Either you are human or from any world, karma follows you

Dear Amarantos family,

With blessings of Supreme God, mahadev, kaal bhairav, spiritual guides, spiritual buddies (amaratian friends) and with grace of our dear master Venu, I successfully conducted my second PLRT session.

Client Details:

Female : Mrs. AG, 34 YO

Hypnotizability score : 7

Primary Dominant sense: Visual: 8, Secondary sense: Auditory: 5, Kinesthetic: 1

Eye roll test : 1

Pain level : 5/10

Theme : not good relation with husband, ignoring her calls and rude behavioir. did not went to in laws house since 6 months,

Client history:

She was born into a very spiritual, middle-class family. She was already inclined towards spirituality and have some visions and sensitivity since her childhood. She is also well educated and preparing for civil job even after her marriage. But since beginning of her marriage she was not having good relation with her husband, he used to ignore her all the time and even do not eat food cooked by her. She came back to her parents family during holi festival but no one from her in laws came to pick her back. But her in-laws family supports and love her a lot.

From this PLR session, she wants to know the past connection and karma with her husband and know the reason of his ignorance towards her.

Session 1: 27th November 2023

Stages 1 to 8 were completed during the first session.

Theme was finalized post session 1 and session 2 as:

*Finding the reason behind her husband’s behavior
*Know the past connection from her husband.

Session 2: 27th November 2023

Briefly covered stages 1 to 8 again. The intent of this therapy was again discussed with the client and the theme was finalized as stated above and was discussed with her again.

Later we had a short break and some informal chat.

Thereafter, we completed Stage 9 (checklist was ensured). Informed her to feel free to do whatever she wants to do during the session (talk, cry, laugh and moving/adjusting body parts). After she was comfortable, we proceeded to Stage 10.

IMR was explained.

T: Therapist
C: client.

We started with a prayer.

We began induction with Dave-Elman technique, followed by Progressive relaxation and further deepening with Ball of light method. The client was relaxed.

Visualization was carried out with a magnificent garden which was her safe place, which was surrounded by a big and green trees, view was like her village’s garden.

T: Let this garden be your safe place and you can always float back to this garden, if there is any distress.

As the client’s dominant sense is visual and secondary as audible, she was able to visualize this beautiful place and enjoyed being in there. She described the beautiful scenery and felt the trees and greenery around her.

Thereafter, the client could imagine a happy memories from her childhood.

From childhood memories, we reached the stage, where she was playing with brothers and sisters, enjoying with family.

She was happy and relaxed but unable to sense anything.
T: can you see or sense anything?
C: No
T: are you ready to go ahead?
C: few moments later… No
T: Whenever you feel ready to go back to the garden, you could give me a sign (C raised a finger in some seconds). In a count of 3-0, we’ll go to the garden again. You could spend some time here in the garden, rest, relax.

T: are you ready to come back?
C: yes
T: Till my count from 0-10 you will return to your conscious state.
C: She returned and was conscious after the count.
Session 3
28th November 2023 (pre lunch)

We discussed her experiences from the previous session, and I asked if she is comfortable to proceed? She was ready and excited to go ahead.

We started with a prayer.

We proceeded with Dave-Elman followed by Progressive relaxation. Entered to her safe place, sat on a boat to go for a big house.

T: Door red and green, let your mind decide. Enter the door. Where are you?
C: orangish light
T: Look at your hand and legs
C: colored legs with payal, chudi silver. Silver white dress jari worked.

T: Place?
C: Kali ji idol
T: Time? Year? Place?
C: cave,

T: Name, age
C: jyotika , around 100 years but looking young

T: Jyotika anyone around you?
C: snakes, it’s hawan and I am standing there. One sadhu is there

T: Why are you there?
C: peace for earth, performing hawan.

T: Are you connected to any king?
C: seems that I am queen of snakes

T: 3-0 go to significant moment.
Can you see any your husband?

C: no
T: Place?
C: greenery all around. Can’t see much

T: 3-0, go to last moment of your life. Where are you?
C: sky around me, in the sky. Alone. Wanting to come down to earth. I am not human but having human body.

