Everything is MAYA, the only target of human life is to achieve moksha

Dear Amarantos family,

With blessings of Supreme God, mahadev, kaal bhairav, spiritual guides, spiritual buddies (amaratian friends) and with grace of our dear master Venu, I successfully conducted my second PLRT session.

Client Details:

Female : Mr. AS, 31 YO

Hypnotizability score : 7

Primary Dominant sense: Visual: 8, Secondary sense: Auditory: 4, Kinesthetic: 3

Eye roll test : 2+1

Pain level : NA

Theme : since childhood whenever wanted to learn anything always got it anyhow, having lots of spiritual knowledge, always takes advantage of that knowledge but unable to serve others with same knowledge.

Client history:

AS took birth in a brahmin family of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. His father is a government employee and mother is a housewife. Since childhood he was very good in studies but never thought that he would get inclined towards spirituality (without any strong religious background), at the age of 19 he was awarded as “jyotish ratna” by the governer of U.P., now he is in astrological profession as celebrity astrologer. Along with astrology he has knowledge of multiple spiritual practices along with tantra and yantra.
But he always have an issue that he learnt everything whatever he wanted. He has lots of siddhis but he can’t use it for others and that is the main reason he wanted to have a PLRT session.

Session 1: 26th October 2023

Stages 1 to 8 were completed during the first session.

Theme was finalized post session 1 and session 2 as:

*Finding the root cause for being inclined towards religion, tantra and yantra without having any religious background.
*can use the knowledge for self but unable to benifit others.

Session 2: 26th October 2023

Briefly covered stages 1 to 8 again. The intent of this therapy was again discussed with the client and the theme was finalized as stated above and was discussed with him again.

Later we had a short break and some informal chat.

Thereafter, we completed Stage 9 (checklist was ensured). Informed him to feel free to do whatever he wants to do during the session (talk, cry, laugh and moving/adjusting body parts). After he was comfortable, we proceeded to Stage 10.

IMR was explained.

T: Therapist
C: client.

We started with a prayer.

We began induction with Dave-Elman technique, followed by Progressive relaxation and further deepening with Ball of light method. The client was relaxed.

Visualization was carried out with a magnificent garden which was his safe place, which was surrounded by a big and green trees, view was like his garden which is in front of his flat in his society.

T: Let this garden be your safe place and you can always float back to this garden, if there is any distress.

As the client’s dominant sense is visual and secondary as audible, he was able to visualize this beautiful place and enjoyed being in there.

Thereafter, the client could imagine a happy memories from his childhood.

From childhood memories, we reached the stage, where he was playing with brother and parents enjoying with family.

he was happy and relaxed but unable to sense anything.
T: can you see or sense anything?
C: No
T: are you ready to go ahead?
C: few moments later… No
T: Whenever you feel ready to go back to the garden, you could give me a sign (C raised a finger in some seconds). In a count of 3-0, we’ll go to the garden again. You could spend some time here in the garden, rest, relax.

T: are you ready to come back?
C: yes
T: Till my count from 0-10 you will return to your conscious state.
C: he returned and was conscious after the count.
Session 3
27th October 2023 (pre lunch)

We discussed his experiences from the previous session, and I asked if he is comfortable to proceed? he was ready and excited to go ahead.

We started with a prayer.

We proceeded with Dave-Elman followed by Progressive relaxation. Entered to his safe place, sat on a boat to go for a big house.

T: Door red and green, let your mind decide. Enter the door. Where are you?
C: can’t see anything
T: Look at your hand and legs
C: bare legs

T: what are you wearing
C: gold ornaments on whole body

T: what’s your gender
C: male

T: clothes?
C: yellow dhoti, gold ornaments on upper body and a stole

T: what’s around you?
C: silence everywhere, loneliness, open sky, I am running

T: any time or year?
C: can’t recognize

T: 3-0 go to specific moment to know why you are running?
Where are you now?
C: in a forest, in front of a rishi

T: can you see him?
C: no, can’t see him. He is sitting on a big stone.

T: what’s around you?
C: lots of trees, thorny trees too.

T: what are you doing in front of him?
C: crying

T: why?
C: he is not answering me thats why.

T: how did you look like?
C: seems to be chiranjeev (always look alike 25 years), like a god, golden crown on head

T: which god you are connected to?
C: I am from the group (mandal) of Indra, I can go anywhere, can meet anyone beyond the time, place or space.

T: 3-0 specific moment and karma
C: watching dance along with the devtas

T: how your are feeling?
C: emotion less, don’t feel anand in such type of activity.

T: then what do you want from inside?
C: peace

T: reason behind having birth on earth
C: to find peace, bhakti of god.
Punya (पुण्य) is decreasing day by day.

T: which god do you worship?
C: everyone, I can go to anyone even most of the time I spent with indra.

T: due to which reason you started thinking that you want peace and bhakti?
C: due to a lady, she cursed me.

T: who is she?
C: she wanted to live with me and I denied so she cursed me that I will never be happy.

T: did you asked for forgiveness?
C: yes but she is ignoring.

