Experiencing life in an animal form

Suman, F- 43, 7/10, 2/5, K, Pain level- 10/10*

Suman, a 43 yr old homemaker was referred by a mutual friend. She appeared to be very gentle, polite and attentive when we talked.

She has been married for almost 20 yrs now and doesn’t seem to find contentment in her domestic life. Her husband started abusing and humiliating her within two days of their marriage and never stood up for her.

Not only this, he takes sides with his elder brother’s wife (Suman’s co-sister) and she feels very terrified of her co-sister.

She had a happy childhood and received good education. But all her dreams came crashing down soon after her marriage.

She wanted to undertake a PLR to know her life purpose and the reasons for her suffering.


  • Troubled relationship with husband and in-laws
    *Finding the life-purpose

Techniques used –

Progressive relaxation, Dave Elman, Garden and stream, affect bridge

IMR Explained

T: This is what the therapist said.
C: This is what the client said.

Session 1- Stage 1 to 9…. Completed on 30.08.23

Session 2- Conducted on 01.09.23

Session Summary- Suman went into deep relaxation within an hour of progressive relaxation and induction.

I told her to imagine herself in a garden, and recall any happy memories related to her married life. She mentioned going on vacations to a resort few years ago.

When regressed further, she recalled some unpleasant memories of being abused and threatened by her husband within two days of their marriage.

She also mentioned the mean things said and done by her co-sister.

Then I thought of creating an Affect Bridge with the emotions she was feeling. She was in deep pain as she recalled her memories. Walking down the bridge, I took her across into her past life, which would have been influencing her current life.

Here are some excerpts from the session- (the client had entered the trance, and was asked to cross the door to past life…)

T- You are standing somewhere. What comes in your awareness?

C – I just see a cat…it is very dark around…I can’t see anything else

T- Where does this cat live? Where has it come from?

C- I don’t know…can’t see…it is dark

T- At the count of 3…your awareness will take you to the place where this cat lives. 1……2….and 3

C- It is dark…I see a jungle kind of a place. There are some other animals there

T- What is happening there?

C- I see some more cats, and dogs….

T- At the count of 5, next significant event will appear…1….2……3……4……5. Now, what comes in your awareness?

C- A dog has attacked the cat. She is bleeding and about to die

T- Look into the eyes of the dog….do you recognise it? Does it have any resemblance with anyone in this lifetime?

C-This is my co-sister

T- What has happened to the cat?

C- It is dying.

T-Merge your consciousness with the cat and feel its thoughts.

C- It is feeling very sad.

T- See the cat’s soul floating above the body. See, if any divine being is present to receive it?

C- I just see a bright light…. (After a pause)- Lord Krishna is present

T- Where is the cat’s soul?

C- Lord Krishna is blessing it.

T- What was the life-lesson in the form of cat?

C-To learn to protect oneself, to be fearless

(After emerging, the client mentioned that she still feels the same way that she’ll be attacked by her co-sister who will kill her) …

Closure and integration- The client realised that she was too vulnerable as a cat and thus succumbed to death when the dog attacked her. She decided to stand up for herself henceforth. But we both felt that there was more to it. The root cause of her relationship problems still remained unidentified.

She further wanted to explore that why was she born an animal. We decided to do another PLR after a week.

Session 3- Conducted on 08.09.23


  • Reason for being born as an animal in a previous birth
  • Being sidelined by her husband and co-sister

Method used - Progressive relaxation, Dave Elman, Ancient temple – 10 steps down the staircase

(the client regressed smoothly through deep relaxation; through visualization, she was taken to ancient temple, and then made to descend 10 steps down the staircase, finding herself standing somewhere…)

T- What comes in your awareness? What can you see, feel or imagine?

C- I see a 16- 17 yr old girl, wearing black shoes and a long dress. She is standing by a beach.

T- Which place this could be?

C- I think, it is Goa.

T- What is the girl’s name?

C- Angelina

T- As I count to 5, next significant event will appear in your awareness….1……2……3……4…….5

C- I see a very big house

Suman as Angelina saw herself working as a maid-servant in a big bungalow. Year was around 1950.

Then she saw her Master and his wife. She instantly recognised them as her husband and co-sister from this life time.

T- At the count of 3, your awareness will go to the next significant event…1….2….and 3……

What can you see?

C- Angelina’s Master tries to molest her and she stabs him with a knife to defend herself. He dies of bleeding. There are many people around …Masters wife is accusing Angelina of bad character. No one defends her and she is standing there, feeling helpless and shocked. They hand her over to the Police.

