Extra Body Weight

Hello all,

I’m submitted a Case study I did with my friend and fellow Amaranthian Shruti Verma, an excellent and fearless client. I have taken some liberties in this PLRT session as Venu ji pointed out, however still posting here to share our work. I welcome comments and feedback. Thankyou all.



T: What the therapist said
C: What the client said
[ ] : Therapist’s observations and notes.
Note: In the [ ] text, therapist refers to Client as “she” and to herself as “I”.

[I finished with the Dave Elman Induction, and asked the client to imagine that she is moving through a tunnel of light as I counted back from 10 to 1. I suggested that she allow herself to go back to any significant event in her past lives.]

[The client was silent for a few minutes. I asked her what she was aware of during this period, but she continued to remain quiet; there was a marked look of concentration on her face. Her eyelids began to flutter, with pressure building around the ‘third eye’ area of her forehead. I remained quiet and allowed her the time she needed]


C: I see a crocodile’s mouth open with his teeth showing.
[She pauses]

C: I feel a lot of pain in my chest.
[She lays her hand on her chest, clutching it]

T: OK. Breathe in deeply. Just relax. Keep beathing deeply.
[ I give the client time to relax, so that she can continue to observe the scene]

T: What else are you aware of?
C: I am wearing a kind of face mask.

T: What kind of mask are you wearing?
[Client is quiet for a minute or so.]

C: I think I belong to a tribe. I think I live in Bali.

T: Okay.
[I stretch the “kay” and say it with a progressive pitch increase, so that she feels encouraged to go on building her awareness, without feeling pressure]

[The client remains silent for a minute]

C: The crocodile is biting my leg.
T: What do you do? Do you try to escape?

C: No, I feel like my legs are frozen. I can’t move.

T: Are you aware of what it could be that is making you feel like your legs are frozen?
[I am very careful to not use the word “why” in my questions. I don’t want to stimulate the client’s conscious mind]

[Client appears to concentrate harder, the pressure on her forehead is evident]

C: My legs are chained.
I think I am a man.
[Each sentence comes after a pause of 30 seconds or so]

Me: Okay. What else are you aware of?

[Client is quiet for some time]
C: I feel like some animal is biting the left side of my neck.
I sense that there are other people there, and they are watching.

T: Are you aware of the reason you may be suffering this?
C: I don’t know right now.

T: Ok. How do you feel about the people who are watching?

[Client takes some time]

C: They are cruel.
They are taking pleasure in my pain.
Why are they doing this to me?

[She looks very disturbed. It appears she may start crying]

T: It’s Okay. Keep Breathing deeply. Try to relax.
[Clients takes deep breaths and looks less disturbed]

T: How do you feel when you see them taking pleasure in your pain?
C: Helpless.

T: Okay.
[ I say okay with empathy. I sense that the client needs time for building awareness. So I don’t ask any questions for 2 mins or so]

[The Client suddenly becomes acutely stressed and begins to cry]

C: I felt like Karan was there.
[Karan is the name of the person the client loved deeply, who she lost to cancer rather abruptly. She still grieves his loss, even though she has accomplished a lot of healing since this tragedy]

T: It’s alright. Breathe in deeply. I’m here with you.
[I wipe off her tears with a tissue. She calms down slightly]

T: Is he watching?
C: No. He can’t watch this.
It would be too much for him.
T: I understand.

C: He is helpless. He can’t stop it.

T: Okay.
[My tone is empathetic]

[The client is silent for some time. She is concentrating.]

C: I think I am like a “Bali ka bakra” (sacrificial lamb). I feel like I am being sacrificed.
T: Are you aware of the reason for this?

C: It was a sacrifice for some God. I chose this.

T: What do you feel is the reason for your choosing this?

C: I did not want to live my life without Karan.
There was a choice for either of us to go first.
So I chose to go.

[Client begins to clarify after taking a little time]

C: It was not his job to protect me. I Had to go.
He was not supposed to do anything about it.

[I know from Client’s history taking, that she feels guilty for not being able to be with Karan and take care of him in his last days.]

T: Okay.

C: I feel a lot of pain in my entire chest area.
T: Breathe deeply. Just relax, and keep breathing deeply.

[I give the client time to relax. I want to convert this Key Moment to the Classical Flow Pattern to make sure there is no residual, so I decide to take her to an earlier moment in this past lifetime]

T: As you keep breathing deeply, allow yourself to relax. As I count from 3 to 1, maybe you can go back to an earlier time in this life. 3, keep breathing deeply……….2………1.

