Don't let the past affect your present and future

Do not let the past affect your future Amarantos

T is the Therapist.
C is the client.

Client Name: Reena

Gender: Female

DOB: February 1982

Place where she grew up: Lucknow, India

Place where she resides now: Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Family and Siblings: Mom, Dad(late), Younger sister, husband, 1 daughter, and 1 son.

Work: Dining room manager

The present issue that she needs to be resolved: She loves a person called Vishal. He is in the UK with his own family. He has blocked her and so she feels a lot of pain of separation and she just cannot let go of him. She has an obsession even though she knows this is wrong.

History: She grew up in Lucknow. Her father passed away quite early in her life. She was studying in an institute of hotel management where she met Vishal. He was her instructor. She was 21 years old then. Both were good friends and expressed feelings of love for each other. But it couldn’t happen and Vishal got married to someone else and moved to the UK. She got married to her present husband, Saurabh. She is very happy with him but she reconnected with Vishal this April. They expressed their feelings for each other which were still there and she felt like a girl of 21 years old again. She is experiencing a kind of obsession where she needs his information every second of the day. She started stalking him which made him angry and he pulled himself back from her life.

Her expectation: To get rid of this pain.

Special keywords: Feel like a teenager, confusion, running behind him.

The theme decided: Why have they come together in this life? What is her lesson in this pain?

Pain assessment: Before: 8.5

Dominant sense: Visual

Secondary sense: Kinesthetic

Hypnotizability score: 3


  • Day 1:


10 mins of Reiki, protection, connecting, clearing, empowering symbols, prayers, intentions.

I thought of taking her to her childhood first to see if the conventional way works. If not, I’ll try introducing a hypothetical situation of her and Ved being together, as suggested by our teacher, Venu.

Induction: Dave Elman>Progressive relaxation>Staircase>Garden>Childhood memory

This took 1 hour, 15 mins.

T: What are you aware of?

C: [long pause] It’s a lot of confusion…I mean… I don’t know…

T: just let me know If there any feelings, any emotions?

C: In terms of childhood memories, I see myself. We used to have a photo album and my mom used to take pictures. There’s a picture of me in a garden, holding a flower, or standing by the TV, wearing an Indian dress. I lived in 2 different houses in childhood. It’s kind of confusing which place…[smiling and looking very satisfied seeing this memory]

T: Which place is it?

C: I think it’s in Lucknow only.

T: What age are you?

C: I don’t know the age, but I remember the garden where I’m holding a flower wearing my mom’s saree. It’s Anandnagar, where I lived until I got married. In the same house, I can see I’m bringing my dog Johnny home, I think I was in grade 7-8 at that time.

T: Who else is there at home?

C: It’s only me alone.

T: What are your feelings at that point?

C: I don’t know… nothing is clear…

T: Ok just spend a few moments there…

C: I want to use the washroom…

I brought her out…

C: I feel so heavy… a lot of confusion…

After break…

C: What if I’m not able to go?

T: Don’t worry, whatever happens, just welcome it. Don’t analyze… Give it time…

The client lies down again.

Did progressive relaxation>Doorway… took 40 mins. Decided to introduce the hypothetical situation…

T: You may be going back to a time in which you and Vishal were together before and seeing what has brought you together now…

C: I can’t see anything… (Frustrated expression)… I can’t imagine anything…

I figured I didn’t give her enough time to relax… I did another round of relaxation…

T: Imagine or visualize a scenario where you and Vishal are together. What will you say to him?

C: [almost immediately] I am apologizing to him. Saying sorry… sorry for what all I did.

T: What did you do?

C: [crying] “I called at your workplace. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”

T: It’s ok you can express freely whatever you feel like. Imagine him standing in front of you. Say whatever you feel like saying.

C: [still crying] “I’m sorry I called your work. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry I couldn’t understand you. I am sorry we couldn’t understand each other…”

[inaudible whispers]

T: It’s ok take your time.

C: “I promise I won’t do anything again.”

T: Is he saying something in return?

C: He never says anything in return.

T: Imagine you two are together without restrictions. What will you do?

C: He loves to be by the water. We’ll be on a seaside, in a coffee shop.

[long pause]

[expressions changed]

T: How are you feeling now?

C: I feel there’s a lot of burden on me. Something huge.

T: What kind of burden?

C: Big burden. Something huge on me.

T: How does it make you feel?

C: Uncomfortable. I had this feeling before also. Something heavy which makes me feel uncomfortable.