T- At the count of 3…. go to the next significant event in Angelina’s life…1……2…….3

C- She is very sick. Still in jail…. I think she is dying

T- How old is she?

C- Not very old…around 25-30 yrs

T- Your life as Angelina has ended now…Float above your body and begin to move upward, feeling light and free…. may be a bright light appears at a distance.

C-I see a tunnel with bright light

T- Good…. enter the tunnel……has any divine being/ spirit guide/ any deceased relative come to receive you

C- Krishna…. Krishna is there…. he is smiling

He is telling me to give up the enmity and hatred for my Master and his wife and forgive them. Otherwise, I will suffer from them in future lives too

T- What is your life-lesson from the life of Angelina?

C- She was poor and could not protect herself. I need to be strong and independent in this life.

T- Did you get the answer for your birth as a cat?

C- Yes, our mutual hatred (my master, his wife and me) brought us together in animal’s form.

T- Connect to your higher self…. what guidance do you receive from within?

C- I need to value my life as a human and devote it in my spiritual growth. For that, I have to learn to forgive and work upon my weaknesses.

T- Any other issue that you would like to address or may we end the session now?

C- We can end

Then the client was emerged from the trance and some mediations, prayers and affirmations were suggested to her.

Closure and Integration

Pain level reduced to 2. After few days, she called to inform that she was feeling much better and would now like to devote herself in the service of Lord Krishna.


Dear Pragati,

Very well done. Wonderful to read through as it comprise of past lives in animal form and souls reincarnating to experience the relationships, emotions and lessons.

My learnings from the case, for your consideration, are as under,

I would recommend to include suggestions to enhance the establishing of Identification part of IDT. eg in present case establishing that the Cat was Client Herself in the past life.

We have done this for the co-sister very well as

Very well done to connect the client with the EMOTIONAL aspect
of the past life event.

Here again , we could have worded the suggestion to enable the client experience that its the same soul of Cat which has reincarnated as the Client and carrying over the trauma.

Eg; Allow yourself to float above the body now and…

Consider : Having left your body in the life time of Angelina you are in front of a tunnel of bright light. Allow your higher consciousness to become aware of any being or a master or a guide who has come to receive you.

All is blessed when he has arrived. :pray: :pray: :pray:

Splendid are the ways of the Divine Creator !!

Best Wishes for your future sessions.


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Well done Pragati,
Very well conducted session and you were quick to sense the future complexities down from the past! and the suspect you felt from the appearance of the animals and how they could be connected to this whole drama!
See how the Karma plays itself out to straighten the anomalilies of the characters actions, involved in each incidents.


Nicely executed Pragati ji, it was short and crisp. I’m glad that all the queries/themes were addressed and the client felt better with Krishna’s blessings.
Just a quick point in above quote, if we could have explored the PD scene bit more, it would have added any new points here.
Thank you so much for sharing this,:blush::heart:.


Thank you so much Ananda Sir for your kind words and encouragement. It really uplifted my spirits .
As a beginner, I was quite nervous to post my case studies … but your positive feedback boosted my confidence. God bless you .


Thank you so much Monesh Sir for going through my case study. Your suggestions are quite valuable and will definitely help me in my future sessions.
God bless you.


Hi Pragati - Wonderful session. All along , the pattern existed and have the possibility to be broken in this lifetime. Its amazing that we carry the same hatred/karma over so many lifetimes without realising it.
Thankyou so much for sharing this session with us.



Thanks for reaching out and sharing the details of this session with us @pragatibhatnagar039
Adding to what beloved @Monesh_Bathre has shared,

well done, on being able to regress the client into the lifetime as cat.

This doesn’t qualify as a theme, please share on why.

when the client has this issue, we can arrive at the theme of how does it make her feel, as that feeling would help us

Please work on calibrating your suggestions. Mind reading/kind of order, "your awareness will go to the next " and “see” for a K?

We could have worked on I before going into the D of IDT.
Please focus on stress management, deepening and resolution.
But all in all, am proud of you Pragati, keep working and sharing your sessions so that you can realise your full potential as PLR Therapist.


It’s been a great session, Dear Pragati. I completely agree with our beloved father that we need to work more on the suggestions. I was reading about karma today and came across your case study on it. Well done, and good luck with your upcoming cases. :pray::sparkles::blush:


Good sessions Pragati… Though we can dive much deeper in the client’s root causes by correct framing of questions which you can get help from ‘why me’ book and ’ Handbook for therapists’ that beloved guru Dr. Venu shared with us.
Still the live lessons here amazing- She needs to be ‘independent and fearless.’ and till she learns this; her patterns may repeat life after life. So, you can suggest her to be independent now to break this pattern.
Love Shipra