[Client takes time. She looks peaceful]

C: I see me and Karan together.
We are cooking together, living together, laughing.

T: Are you aware of anyone or anything else?
C: The houses are small. We don’t have much, but love is enough.

T: Yes. I understand.

[Client describes a loving moment slowly, yet very vividly]

C: I see a beautiful sunset by the beach.
I am leaning my head on Karan’s shoulder.
It was a very peaceful and beautiful moment. We are together.
I could see an orange sky. It was a spectacular moment.

[I say the following words encouragingly]
T: Take some time to savor your moments together. Feel all the love you shared flowing into your body. Feel that powerful energy of love and the connection of your souls.

[Client takes a few minutes. Her face is calm, her forehead is finally relaxed. She looked peaceful.]

[I say after a few minutes]
T: Whenever you have fully experienced this state of love and connection, let me know.

[The client had clarified before the session that she would say “yes” or “no” instead of using a motor response for any yes/no questions]

C: Yes.

T: Maybe now you can travel ahead to your last moments in this lifetime. Keep breathing deeply. Stay relaxed. I’m going to count from 1 to 3. When I reach 3, allow yourself to go there.

1, 2, 3.

[Client’s forehead becomes tense again. She is concentrating]

C: I am feeling a lot of pain near my navel.
I feel like my life ended after this last strike on my navel.

T: What are your last thoughts before you leave your body?

[Client is disturbed]
C: I’m not ready to go. I don’t want to leave Karan.

T: Yes. I understand. Breathe deeply. Keep beathing deeply.

[I give the client some time to rest]

T: Imagine that you have left your body and are floating above this scene. What are you aware of?

C: I can see Karan holding my body. I don’t want him to see me like this. It is painful to watch.


T: Ok. Breathe in and out deeply. Feel relaxed. You are without any pain now. You’re floating.

C: I feel lighter in my chest. I feel like someone is ironing my chest.

T: OK. Imagine whoever you’d like to be with you now – a master, a mentor, a guide, a family member. Anyone your mind feels may be present.

[I give the client some time]

T: What do you feel is the lesson from this life, that you can carry over to your current life?

C: Pain is temporary.
[Her voice is instructive in nature, different in tone from earlier]

T: Who is saying this?

C: The masters.
T: Ok

C: Love stays forever.
[ She pauses]

C: Love is not ownership.

C: Just Let go.
T: let go of what?

C: Grief, pain and all burden.

[I make a note in my mind. “Burden” in a physical sense can refer to weight. Also “letting go” of burden can mean letting go of extra weight.

It is possible to carry grief and pain in your body as extra weight. I know from my history taking that while the client had gained weight when some of her relationships ended, the maximum gain has been after losing Karan]

T: Along with these important messages from the Masters, is there a lesson that you personally feel you can carry over to your current life?

C: I’m not going to get this kind of love. How do I love someone else when I love you so much?

In that life, l left Karan early. If this life, he left me early.” Pyar mein badla thori hota hai?” (translation: How can there be revenge in love?)

[I realize that the client needs closure. She has tried to communicate with her lost love through mediums. But here, in her dissociation stage, there is an opportunity for her get that closure by communicating with Karan at a soul-to-soul level. I decide to take that opportunity]

T: Can you imagine Karan’s soul being around you as you are in this body-less, soul state?

C: Yes

[I give her a little time]

T: Maybe you can have a conversation with him?

[Client takes some time. She is concentrating]

C: He is saying I had to go.
It wasn’t revenge.
We are soulmates and we will be together again.

T: Yes. Soulmates find each other across lifetimes.

C: Yes, we will meet again.
[I give the client a minute to integrate this message]

T: Are you aware of anyone else?
C: I think my mother is here. It feels like she was my elder sister in this life. She disapproved of my relationship with Karan. I cut ties with her.

T: Do you feel there is any lesson you can carry over regarding your relationship with your mother (elder sister) from that life into this lifetime?

C: I have to disconnect in a way that she doesn’t feel bad.

[Client says unexpectedly]
C: I think I am a woman. I am very tall - almost 6 feet, and slender. Karan is 6 feet tall too.

[I note in my mind that the Client is tall and slender in this past lifetime where she had her soulmate’s love. In this life, she has put on weight after losing him.]

T: okay.

T: Does Karan have a message for you that you can carry into this life?
C: Let go. Give love a chance.

T: How do you feel after you hear this?
C: I’m not happy to hear it. But I’m Okay.