T: Try to remember the cause of this burden. What is causing you to feel like this?

C: It is just heavy, huge, pressing….

T: What is it pressing? Any part of your body?

C: It’s on my whole body… I feel tiny…. Feel like an ant. There’s a huge big thing…

T: Are you carrying something huge?

C: Yea… I’m like an ant…carrying something huge on me… making me feel uncomfortable…

T: What do you want to do with this burden?

C: Throw it off. Suffocating me… I’m not able to move forward.

T: I’ll help you throw it off now… I’ll count from 5 to 1. At the count of 1, just throw it away… and burn it if you like…

5…4….3….2….1…Throw it away!


Did you throw it away?

C: Yea…

T: How are you feeling now?

C: Better…

[expression changes to calm]

T: You can always do this again… whenever you feel this burden… just relax… or meditate… and then throw this burden away…

[I helped her imagine the white light to fill her up from head to toe and dissolving this feeling of a burden once again.]

T: What are you feeling now?

C: I’m running behind Vishal.


”Vishal please listen to me!”.

He is walking at the beach. I’m running behind him.

T: What made you run behind him?

C: I just saw myself running behind him. He is angry, he is upset. I just want to tell him that I love him. He doesn’t want to listen.

T: Go back to an earlier time…see what made him run away… what made him angry?

[long pause]

C: I don’t know….


Tum aise baatein karti ho!?… (Is this the way you talk?)

There’s a lot of confusion… I’m confused. I’m very confused……

T: What’s the confusion about?

C: I’m confused…very confused… the visions are not very clear…but I can….the talks are….just like a….can hear…visions are not clear…

T: It’s ok… relax…let them come to you. Don’t chase after them… If you’re hearing something …seeing something… just let it come… anything is fine…

[long pause]

C: Nothing is clear… all I can see is some kind of light… white bright light…

T: Slowly take your time to move towards that light… this is a healing light… a light full of wisdom… you can ask questions… or just let it heal you…

C: Now I can’t see anything… [exhausted]

T: Do you want to continue?

C: I don’t know…My head is very heavy…

She wanted to come out. So I guided her out after resting in the garden for 10 mins.


  • Day 2:


She reported that she had a good afternoon nap yesterday and a good night’s sleep. But she had a headache which was now fine.

While dreaming at night I had an idea to start the next session from when she was 21 years old and go back from there. It was a much more profound feeling when I woke up. I took it as a message from the masters and decided to start from there.

She requested some time to do Beam therapy on herself before starting her session. She did that while I was preparing her with Reiki.

Induction: Dave Elman>Progressive relaxation>Staircase>Garden.

This took 1.5 hours.

T: Let’s go back to when you were 21. Choose any memory that you want. Be in that memory…see it… feel it…with emotions and feelings…


T: Be there with all your senses… [I was doubtful but something told me to just let her float into her memories with patience. Don’t rush… I kept on talking something or the other on the lines of “continue to experience, let it come to you, spend a few moments remembering”… for approx. 15 minutes…]

C: [eyes moving]

T: You can remain in a deep trance and yet talk to me and explain what is happening…

C: [10 min long pause]

[eyes moving rapidly]

T: Whenever you’re ready to tell me, you can start narrating…

C: I see myself 21 years back…no… when I was 21…when I started my training…

T: Where was this training?

C: Uppal’s Orchid…

T: What are you doing there?

C: I’m outside the dining room cabin…room service cabin… wiping a cup… I did my 6 months industrial training at Uppal’s Orchid. It’s there where I met Vishal for the first time.

T: Where did you meet him?

C: At the hotel where I was doing my training.

T: Completely be in that scene…remember it vividly using all your senses…

C: [long pause]

I see him! Pulling room service order taker into the cabin. I thought he was very angry at that time…I thought, “What a man he is?? How can he talk to a girl like this?”.

And then I was wiping a cup. He walks out of the cabin and walks towards me and says, “Madam, thoda aram se wipe karo! ” (Madam, wipe it with care!) and walks by…

T: How does the whole scene make you feel?

C: I feel bad for that girl and then he talks to me….”madam thoda aram se… ” [laughs]

T: Then what happens?

C: Can’t see anything else……but I see when [inaudible…] buffet is there. Restaurant is busy…he is teaching us…teaching us silver service… then [inaudible] se bola ke mujhe sikhao and he shows me how to serve.

Shashi sir is there… Ballu sir is there…

T: What are your emotions?

C: Happy…

T: Do you want to go back to an even earlier time?

