Exploring past life

Day 1: 5th September,2023 (Session 1 & 2, Total time: 4.5 hours approx.)

Session 1
Hypnosis responsiveness score: 8

Dominant sense: kinesthetic (7)

Secondary dominant sense: visual (4)

Eye roll test: 1

Pain level: 6 (concern level)

C: client T: therapist

BRIEF HISTORY: (related to theme only)
The client’s mother and father fell in love and ran away to another city to get married. Mother’s father( C’s maternal grandfather) was very rich and C’s father was expecting that after getting married grandfather will accept them and they might get financial benefits from him but he didn’t except that relationship and that was the point when C’s father changed his behavior and turned abusive and alcoholic. C was born to his mother when she was very young, about 17 years and since C’s father changed completely after not getting any financial benefit from grandfather, mother became very close to C and accepted her husband to be not the same person as before. To earn the livelihood both mother and father started working and C have to stay at home all alone(7 yo). There was a caretaker but C couldn’t express himself. When C was 12 year old he was sent to Surat city to have better education to his maternal’s house. Even here he was treated bad and treated as a servant by his aunt and her two daughters. He was humiliated by them, was made fun of and had no one to talk to, so after a few months he decided not to stay here anymore.

At the age of 13, he was sent to boarding school in another state. Situation were the same there as well. He was physically abused by an elder student in the boarding school. He studied in this school for 3 years.
After 3 years he returned to his mother.
When his father turned very abusive…beating him and his mother, he asked his mother to leave him. His mother had made all the arrangements and as C was young he was sent to his uncle’s house until they complete the procedure for seperation. When he came back again he found that father asked for forgiveness and the mother had forgave him. After a few days the father became abusive again.
When C and his mother were planning to visit Surat to meet grandfather, grandfather had already made all the arrangements for divorce and have gave an offer to father to take money and sign on papers. The father agreed. They both were in Surat when father called and told them not to come back again. C along with his mother was living at his maternal’s but were treated very badly, C insisted to live anywhere else even if it were a small place. Mother wasn’t working at that point of time so he angrily told her that she had 13 years of experience why she is not doing anything why are they dependent on such people. Soon she started earning and they moved out of the maternal’s and rented a very small place.
He was 17-18 when he thought that now he should also start working on his own and moved to Mumbai and rented a place.
C is been married to his close friend. G(C’s wife) is very supportive and insisted C to start his own venture. Although C wanted to pursue his profession in different field he thought to try it(for some other profession than he wished ), it was a huge success and he made a name in that specific industry. There was a time when he was preparing to be working in the field that he liked. He prepared for 2 years but it was called off at the last stage. Wants to pursue for the profession he is interested but is scared to start from scratch leaving a well settled business.
When asked how he felt about his childhood C told “it’s okay. I don’t feel much. And I don’t think I can express much.” Wife is someone with whom he can talk about anything. When asked about his relation with his mother, he said “: I am close with her but its like a wall between us. Also I feel that I have responsibilities and I am running from it.” C is not in contact with his father.
C describes himself as non-religious person. Although he feels some connection to lord Shiva, loves mountains and wishes to live in mountains and doesn’t like cities at all.

[Note: there were no emotions while taking the history. C was sharing everything very casually and the body language also indicated that he was very comfortable. Repression of emotions maybe?]

When asked about the expectation from PLRT, C said he just wish to experience. I had asked to make a list beforehand, C had made a list of about 22 points. I explained that we needed to arrive at theme to proceed further, after a while he told me that “I think the main reason of all this is suppression of emotions”

Session 2

Induction- three happy memories, closures

The conscious thoughts kept interfering and C would snap out. The thoughts were so rapid and trivial that it was hard to know what exactly he was thinking and wasn’t able to stop either. He would listen to the starting sentence of my suggestion and all of the sudden rapid constant thoughts would start again and he had to remind himself to listen to me again and until he could he would miss what I said. Happy memories could see.

[Adding a link to some guidance and suggestions by Amarantians that can be helpful in such situation
How to proceed with client who keeps having conscious thoughts during regression?]

In closures the first time he saw so many faces and chose one. He saw the same person when the next two time as well but wasn’t able to communicate any of the time.