T: Connect to snakes and ask their connection (take your time)
C: they are telling that I am their queen, and they will always live around me.

T: Ask them about the issues of your married life or they connected to present life?
C: no, they are not the reason. Yes they are connected as brother.

T: Which brother?
C: elder one vinod.

T: Can he resolve your marriage life issues? And how
C: yes, but he don’t know how.

T: Go to after life 3-0, what’s around you?
C: bed, snakes around.

T: What did your learned from that life?
C: want to come to earth, at present I am at naag lok.

T: Go to that life when you were connected to your husband
C: palace, 150 years before, somewher at Rajasthan.

T: Name, age
C: 25-30 years, rajshree

T: Rajshree are you married?
C: yes

T: Can you see your husband?
C: yes, name is not clear

T: Is he same husband as present?
C: same

T: 3-0, go to significant moment where issues with husband.
C: he is fighting but don’t know the reason,

T: Try to find the reason behind the fight
C: no

T: 3-0 you will go to significant karma when your issues with husband originated
C: I was talking with a king and my husband watched me and he was doubting me. I think that king likes me. And I too like him.

T: What did your husband told you?
C: why you were talking to him?

T: Is this the reason that your husband don’t admire you?
C: may be this is the reason.

T: 3-0 go to significant moment where your husband saw you in such kind of moment
C: talking to same king in my room. Looks like my present friend Anand.

T: Your husband again saw you?
C: no, but he doubts. We are trying to get intimate with each other.

T: Husband doubt is right?
C: yes

T: 3-0, go to significant moment when everything seems normal.
C: he is still telling me to leave all this things.

T: Go to last moment of your life
C: in my room, 3 children, husband.

T: What going in your mind?
C: I am leaving my husband and children.

T: Any guilt?
C: yes. Relationship with king.

T: After life?
C: all are sad. Maids are also sad.

T: Around you?
C: light with me, taking my soul.

T:Any message from light?
C: i am sad that I am leaving my family.

T: What did your learned from that life?
C: will not repeat that fault again.

T: What was the reason which makes you away from your husband.
C: my husband loved me a lot and he can’t see me with anyone else.

T: What is that light?
C: light is like shiv ji but there are 2 more people like yam doot.

T: Any message from shiv ji for you?
C: Anand is the reason. He is your twin flame. Everything will be fine. 6 months of time needed. He will be there at every life time

T: 3-0 go to significant life and moment connected with husband and Anand
C: again that life at naag lok, Anand is snake, we are couple,

T: How did your husband got connected?
C: can’t see, seems like he is from different lok.(after a long time break), he is some what connected to rakshas.

T: Find the remedy (as naag Kanya) to find balance between Anand and husband
C: Anand is telling that you have to move on with husband.
I want to come back. I can’t handle the stress. (After few time)

T: 3-0 you will come back to door

T: okay now from count 0-10, you will come back to your consciousness.
Slowly and gently return to your body and give thanks to God.

Session 4
28th November 2023 (post lunch session)

We again started with a prayer.

We proceeded with Dave-Elman followed by Progressive relaxation. From visualization of the garden to cliff climbing and getting connected to the significant karma. 3-0 count
4 doors choose 1 and enter

T: Where are you?
C: big hall, saree, payal, kangan.

T: Can you see yourself?
C: not clearly,

T: Anyone around you?
C: my friend pragya. Calling me by my name.
She is very happy, she likes to be with me.

T: 3-0, go to significant moment of your life when you were connected to any spiritual buddies
C: hawan, i and my husband. Guruji (astrologer in this life),

T: Which hawan and for what purpose?
C: for house happiness and peace.

“Om klim swaha”

T: Anyone more there?
C: nanad, sasur, anyone with guruji young boy (may be his son),

T: 3-0, go to significant moment which connects you from your spiritual life
C: social welfare. Cloth donation.

T: 3-0 go to another lifetime where you connected with another spiritual buddy
C: (after a long time) Kali maa temple, sadhu performing hawan for world peace, looks like that it’s you (p j), it’s a naag lok temple.

T: What’s your aim of that life?
C: guru ji and his son (for home peace and happiness)
You (pusparag) (for world peace)

T: Ask guruji for the remedy of your life
C: help people mentally, socially, need to go at your in laws house by yourself, don’t wait anyone to pick you.

T: Ask about guruji (respectfully)
C: higher guru at naag lok. Came at earth to help people and show them right way. Devraj name.

T: 3-0 come to current life when you were 5 years old
C: mummy papa, playing with them, big brother. Feeling happy with them.

T: 3-0 go to moment when you were 20 years old
C: at school 12th, with my friend Priyanka, ranjana, akansha
Ranjana telling me that you must not tell about your dreams on snakes.

T: What is side effect of revealing that dreams
C: loss of cousin grand father and uncle.

T: 3-0 go to significant life after 15 year from current time
C: at in laws house, good relationship with husband, 2 children boys.

T: What happened that you went to your in laws house and everything got resolved
C: husband accepted me, Saturn planet remedy.

T: How is your spiritual life?
C: progressing, politics, social welfare. Meditation on chakras as Kali ji and mahadev ji as guru.

T: 3-0 go to significant moment when you confront god
C: shiv ji, this life.

T: His message for you
C: there are snakes at a temple in my in laws house. He is telling that everything will be fine. 4-5 years.

T: Is anyone connected as spiritual buddies
C: yes. Most of them

T: can you see more or you want to come back.
C: want to come back, can’t handle too much stress and headache.

T: 0-5 back to door
now from the count 0-10, you will return to your consciousness

We both gave thanks to God and gurus.

Her husband’s behavior towards her was due to her act with her friend and she was not as much loyal towards her husband and the emotional pain or curse of her husband caused her issues in her present life. But due to astrological remedy of planet Saturn and of course by changing her lifestyle (with her friends) will help her in her relationship.
Pain level (post session): 1

*PS: Immediately after the session, she described her head being heavy, but automatically subside in few minutes. She was very much happy and continued thanking me.

Thank you for taking the time to read!

With Love & Regards
Pusparag Jauhari


All the best!


Dear Pushparaj, Wow; was traversing through the other Lok! Proves Souls or people and other living being, all same!.
How soul attachments can create problems when Karma dictates other schemes in subsequent incarnated lifes…
T: 3-0 go to another lifetime where you connected with another spiritual buddy
C: (after a long time) Kali maa temple, sadhu performing hawan for world peace, looks like that it’s you (p j), it’s a naag lok temple.
Hmm…So you are a world saviour!
Excellent session. You managed to track the “Causal” of the current life marital issue.


Pushpraj what an interesting read after so long. Was thrilled to know that other lokas exist and that all those movies based on naags had some substance. Carrying forth our karma is both a blessing in disguise and a cause for suffering. Could experience her sadness on being separated from her soul mate or twin flame. A few of messages were left non understood for e.g. anand will come back in 6 months??

Other than this I truly learnt a fantastic way of future progression and gaining present life solution. Beautiful job done!


Dear Pushparag,

It was an Amazing session!

You navigated so well to reach the cause.

C: (after a long time) Kali maa temple, sadhu performing hawan for world peace, looks like that it’s you (p j), it’s a naag lok temple.

Hope you know your life purpose now - To stop the thrid world War! :slight_smile:
Please get your PLR done lot of old mantras could be unleashed.

Thank you for sharing.


Reduction of pain level to 1 says how amazing the session was… Truly commendable… Best wishes


Thank you Neelam ji for your support and wishes.

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Thank you Ananda ji for your review and reply. :pray::blush:

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Thank you sindhuja for your review and lovely message. :pray::blush:

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Thank you Ashish for your review. You were always a support for me for my sessions.


It’s a message from shiv ji to my client that everything will be alright between her and her husband after 6 months. And Anand will be there in her life in all lifetimes. Because Anand is her twin flame.

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