C: [lifts yes finger]

T: [I guide her to a memory in her childhood] Just let me know when you’re ready to narrate.

C: Summer vacation… hum log Rishikesh gye the…(we went to Rishikesh) Mumma… Papa… Meeta aunty… and Jhonn-…. Vishal uncle… Ankur, Akash…Family friends…

Laxman jhula!!.. [smiles as if she saw it at that moment] I’m wearing red and black…something dress… Runjhun wearing same dress like me… Milton water bottles…[big smile]…

T: Are your parents there? Your dad there?

C: Papa…… [smile and love]

T: You can see him… meet him…Be with him for a few minutes…

C: [crying with love]

T: Just feel all the love your family has for you…

C: We are by the sand… Gangaji… mummy saying, “ idhar gehri hogi Ganga idhar nai jana…” (don’t go there, Ganga is deeper there) there’s a Monkey…

T: Take a look around…

C: Gangaji ki aarti… trolley me beth ke hum upar jaa rahe hai…. Devi mandir hai…

Sham ko ganga ji ki aarti… (We’re going to the top in a trolley…there’s a devi temple… Gangaji aarti in the evening) lot of people there…

T: See, it is so easy to remember! [she had doubts about this.]

C: Jahan ruke… hotel or dharamshala don’t remember… udhar bhi niche gangaji beh rahi hai…aur hum sab niche hai… mera ek dum se haath cchoot jata hai… mummy ne pakad lia zor se [does holding action with both arms]…arey! Reena ja rahi hai…ise pakdo… fir Vishal uncle ne Bachaya…

Papa bhi the! Vishal uncle ne pakda… bola ke chain pakad ke rakho nahi toh beh jaoge…

(The place where we stayed also had Gangaji flowing and all of us were there…I slipped in the water and mom held my hand tightly… saying “Reena is flowing away!! Hold her!” Vishal uncle saves me…My dad was also there…said keep holding the chain or else you’ll flow away)


I can see I’m not well… I have viral… Uske baad…Kaan mein … (in the ear) infection…Viral fever…

T: Where are you at this time?

C: Anandnagar ghar agye …(came home) viral infection…

T: Your mom must be taking care of you?

C: Ya! Dr. Nandi… gave medicines…

T: What happened then? Did you recover?

C: Ya… [smiles with a sigh]

T: Completely feel the love and care of your family towards you…

C: [tears] [pause]

T: Whenever you’re ready we can go back even earlier… just give me a signal…

C: [lifts yes finger]

T: [I guide her back to her infancy or birth or in womb…]

C: I don’t remember anything from toddler age……except……I remember a nanny…. She is sleeping… I have wooden toys… and I go and bang one on her head! She is sleeping…
[both of us laughing]
I see a lot of talcum powder… I think I put a lot of powder on the floor…

T: As babies, we all do that!

C: I don’t remember anything else…

T: It’s okay… I’m going to count backwards from 5 to 1… [Tried taking her to her birth or womb but didn’t happen…]

[Took her back to the garden to rest…filled with light here…for 15 mins…]

[Decided to take her to the hall of regression next…since she has been working in hotels… it’ll look like a similar environment to her… did the hall of regression script with each door containing a memory with Vishal that can help her resolve the current issue with him… allowed her to select the door and raise a finger.]

C: [Raises a finger]

T: At the count of 1, open the door and step into the light and close the door behind you… 3……2……1…Go in… shut the door behind you… [pause] Just take your time to be aware of something… and let me know when you’re ready…

C: Nothing… I see no one….

T: In this room… there might be green button somewhere… just walk around…look for it…

C: [frustrated]…no……

T: It’s okay just relax… there’s no rush…Take your own time… If you wish to check out another door you can do that…ask the light to help you…

Did you see another door?

C: Ya!

T: Do you want to open it?

C: Ya!

T: There’s a bright light behind that door… at the count of 1 open the door and step into the light…3….2….1…open the door and step into the light!

C: [eyes moving] I see a white light!

T: This is a healing light… peaceful…relaxing…you can ask questions to this light… just ask the light what do you need to learn from this pain?

C: [whispers question to the light]………
[very startled and confused]
I’m getting like flashes of baby feet!!

T: Baby feet? Where do you see them?