When brought back to garden and rest, I asked if he can find any guide. C saw a tea stall in garden and saw a person wearing kurta and having long beard inside the tea stall even before I said anything and thought him as his guide. He couldn’t communicate with him either. C have never seen or known any person looking like him.

(I asked if he wanted to do just relaxation one more time and he agreed. This time I thought not to take IMR because I noticed that whenever I asked to confirm the client would become more stiff and irritated. I decided to take him to the mountain, meet a guide to help him reach the top of mountain, then to a small house in mountain, meet people living there, the view from the window of that house, sitting on the safe place at the top of mountain, and then gradually emerging out. C didn’t opened eyes after emerging. I called him few times but he didn’t wake up. I let him sleep for a while and then after 20 mins I tried again. After he woke up he asked me, ‘did I sleep?’. I asked him was the last thing he remembered. It was going up to the mountain…he fell asleep afterwards.)

[Learning for me: one of the importance of using IMR]

Day 2, 6th September,2023 (Session 3 & 4, 5.5 hours approx.)

Session 3
C had very good sleep of about 11-11.5 hours and had dream after about 3-4 years. He told me that he realized he doesn’t remember many of the events and it was only after I asked about things he would remember. C also told me about another physical abuse when he was in his early 20’s. As the conscious thought kept interfering the other day I asked him to let himself experience whatever comes up. Also told that it might be difficult and hurtful to experience everything again but those are just the past memories and it can help him out to break the patterns. And let me know whenever conscious mind interferes again.

Started with dave elman and progressive relaxation.

Garden----reframing----back to garden—emerge

Was able to do everything that was suggested. When suggested to feel inside the womb, C heard some voices. Voices felt like someone was arguing and fighting. Also had some realization imagining the cord cutting. It was much better than the previous day. The thoughts weren’t as rapid as before. Had some flashes of brothel.

[Discussing with fellow Atlanteans, we decided to take it slowly… focusing more on relaxing rather than exploring past-lives thus, I only guided for reframing and emerged. Even for session 4, I intended to do inner-child healing and more relaxation. ]

Session 4:
Suggested to let me know whenever he see any flashes.

Dave elman—PR—garden

T: walk around in this garden, maybe while wondering in this garden you may find a guide. It can be anyone.

(after a while) is there anyone whom you found as your guide?

C: yes

T: you can go near your guide. Can you tell me how this guide looks like?

C: he is like Shiva.

T: very good. So near him…try to communicate…maybe you can ask him the questions you have

C: he is not speaking anything

T: that’s completely alright…how do you feel around him?

C: I feel good

T: do you want to be with him for a while?

C:yes, he isn’t speaking anything. He is meditating.

T: you can sit near him…maybe close your eyes and try to communicate through thoughts. Communication can also be in thoughts.

(after a while)

C: I am having the flashes of the brothel

T: how does it look like?

C: its very old

T: can you see yourself? Look down? Can you see the feet?


T: are you wearing anything in your feet?

C: no, nothing.

T: now you can try to look above. See what you are wearing?

C:gungroo… a saree, brown saree

T: are you female in this lifetime?

C: yes

T: can you describe me how you look?

C: I am fair, I look very beautiful, I have big eyes…so beautiful

T: what is your name? maybe you are aware of your name…maybe you can hear someone calling your name?


T: Menaka, where are you right now? What are you doing?

C: in the streets, I am smiling

T: to whom are you smiling?

C: just smiling

T: is there anyone around you whom you know?

C: no

T: do you know the name of this place?


T: do you know what year it is? Maybe you can see somewhere in calendar or maybe you become aware of it?

C: somewhere in 1900’s maybe.

T: do you know how you came in this brothel?

C: I don’t know

T: as I count from 3-1, go back in time when menaka was brought into this brothel


C: I was being dragged by some man

T: do you know who that man is?

C: its my father

T: how old were you when you were brought to this brothel?

C: 6-7 years

T: do you know who took you in that brothel?

C: I cant see the face clearly, there is some lady, she is fat and wearing saree.

T: can you see the face of your father? How does he look

C:he is wearing kurta. He is the same guy I saw in garden yesterday as my guide.

T: can you look into his eyes and try to recognize him to be someone related to you in this lifetime?

C: no…i don’t recognize

T: do you know if you have anyone else as your family?

C: I don’t know

T: as I count of 3-1, allow yourself to go back in time before you were brought in brothel to know who all were in your family. You can go to lunch or supper time


Are you becoming aware of anything?

