Dreams and messages

During the last few years I have noticed that my dreams and random, out of the blue thoughts are giving me important messages.
Two years ago, I had a weird thought of someone dying in a closed house and the next day my grand mother died the same way.

Recently I had a dream about an old neighbour with whom I had very little interaction. I saw him not being well and not able to move but he was asking for tea. When i tried to know about that person’s whereabouts my mother told me that he has recently met With an accident and is in coma since a few days. My mother suggested me not to make any contact with that family as they are involved with black magic.

Months later I received a call from my mother saying - that person our neighbour is back, fully paralysed except his face. He can speak and communicate but can’t move. She also added that he can’t stop asking about me and he wishes to see me.

This gave a realisation that Our dreams are not merely a sequence of images. Although we can’t control or change anything but little incidents give faith about the higher power and about The mystery of universe.


Which is why I was focusing on mediumship for you Pooja.
All physic powers only confirm the intangible dimension. From where the journey leads to knowing our real self.

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