C: When you asked me to walk down the stairs I saw baby legs….walking…I don’t see a baby… but the legs that are walking down are baby…

T: Is it your own feet? Look down and check…

C: [pause]

T: Walk down the stairs now… 10…9…8……7……6…5…4…3…2….1…let the scene with the baby come to your awareness…

C: Baby walking down! I don’t know if it’s me…It’s not very clear…

Baby wearing one anklet…a girl!

T: Where is she going?

C: Just walking down the stairs…

T: Just walk with her and see where she goes…

C: Standing on the stairs… one hand holding and one hand in her mouth…

T: Are there any adults around?

C: Not clear…

T: It’s ok take your time… to let it come to you….

C: [pause]

T: Who else is there in your family?

C: MUMMY!!! [very excited]

T: Your mom is there? What’s her name?

C: Mumma….PAPA!!! Papa! Papa!! [trying to hug him]

T: [figured the baby was hers] …who else is in the house?

C: Johnny!! Johnny!!

[she started petting the dog]

[she had a dog named Johnny in her present life, but this was a past life she was visiting, all the people were the same and she was identifying them by their present names]

Johnny, don’t lick Kaya!! [shooing him away, Kaya is the baby’s name]

T: What is your name?

C: My name, I don’t know… Nobody is calling me by my name…

T: Ask your mom or dad…see what they call you…

C: Mummy says, Reena, Kaya ko leke ao! Kaya, mummy ke pas jaegi? Anandnagar….terrace…2 white chairs…

Manju Bhabhi!!


Meetu didi…

[long pause]

I see Vishal…

T: Where do you see him?

C: He is around the family…

T: How is he related to you?

C: Pakdo Kaya ko! Mummy bula rahi hai…Mummy, dekho Vishal jaisi lagti hai na? Mummy?? Haina?? Nahin… thodi mere jaisi…hum dono pe gayi hai…mai toh hmesha se chahti thi mera bacha daddy pe jaye… jaise mai papa pe gayi hu… haina mummy?..[laughs]… Johnny door hato Kaya se…[giggle]…

(Hold Kaya! Mummy is calling… Mummy see she looks like Vishal… No?? A litttle like me too. I always wanted my child to look like her daddy… just as I look like my Dad…No Mummy? [laughs]… Johnny, be away from Kaya! [giggle]…"

T: Do you see Vishal with you?

C: I see him… Kaya god me hai… ( Kaya is in his lap)

T: Are you one family?

C: Ya me….Vishal…Kaya…Johnny…Mummy…Papa…papa….papa….[crying]

T: He is always with you…our loved ones are never lost…they’re always with us…

[pause, giving some space]

T: Whenever you’re ready… go to the cause of your painful relationship with Vishal that you have today…whenever you’re ready… take your own time…

C: [long pause]

All I can hear is, “Tum bache ko hmesha aise hi chod deti ho??”. (You always leave our child alone like this?)

T: Whose voice is it?

C: Vishal’s. “Tum bache ko hmesha aise hi chod deti ho?” “Careless hoti jaa rahi ho…” (You always leave our child alone… you’re getting careless)

T: What happens after he says this?

C: Beach!

T: What place is it?

C: All I can see is he is walking away…
[trying to catch him]
he is walking away!.. no!!..
[very distressed and can’t breathe]

T: You can always float above and watch the scene if you’re uncomfortable…

C: “Meri taraf se sab decline!” No!! NO!!!

T: What made him say this?

C: “Tum bohot careless ho! Aise hi chod deti ho?!” “Kaam kar rahi thi…." “kam karna zaruri nahi”
(You’re very careless… you leave her like this… “I was working…” " Work is not more important”.)

[figured this is all that was in the past… so tried moving to the future…she was also very tired by this time]

T: Where does he go after he walks away?

C: He is just walking…I’m running… Vishal meri baat toh suno!!!... Sab khatam hogea!! Nahi!! Nahi! Please meri baat toh suno! He is just walking away…

T: Move ahead a few days… see where he is… is he still in the house? Or has he gone away? Take your own time to assess the situation…

C: His mom wants him to get married. “Mai apni mom ki baat nahi taal sakta…wo sab kuch hai mere lie… [inaudible] pata bhi ni hai hmari shadi–….”

(I can’t say no to my mom… she is everything for me…)

[breathing heavily]

T: fir kya hota hai aage apki shaadi ke baare me? (What happens to your marriage then?)

C: Merko kuch samaj ni araha bohot confusion hai… please idhar se udhar jump….everybody is there……

T: Sab kya kar rahe hai? (What is everyone doing?)

C: Mummy ro rahi hai…. (Mummy is crying)

T: Kyu ro rahi hai mummy? ( Why is she crying?)