C: I am in small house

T: is there anyone else in this house?

C: mother, brother, father

T: is your brother older or younger?

C: I am younger…maybe 1 year. I cant see them properly

T: that’s alright. As I count from 3-1 allow yourself to go to the significant event in menaka’s life.


Are you becoming aware of anything?

C: I am standing in this house.

T: is anything happening here?

C: yes, my father is beating my mother

T: is there anyone to help?

C: no

T: how does this makes you feel?

C: helpless, scared of my father.

T: as I count from 3-1, go back to any significant event in menaka’s life


C: I am in the brothel

T: what are you doing?

C: I am dancing, I like dancing…others are looking at me and laughing, so I stopped dancing. I dance whenever I am alone.

T: how does this makes you feel?

C: I feel free when I dance.

T: is anything else happening there?

C: no

T: do you have friends there?

C: no, I am alone.

T: as I count from 3-1, go back to another significant event in menaka’s life


C: I have to dance for someone. Its some occasion and I have to dance

T: how does it makes you feel?

C: I am happy. I have accepted myself, my reality and I am okay with it.

T: how old are you now?

C: 25

T: do you have any friends now?

C: everyone wants to talk with me. I am very confident. I feel powerful.

T: is there anyone who is very close to you?

C: I don’t know.

T: : as I count from 3-1, go back to another significant event in menaka’s life


C: I hear some laughter. I have a friend, we are laughing.

T: do you know who that friend is?

C: I am not seeing anything, just hearing…

T: can you hear what is the name of your friend?

C: renu

T: is there anything happening in this moment? Can you hear the talk between you and renu?

C: just some random talk…nothing else

T: as I count from 3-1, go back to the moment when menaka died


C: someone is pulling my hair and dragging me. Some man…

T: do you know who that man is?

C: cant see his face…

T: can you see what is he wearing?

C: he is wearing a kurta, brown colour

T: is there anyone to help you?

C: no

T: where did he take you pulling your hair?

C: in the streets. He hanged me in front of everyone.

T: do you know the reason why he hanged you?

C: no…

T: you can go just a few moments back before you were dragged and maybe you will find the reason why you were hanged


C: (repeated the same incident again, but didn’t know the reason)

T: let’s go back to the last moment before you died…what were your last thoughts?

C: that we are always alone and we should make ourself happy and not to depend on anyone to make you happy. (learnings)

T: what are you carrying over in this life from that lifetime? What is common between menaka and C?

C: they both are artist, they both like physical pleasures, both feels lonely sometimes.

T: what happened after you died? What happened when you left menaka’s body? As I count from 3-1, let it come to your awareness what happened?


C: I see a boy

T: do you know this boy?

C: I don’t know

T: what is the boy doing?

C: he is playing.

T: can you see yourself there?

C: no… I just see the boy

T: are you the boy? (I thought C might be experiencing another lifetime)

C: no…I see him from third person point of view.

T: what place is it? indoor/outdoor?

C: outdoor

T: go near that boy, maybe ask him who he is.

C: he is not communicating, just smiling to me

T: do you know his name?

C: kishan.

T: is there anything around?

C: there is a house

T: can you go inside the house?

C: I am not able to go inside

T: is this kishan’s house?

C: yes

T: maybe you can go along with him. Try to enter with him

C: yes it’s the same house

T: the brothel?

C: no, the one before that. Kishan is my brother (C went to earlier lifetime of menaka)

T: what happened

C: my father killed my brother. He stabbed him.

T: do you know why he killed him?

C: no

T: how old were you when this happened?

C: 6-7 years

T: as I count from 3-1, lets go back to the event where menaka died…and see if you recognize who was that man who dragged you…can t be your father? (I realized immediately that I shouldn’t anticipate anything) 3…2…1

C: yes, looks like its him. He looks old, have beard.

T: what happened after you left the body?


Are you becoming aware of anything?

C: I see myself in clouds…

T: is there anyone around?

C: I just see myself, I can feel clouds passing through me…

My head is exploding…

As client wanted to come out, I had to emerge.

[maybe I could have used this golden state to relax him further? But I also thought, should we continue when client explicitly ask to emerge?]