T: who is she and how did she look like?
C: she is an apsara, very beautiful, oval face, attractive clothing, eyes like lotus, she looks like my current wife.

T: can you tell her name?
C: surabhi

T: did you gave explanation to her?
C: yes but she is not ready to hear me.

T: why did she get attached towards you?
C: due to my thoughts and my knowledge

T: how did you get siddhi and knowledge?
C: gods gave me siddhi. My body is full of divine energies, all gods gave me everything except bhakti. I can meet the Trinity too.

T: 3-0 go to significant memory where all these things started.
C: it’s forest, dark every where, old parents, they are saying that they want me to get educated.

T: what’s your age?
C: 4-5 years.

T: go to significant time when you have gained knowledge and siddhi
C: after getting all knowledge and power I went to swarg.

T: what are you seeing next?
C: i am again crying in front of my guru. He is teaching me, he wants me to learn everything.

T: how did he look like?
C: old man, big beard he looks like my present guruji CHHANNU GURU JI, he left me just because of his son.

T: can you see more people connected to now?
C: no but even today lots of devatas want to connect with me.

T: any message from that guruji?
C: he wants me to do tapasya, once he appeared in front of me at MANIKARNIKA GHAT (burning ghat of varanasi), {after he woke up he confirmed that once he went to manikarnika ghat with a tantrik but suddenly one sanyasi appeared and told him to go away from that place and not to trust that tantrik}

T: do guruji saying anything?
C: no he is smiling

T: message for spirituality from him?
C: practise celibacy and jap gayatri. This is not the right time to give all answers but celibacy and jap is needed. You will achieve everything even moksha.

T: any more message?
C: no he is telling me to go now.

T: so, what do you want to do now?
C: come back to present.

T: okay then from the count to 0-10, come back to that door, slowly come out to that big house.

T: okay now from count 0-10, you will come back to your consciousness.
Slowly and gently return to your body and give thanks to God.
Session 4
27th October 2023 (post lunch)

We discussed about his experiences from the previous session, and he told me that sometimes he has fear of losing his family but the frequency is very low but it got high after this session. I asked if he is comfortable to proceed? he was ready and excited to go ahead.

We started with a prayer.

We proceeded with Dave-Elman followed by Progressive relaxation. Entered to his safe place, then climb on the cliff and enter to a room connected to certain karma.

T: let your mind decide. Enter the door. Where are you?
C: above the sea, flying.

T: look at yourself
C: black appearance, red dhoti, shikha, long hair, roaming and flying all around.

T: time
C: seems to be post pralay, earth is drowned.

T: what’s your name?
C: Vishwadhar

T: can you go to any incident or any memory at that time?
C: no I am not human, may be a soul or any being. I am tension free and roaming all around.

T: 3-0, go to significant memory in any life connected to your question.

Can you see anything?
C: village, hut, living with family, having food.

T: name of wife, children
C: wife name gayatri, can’t recognize children but their age is approx 7-8 years.

T: your name, age
C: name saumitra, middle aged and wearing pagdi, having big mustache.

T: time or year
C: british time, britishers are roaming here and there.

T: can you recognise the place? Village or city?
C: its a village Pahadganj in Rajasthan. (Later we googled the name and found that pahadganj is a village near alwar, rajasthan)

T: 3-0, go to significant memory of that life and reason for your phobia.
C: any one beaten me very hard.

T: who
C: britishers

T: what about your family?
C: they are at home

T: reason for beating you
C: I am a freedom fighter and I am the leader, and britishers are thinking that I can mislead anyone against britishers.

T: 3-0, go to last moment of your life
C: they are not giving any food or water.

T: recalling anyone?
C: children and wife

T: where they kept you
C: in a room with guards

T: where are you now?
C: oh I am dead, I am standing beside my body, my body handed over to my family. My family is burning my body.

T: thoughts in your mind
C: it was destined and it’s over now.

T: anyone with your soul?
C: yes, my gods and gurus.

T: any message from them?
C: I didn’t obey them, didn’t practised spiritual practices, now I have to again come back to earth.

T: what are you replying?
C: asking for forgiveness

T: are you missing your family?
C: no, it’s only maya. Gurus are only instructing me to do jap. I am the only obstacle for my development. My all phobias are actually not phobias, they are instructions from my gurus.

T: 3-0, go to next significant moment of other life.
Where are you?
C: very small like a light, I am a spirit at himalaya.

T: to whom you are connected?
C: shri sadhana, don’t want anything just want to take birth as human.

T: anyone around you?
C: anyone is there and he is saying that I can take birth as human.

T: who is he?
C: can’t see, I can only hear his voice, he is my guru. I am a part of him.

T: why do you want to take birth as human.
C: since long time I am seeing that every god wants to take birth as human, every god takes avatar, it makes me more curious to take birth and know that why human incarnation is so important for everyone even for the God’s as well.

T: any person who is connected from here?
C: no

T: when will you get salvation
C: when my desires gets over.

T: reason to take birth in kashi
C: this time my guru wants me to get moksha.