C: Mumma crying…

T: What has happened that there are so many people??

C: [breathing heavily]

PAPA!! Papa!! [shouting “Papa” and crying]

T: It’s okay… just float above the scene… there’s nothing to fear… it’s all a memory…

C: Dad is gone…Papa is gone…

T: What happened to papa?

C: Scooter pe……accident… abhi umar hi kyat hi papa ke jane ki… ( Accident on scooter…it was not his age to die…)

T: What was his age?

C: abhi 70 ke bhi ni hue the papa… (not even 70)

T: Can you tell me the year when this happened?

C: I don’t know…

T: Can you ask someone… or check if there’s a calender?

C: 1978! I see a calender… 20th October 1978…

T: Where is Vishal during all this?

C: He is not there… I don’t see him…

[I figured they got separated. I again tried to see the clear reason for their separation but couldn’t. Everytime I went back, she went blank. Probably he left her because he thought she didn’t take care of Kaya enough and also because of instigation from his mother.]

C: Baby is with me… Kaya is with me….



T: Who are these people?

C: Vishal’s kids…. [present life kids]

He’s holding Bharath Savi’s hand… walking away…he doesn’t want to see me…

T: What makes him not wanting to see you?

C: His mom doesn’t like me…

[Figured she was still in the previous life but mixing up children…]

[long pause…. More relaxation]

C: I saw someone… it wasn’t clear… I felt it was Saurabh [present life husband]…

T: take your time to let it float to you…

C: Shaadi hori hai kisi ki… a wedding… I don’t know whose…

T: Dekho kiski shaddi hori hai… dulha Dulhan ka naam hoga wahan pe?
Try to have a look at the bride and the groom…

C: Me and Saurabh!!

T: is this the present life?

C: It’s me! 2005… [ so she jumped back to the present life… I decided to go along]

T: How do you feel getting married to Saurabh?

C: Smiling…happy…

T: Was it an arranged marriage?

C: Matrimonial [draws something on hand]

T: What are your thoughts at the wedding? About Saurabh? About life with him?

C: My past is past. Saurabh is my present. I’ll make sure my past doesn’t affect my present… I won’t let my past affect my present and future…

T: Saurabh liked you and selected you?

C: yes… But I said yes to my parents’s selection… I trust my parents…

T: What else is there for you to see here? [not sure what to say, very importantly wanted to take her to the previous life’s end… ]

C: Kaya, naani ki god me hai [thank God, she is back to previous one again…]

T: What were your hopes about the future in that life?

C: A happy life…

T: What does a happy life look like for you?

C: Trust… Saurabh is holding Kaya’s hand and walking with her… [I’m again confused whether it is present or past… there’s Kaya but she said 2005]

T: I want you to paint a picture for the future… visualize 5-10 years in the future… how do you want it to look like? [wanted her to visualize a happy family with Saurabh]

C: I see myself…. I see Kaya… I see Vishal…. Together… 3 of us… [once again she is in the previous life]….beach again…

T: Ask yourself, why do you keep going back to Vishal? Why do you keep going back to his memories?

C: I want to forget about Vishal… want to get rid of his memories…


He is holding my hand…

My head is getting very heavy [holding head]

T: [helped her let go of the heaviness and guided her to go to the end of that lifetime and reassured her that this is the last thing we’ll do today before we end the session].

C: [long pause]

T: Go to the end of that life… to your death scene… take your own time…

[I wanted to do this last thing because it was important]

[after multiple tries, reassurance, counting 5 to 1…]

C: [sudden shock] I DIED OF CANCER!! They say, “She died of cancer.”

T: Where was the cancer? Which body part?

C: Uterus mein cancer…

T: Are you able to see your body?

C: Yea!

T: Are there people around you?

C: There’s people… Vishal…Saurabh…

T: What year is it?

C: 2000?

T: [definitely not 2000 so….] Look for a calender…

C: May 2000?…[searching expression] No…

T: [fearing I’ll lose the opportunity to review the life] That’s ok… you can leave it…

C: No, it’s not 2000…. It’s Jan…?? Jan… January 1982…My eyes are very weak… I can’t see….where are my glasses??... My eyes have given up on me….that’s why I can’t see…

T: It’s ok now… just float above…and review your life… see what it was like…

C: [Sarcastic laugh] confusion…. full of confusion…… pata I ni kya karna hai… (just didn’t know what to do)

T: What lesson do you want to bring to your present life?

