Do you know that many things happen during sleep?

Last month, I suffered from too much cough, and severe pain in right side of my chest. I couldn’t talk normally cos of irritation in my throat. I used to cough for every word. If I breath fully or cough, the right side of my chest used to pain a lot.
In the beginning, I thought that the pain in my chest is may be cos of gastric. After a few days the pain became more then I felt may be my right lung is infected.

One night, I couldn’t bear the pain and took a painkiller tablet. The next morning, I was normal. But that night again the pain was unbearable. First, I thought of taking a painkiller tablet. Then I realized that medicine is just a temporary relief. May be cos of some karma I have to suffer from this pain. That’s why this pain came back again. So, I told my self “take this pain, let this karma get over.” And I slept.

That night, in the middle of sleep, I woke up for a few seconds, and I could feel and see my mouth is open and something (maybe an negative energy) is going out of my mouth and it’s blabbering something. And someone is standing next to my bed.

The next morning, I realized that 50% of my cough and the pain in the chest are gone. I could remember everything. And I was analyzing my experience.

Logic - “maybe the gas went out from my mouth, and the sounds I heard is my burp.”

Experience – “I could feel and see that something was going out of my mouth by blabbering.

Who will clarify my doubts ?
How can I find out the truth ?
Then, I thought that I may find the answers in meditation. And that evening, I meditated to find out the truth.

I could see myself lying on my bed. And Masters/Sprit guides are standing next to me and ordering that energy to come out from my body.
Then I asked the Masters. What happened ? For yhat Masters replied,

“You were supposed to suffer from the pain cos of your karma. You realized it and were ready to take that pain. You learned the lesson. So, we were happy with your behaviour and understanding. And removed that pain by ordering that energy to come out of your body. And we want you to know that, in sleep many things will happen. To witness that you woke up for a few seconds.”

A week later to this incident, I did an SRT session for a client. After that session, my pain and cough are almost gone.

Then by accidentally I found this in Quora.

Do all people have a spirit guide ? How can one determine if they have a spirit guide or not ?

Most of us have one or more guides/counselors/advisors who meet with us, advise us, and helps us with our lives. It’s not that they watch us 24/7, but they will have a connection, an energy thread, that helps them stay aware of those they’re working with. So, when you need them, or they need to “speak” with you, that connection is used to alert the other.

Most of the communication is done during sleep or meditation periods on a spirit to spirit level and may not be remembered by the physical mind, or if it is remembered, it’s usually as some strange, disjointed dream.

Is it important to know about your guides or to meet them? No, not at all. Most people function quite well without ever knowing that their guides are hanging around ready to step in if needed. However, if you really need to know, then just ask. Ask to meet your guides during a meditation session, or ask to meet them just before you fall asleep. If you ask, and you focus on this intention of needing to know, you’ll most likely remember the event more clearly.

If during a meditation you ask to speak to or meet with your guides, you should be able to. It might take several attempts, but they will help you if they can. They don’t (usually) hide from you, it’s you who put up the personality filters, which may be hiding them from you. It may be that by pushing for this you may affect the drama you’re involved in, so your personality filters are there to keep things like that from coming through.

Remember, everything is your choice. And meeting or not meeting your guides is your choice and may be blocked for the good of the drama.



Very well shared, it was an interesting read!

I have a quick question here, can you pls help me understand about suicidal cases, won’t these guardian angels help their associated souls here, discouraging them from committing an attempt, and if yes, then why so many occurences happen despite their help?
With Love,


@Kaushik thanks for your reply. Before answering your question, I would like to know one thing from you is. Why we have spirit guides.

I guess to help us, guide us, keep us on the right track, and most importantly to refrain such souls who are prone to take drastic decisions in future course of life?