Dream Come True

Since very early childhood, when I was in school, I used to think that since life is never ending, we will never get out of this rut (cycle). Just thinking about the cycle Birth - Life journey - Death - Birth - Life Journey -… It’s never ending. I was scared that I cannot get out of this cycle and that I’m a captive. It was depressing. As I grew older, I was very much interested to understand what happens after death. My default belief system was that, there is life after death.
In early adulthood I joined BSG - A school for practising Nichiren Buddhism and then had the opportunity to read all the books of Dr Brian Weiss.
I had the opportunity to get myself and my wife regressed. Both of us were healed and benefited from the same.
I then had the underlying wish to do Past Life Regression myself. Tried various online techniques at home to get myself regressed. Didnt happen. Then from 2017 onwards our life changed gradually. From Apr 21 to Jan 23 one traumatic event after another happened with us.
Then I felt this is the time to understand the deadlocks in our life due to past karmas. I was fortunate enough to get admitted to the Atlantis Batch by Neha & Venu.
Iam one of the very few who could get regressed on all the 5 days of the workshop - It was unbelievable. I had come to this workshop with two crucial deadlocks and questions with pain level 10+ and I returned from this workshop not only with pain level NIL and answers to both the deadlocks/question but also with few “Past life soul family members”.

It is my ardent wish, which actually syncs with Nichiren Daishonin’s philosophy of doing kosenrufu (kosenrufu means helping in attaining world peace - ie when every individual on this earth is happy, the world will be at peace and ease) to help people undergo PLR to have healing, remove traumas and become peaceful with oneself.

Thankyou so much for your love, support & guidance - Venu & Neha.
Im truly blessed.


Dear @deepakchaks
It was a pleasure knowing you and always having a smile on your face despite having so much pain in your life. I have learnt a lot from you in these 5 days and remember, you have a brother in Hyderabad.
Take care and stay blessed.


Beautifully expressed Deepak :clap:

Since very early childhood, when I was in school, I used to think that since life is never ending, we will never get out of this rut (cycle)

I believe you must have brought years of spiritual sadhana with you to this life. Otherwise it is quite uncommon for a school kid to think about the cycles of birth and death. Perhaps it’s fate that brought you here to meet all of us.

Thank you for being such a wonderful brother to me :star2:
Wishing you professional success and a life filled with prosperity and joy :bouquet:


Hello and welcome to the forum Deepak! Your journey is truly fascinating, from thinking about the cycle of life since childhood to delving into past life regression and healing. Please accept my heartfelt wishes for your continued journey ahead. :pray::blush:

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Thankyou Sandhya for your appreciation and wishes.
Truly wishing you success and lots of appreciation from the bottom of my heart.


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Thankyou so much Prashanthi for your kind words.

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Welcome to Amarantos family @deepakchaks. I wish you all your dreams come true.

Thankyou so much Naveenji.