C: Control your own life… Don’t depend on anybody…

T: What are you seeing now?

C: See flashes of light…

T: That is the same light of wisdom and healing…What do you want it to do?

C: Please heal my pain…

T: Just ask and it’ll be done…

C: There’s something revolving on top of me…black and white light…

T: What is it doing?

C: [Takes a big breath in… taking in the light]

T: Just ask that light to help you heal your pain…and move forward…

C: [repeats the same]

T: Ask the light to help you come out of this situation… to be peaceful and happy…

C: [repeats]

[I bring her back to the garden…… take some rest and then brought her out]

She was still doubtful about what she needs to do now…

Pain scale after the session: 7.5

She said it’s 7.5 only because she saw him leaving her in that life also… But she still misses him a lot…

I explained to her that healing is a process…it takes a lot of time… her healing has started today and will continue… I told her to give herself time to process these feelings and do the right thing as the mature woman she is.

Now something about me…

I had the second bout of my own spontaneous past life visions just before I got 2 clients out of the blue…the first bout had occurred just before I was told that I was selected to learn PLRT at Amarantos in 2017. I haven’t seen anything yet during a proper session… I will post later about my amazing past life in the amazing land of Lemuria that helped me remove my tedious blocks that were holding my practice back…

Trust me… we are all working with the masters and the ways they work are so amazing!

The whole time I was feeling the client’s open energy field completely… I was supporting the process with Reiki symbols whenever she was stuck… and as soon as I asked help from the masters, I got it immediately…

Secondly, I had a feeling of choking in my throat each and every time she had a new memory come to her… this feeling was the same feeling I got when I got attuned to Reiki… If someone has had this kind of experience before, please let me know what it was…

I was giving her ample amount of time to gently float into the experience… even if she wasn’t seeing anything I was just letting her be in that state for 5-10 mins before giving the next instruction and she would come up with information on her own…

Total time of the session was 3.5 hours… 4.5 hours if you count the discussion time before and after…

I Thank each and every one of you… I learn from you all… Gratitude…


His name is Vishal. Typo “Ved”

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Wow very nice session, being reiki master i can releate with your choking experiences. whenever someone tries to speak or wanted to look deeper into that matter of that particular scenes, i used to get choking there. so i had to pause and drill more into that memory as a indication from spirit…Rest very patiently handled regression. Yes nice to know you saw lifetimes in lumeria and even i had dream of being in acturian .Funny though .keep going.


Oh thank you for your useful input. This helps me immensely. Now I know what to do if I feel this again.
I had no idea what Lumeria even is. I didn’t know about Acturia as well. I only knew about Atlantis. I think most of us have a long history of millions of years and that is why we are here to share our knowledge with others.


Such compassionate heart you have !
You worked very hard for this Client and thanks for penning done all the details -there is a lot to learn from this transcript


Dr. Rio,
You’ve documented this case in a way that is befitting an accomplished doctor like you. Kudos to you.

I’m confident that you have taken care of filtering out the personally identifiable information (PII) of the client.

This is one of the excellent methods to engage the client with their inner machinery (Anthakarana)

Excellent adaptation

As for this suggestion

Though memories are malleable, we need to keep reality as intact as possible and for posterity and for everyone I share that as far as possible, we need to ensure that we go with reframing instead of rescripting.
Keeping this thumb rule in mind, we could instead use a suggestion such as,

“Allow yourself to know as I count from 5 to 1 what is stopping you from letting go”


“What is it that you’d need to experience in order for you to let go of this…”

This is an excellent indicator that your 1st session was successful.

What an apt attitude for a therapist! Very good Dr. Rio.

Generally, it is better to base visualizations on sterile settings, that is those with which the client might not have any associations.

Which is why I suggest,

“Maybe you’ve never been to a place like this…”

Excellent use of IMR.

Standing ovations to you Dr. Rio

Wow this is interesting,

You are a river of compassion Dr. Rio,

Thanks a million for being such a genuine therapist, the world needs so desperately.
Do feel free to post your coordinates so that clients can find you and seek a session with you in Cannada.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!! :star_struck:

Thank you for this useful suggestion:

Okay, will keep this mind next time:

It is only because of your consistent support that I have been able to get back up and embrace what I’m being guided to do. I cannot stop singing your praises to my clients and friends. Always looking up to you.


Thank you very much Rio!
I feel blessed to have passed on the baton to you.
Go ahead like there is no stopping you, our Beloved masters are ever with us.