Back to garden—emerged


C told he couldn’t recognize anyone from that life to be related to him in this life (could see two faces… father and brother). Couldn’t see every faces properly. The headache was intense during the end of session (head was aching even in the morning when we started the day, but it increased).
The common thing between PL and current is, C had abusive father in both life. while history taking C told he doesn’t like being around with men and have more empathy towards women and always wants the best for them. C said this might be the reason he doesn’t like around men much and is very encouraging with the betterment of women.

Later C told that whenever he paints, without thinking prior what to paint… many a times he ends up making eyes and he realized this eyes were like menaka’s.

Further sessions to be conducted whenever client can give uninterrupted time.


Wooooowwww my dear @Siddhi… what a client …reading ur case…got so engrossed that at 1 point of time I felt like “Manjulika” myself… the essence to his insights were brought out so calmly by u…loved it to the core…1 thing I was interested or I would have asked (being me :wink:)…when she liked to dance…would ve asked…which song are u dancing Onn :heart_eyes:…god bless :pray:


Dear Siddhi,

My congratulation to you for the session. I must tell you that you have applied the learnings of previous sessions and that is what we all want. Thanks for sharing the session so that we all can learn and grow. :smiley: :smile:

My feedback is as under for your consideration pl,

With a response potential of 6 still the client could experience past life …well done therapist :clap:. We would like to know the pain level after the conduct of session.

Good effort there encompassing important aspects of client’s present life experiences.

Its all signs of resistance…years of habit of supressing emotions won’t let them come up and out easily!!

IMR is an asset in our therapy and can be applied in a number of ways - THERAPIST’S ingenuity- to take active feedback, steer the session as well follow up with the client. We have our lesson on IMR for eternity now… :innocent:

Therapy, Apt suggestions and implementation of learnings brought in the expected and anticipated improvement…and yes the past life traumas made a guest appearance…all set to rise and come to the consciousness. :boom: :boom:
Flashes = KMFs

An alternative approach (as per progress of session) : Once sufficient trance has been achieved and safe place has been established, We may guide the client to the flashes (KMF) experienced by him in the previous session…and lead to past life and then explore in Classical pattern.

In this case, you have approached aptly as per your appreciation of inner child healing and relaxation. :+1: :+1:

His blessed presence itself evaporates all worries.
:pray: :pray: :raised_hands:

Good mix of sensory perceptions – Awareness, Auditory – Well worked for a K client. :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:

Well manoeuvred. :innocent: :yellow_heart:

We intend to keep all in present tense to keep the client- past life connect strong as though it is happening “now and here”.

Brings up a pertinent food for thought - Do our guides reincarnate with us and help us in our learnings and growth, by making us experience the good or bad in a lifetime???

Consider - Simple - What comes to your awareness ?

We could consider some paraphrasing and reword our suggestions to connect with the emotional aspect of past life trauma being experienced by the client.

A pertinent and apt suggestion. :+1:

:raised_hands: :raised_hands:

May be we could have explored a little more here to ascertain the effect of such a barbaric act on little Menaka.

:dart: :dart:

Amazing … :heart:

Well Done ! I am sure with future sessions more learnings and resolutions will bless the client.



:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Thank you for reading Kaynaz!
Well I didn’t ask about the song :tipping_hand_woman:t2:, may be some bengoli song?


Thank you so much for the feedback, I will note the highlighted points​:innocent::sparkles::pray:t2:

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Further to what beloved @Monesh_Bathre has advised:

Very good Siddhi,
I invested a year and a million to bring up this forum to support genuine PLR therapists across the world and am happy everytime it helps someone do a better session.

Very good, all the magic actually happens here!

you got lucky as the client is apparently K but responded positively to a suggestion calibrated for a V :slight_smile:

which is why coaching breathing is so important along with all the stress management techniques.
The mantra for you @Siddhi is you have to invest 1 hour into your daily mediation and also master stress management, else you know the 15 stage process and will be a master PLR therapist I will be proud of!


I love how you guide and motivate each one of us. :smiling_face::family_man_girl::sparkles:

Currently reading “Courageous Souls” by Robert Schwartz, which was also later reprinted with the name “Your Soul’s Plan”, While reading the book I recalled this question; it’s about pre-birth planning and describes how we plan our lives along with our soul group agreeing to experience both “good” and “bad” with the intention to learn or it can also be with the intention to balance past-lives energies. :innocent::sparkles:

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