Exploring and Interpreting Future Flashes in the session.

In this session report, the client unexpectedly described a scene that seemed to be in the future, which led to confusion.

Session 5 : Used stress bridges to the significant event related to the root cause of the fear of rejection.

T: What can you see?

Client: Beach…

T: Is it day or night?

C: It’s sunset time.

T: Is there anyone with you?

C: No.I am watching it alone.

T: Are you in the same body or different body?

C: I am in the same body, a little older. Around 35-40.

T: How are you feeling?

C: I am sad. I am extremely sad.

T: Why do you feel sad?

(She started weeping …Holding her dress, shrinking with pain in the chest)

C: I have lost someone… I have lost someone…

T: Breathe in deeply, up and down, you are safe, come back to the garden…(Confused why she went to the future.)

(Client still continued crying…)

C: I have lost my child!

(Did stress management and calmed her down)

T: Are you feeling okay?

C: Yes.

my doubts;

  1. Has anyone encountered a similar situation where a client seemed to access a future event during regression therapy? How did you handle it?
  2. What could be the significance of the client accessing a future event in this session? Are there any known therapeutic benefits or explanations for this?
  3. Are there specific techniques or approaches that can be used to understand and interpret future flashes or events during regression therapy?
  4. How should the therapist proceed in a case like this, where the client appears to access a future event related to their fear of rejection?
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