T: anyone with you in this journey?
C: no

T: 3-0 go to significant lifetime when all your fear got seeded.
Any re incarnation on earth? And where?
C: I am in dirty clothes, alone at home.

T: how is your home?
C: wooden house, it’s bhoot haveli (haunted)

T: how you are feeling?
C: scared

T: go to other rooms
C: all rooms are filled with ghosts, they are trying to scare me but I am not showing that I am scared.

T: what happens next?
C: everyone there appreciating me that I live with ghosts without being scared.

T: what are you saying to them?
C: I am making a fake story that, you all killed these people and they became ghosts. Now everyone trying to please me by offering things and money but I am not accepting anything.

T: who are you? Name? Age?
C: can’t tell my name but I am a boy aged 12-15 years old.

T: specific moment with guru/family/friends
C: at forest, studying ved from rishis. All friends are also there.

T: any one connected to this life?
C: yes, hopefully siddhartha (present life friend) is there but I am only obeying my guru.

T: how to get rid of your phobia
C: guru is saying, he is with me always. No phobia is there, all phobias are just MAYA.

T: what are lesson from that life?
C: Jap, Celibacy, no greed, I already have all the powers.

T: message from guru.
C: I am always with you, and will give everything time by time (and it’s already happening). You need to get and be purified.

T: 3-0 come to current life and specific moment of your life.
C: playing with brothers, aunty (father’s sister), papa is forcing me to study but I want to study ved and scriptures. And he wants me to go school, which I don’t like.

T: go to 10 years ahead from now
C: I got my isht dev (इष्ट देव), I have swapna siddhi, I can get everything by dreams.

T: any messages or lesson from guru or isht dev
C: I already have all the powers and siddhi, but the only aim of my human life is to go back to my real world. This is my last incarnation on earth that’s why I got birth in Kashi, if I don’t get aware, don’t practise celibacy, don’t start jap then it will be hard to get moksha and my next incarnation will be very far from kashi and it will be very hard to get moksha, means again stuck in life and death cycle.

T: is this your lesson and teachings from all life?
C: yes.

T: what are you looking next?
C: I got my message of life, my gurus are instructing me to go back, I am satisfied now, I got my answers.

T: okay are you ready to come back?
C: yes

T: 3-0 you will come back to door

T: okay now from count 0-10, you will come back to your consciousness.
Slowly and gently return to your body and give thanks to God.cefe4-gajendra-moksha-vishnu-saving-elephant-from-crocodile


Wonderful Pusprag. It was like a journey to another world​:tada::+1:


Hello Pushprag,
This case study is truly beautiful. What is the purpose of life and how do we evolve? This case study shares everything with us
Salvation or moksha can be easily obtained, but we all end up stuck. A chakravuyh or trap can be created by that desire, making it hard to attain moksh.
:clap: :clap:
All the best!


@pushparag.j9019 well done.
I can imagine the stress you may be holding for this session as the client is reputed personality (awarded by government).

Writing tips for next time. Hope you won’t mind. :slightly_smiling_face:

One cannot “float” in garden.



Am not sure if one can ask such direct questions. You can re-frame the sentences.

Nonetheless, best wishes for future.


This is a very unique case… experiencing past life as multi-dimensional being along with gods and alike must’ve been so impactful for your client…you conducted it so well✨


Well…Well…Well…We all want to go to the other side and here is a soul who wants to come down to Earth…What a case Pushparag. Its an extra-ordinary case and you have just helped one soul to reach Moksha. Unfortunately, in this case, your therapist skill has been complete overshadowed by the content of the case. So I had to read it once again, now not being distracted by the content but focusing on the way you handled the case - Your handling was excellent. You never got carried away by the content. You excellently gave direction to the case.
Hats off to you. All the best for your future cases.

With Best Wishes/Deepak

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Dear Pushapraj,
Wonderful session…Lots of divinities and Apsaras!. From starting the client was clear on the path he need to go…and in the session too he was ruling!
The client sacrificed his life for his motherland under the British rule.
The client got what he was looking for…excellent session!

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Thank you kaushik. Yes you are right. Even I was surprised as well.

Yes Neelam ji, this is the universal truth and we all came here to achieve moksha but we forget our duties

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Thank you siddhi for your comments.

Thanks Pooja for the correction and suggestions. I never ask direct questions to client but this time client’s guru was talking directly through him to me. And we got all answers of all questions. Few conversation are not noted as well.

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This is amazing Session . Thanks for sharing .
God Bless you Brother
Dr Sandeep Jyot

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Thank you Sandeep ji, as a senior therapist your appreciation gives more enthusiasm.

Dear Pusparag,

My congratulations for the session.

Consider making indirect and open ended suggestion. Let client sense the feeling/emotion that he is experiencing and then guide him to action or thought that he would need to resolve that emotion.

Here again , I am not sure if we could ask a direct question like this one.

Because its the BEST SCHOOL to learn I guess. :innocent: :innocent: :pray: :pray:

Request if you could help me understand this suggestion please.

Amazing spiritual lessons for us all during the course of session. :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

Wishing many more sessions blessed by the supreme almighty thyself :pray:

:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: