Eliminating chances of creating any trace of false memory

What suggestion/script is most effective in eliminating chances of leaving any trace of false memory before bringing the client back to normal senses in a PLR session ?

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I don’t have the answer to your question, but some add-on Questions :

  1. Why should there be a false memory, if all that we see during PLRT session is relevant?

  2. How does a therapist distinguish between “false” and “true” memory?

  3. Is there an element of “judgement” on behalf of therapist? For example - let’s consider X as a true memory because it serves the intended instrumental goal, OR let’s discard Y as a false memory because it is not taking the individual towards an intended goal.

  4. If so, isn’t it necessarily the therapist’s version of what is good for the individual and what should be termed as a successful PLRT session? In this perspective, the client is reduced to a tool who has to go through some procedures and has to say cheese at the end of it.


I think we should not bother about false or true memory. Whatever comes to awareness could be relevant and should be left as such instead of creating doubts in clinet’s mind. We may consider only relevant past memories at integration stage.

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