve happiness. :rainbow::heart:

Thank you
Love from Dipti


Wow… Dipti great post.
Frankly says… this was the transformation I wanted in myself, and I can strongly say that I am trying to …, and almost felt successful! And that was my take away from the GS as a batch mate!


Thank you Jyothi!
Glad to know that you tried and became successful. Once it was a small part of my journey too.
So good to hear that it was a takeaway for you from our GS batch.
Love from Dipti