Easy Hypnotisability Score calculator for Amarantians

My dear loved ones now there’s an easy way to calculate the “Hypnotisability Score” saving trees (paper)
Use this link to access it and let us know what you think and if there’s any scope for improvement in it

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I feel some answers are subject to condition, eg. If the quality of TV program or way the person tells his/her experience. If it’s boring and not able to connect or flow with the flow then focus is lost.

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Greetings Venu Sir….

Hope you are doing well.

The new “ Hypnotisibility Score Testing Questionnaire” is definitely going to be very useful for the client as it uses the visuals, and would provide more clarity in terms of the questions being asked .

Thank you so much for sharing with us .

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Nce Venu sir it is very easy to calcute hypnosis score now. I did it for my self. Very easy

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I think this is the same stuff that was in the sheets that were given during the workshop or maybe it is (also) in the workbook??

If it is, then I suppose, you have now put it online; to facilitate sending the link to the prospective client for the analysis.


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Dear Venu, hope you are doing fine and keeping well!
It’s a wonderful wonderful work having an online score generator tool, and would definitely save the paperwork. I’m sure that clients would also be loving it, being visually attractive and being added with a guidance text for few of the questions.
Thank you so much for sharing this with us👍

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This is great. We can use it, Venu



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