[I realize that the client is still not convinced that she can find love with another in this lifetime. I think a Progression may be a good option]


T: Would you be willing to progress into your current life after incorporating these lessons?

C: Yes.

T: Okay. Breathe in deeply. Take a deep breath in and then exhale. Deep breath in, and exhale. Feel you body continue to relax. Feel yourself going deeper and deeper……

[Client interrupts]
C: I can see my baby in my hands.

T: That’s beautiful. Is the baby a boy or a girl?
C: I think it’s a boy.

C: I can see my husband too. He and I are holding our son together.
We are smiling.
T: That’s beautiful.

C: I can recognize him.
T: Who?

C: My husband.
T: Do you know him from this life?

C: Yes. I have recently started talking to him.
T: ok

C: I do not completely trust him right now, but I will give him a chance.

T: You will give love a chance.
C: Yes.

C: I feel like we are living abroad. I think in London.
T: okay.

T: Maybe you can travel ahead a little into your future? I’m going to count from 1 to 3. 1, 2, 3.

C: I see a young girl dancing. She is fair and has curly hair.

T Is she your daughter?
C: Yes. I think I adopted her.
Our son has gone to school.

T: That’s beautiful. Are you aware of anything you have done for yourself professionally?
C: I am just right happy right enjoying the love of my family. I am enjoying motherhood.

[Client is silent for a few seconds]

C: I have written a book.
T: That’s wonderful.

T: Are you carrying extra weight on your body?
C: No. I am slim.

[I note that when the client finds love i.e. she sheds the “burden” of “not being able to find love”, she also sheds the extra body weight.]

C: My husband and I are watching our daughter dancing.

T: How do you feel?
C: I feel so loved.

T: Experience this feeling of love spreading throughout your body.
Let it fill every tissue and cell of your body. You will find love
again. It will feel wonderful, just like it feels right now. Fully
relish this energy of love. It belongs to you.

Take your time. Let me know when you have fully received and   
integrated this energy of love into your body and mind. 

[Client takes a few minutes. She has a very peaceful expression her face]

C: I am ready now.

T: I will now slowly bring you back to the present. You will feel completely relaxed and happy when you finally open your eyes. I will count from 1 to 10, and slowly, you will emerge into the present.

1, 2 - Keep breathing deeply. Feel relaxed. You are completely peaceful and full of love.

3, 4 – Your body and mind have integrated all the wonderful loving energy you will experience in your life.

5, 6 – Feel your body and mind becoming more and more conscious, while you continue to feel this beautiful energy of love.

7, 8 – You are becoming more and more conscious, and ready to come back to the present moment. You will remember all the valuable lessons you learnt.

9, 10 – You can now slowly open eyes.

[Client opens eyes slowly]

T: how do you feel?
C: I feel good. I feel relaxed. I feel like my burden has been lifted.


  1. My client and I had a very fruitful Post-Session Integration discussion. We discussed how she was slender in her past life where she had Karan’s (her soulmate’s) love, how she added weight in her current life after she lost Karan, and how when she progressed and saw that she had found love again, she was slim again.

Her extra weight appears to be the physical manifestation of the “heavy psychological burden” she is carrying - the burden of grief, guilt, and the belief that she will not find love again in this life.

  1. We also discussed how the client was separated from her soul-mate in two lifetimes, which has made her pain and grief more acute.

  2. The client acknowledged that Karan (in his last days) had told her that he wants her to find love again and be happy. This the same message she received from his soul during the PLR session. Her soulmate wants her to find love again in this life. He does not want her to be alone, and she wants to honor his wish.

  3. The client said herself that she may have subconsciously put on weight to become unattractive to potential partners, so that she could remain loyal to Karan.

  4. We discussed that the fact that she could progress and see herself having the love of a partner and children, means that she does want to find love.

  5. We agreed that finding true love in this lifetime is possible. It may not be with Karan anymore, but with someone else. This does not mean that the client is being disloyal to Karan. Their special love with always remain and they may meet again in another life.

  6. The client admitted that the progression made her feel really good, and that she wants to and will give love a chance.

  7. She also believes that the understanding of what her weight represents will allow to her to get more motivation to shed the extra weight she is carrying.

  8. We ended the discussion with the understanding that even the Masters told her to “Let go of grief, pain and all burden”. Extra body weight is also a burden. She needs to let go of that for her health and to create better opportunities for her future.


Thank you @Simran27 for giving more answers than I expected. This session gave me so many closures and reasons. Kudos to putting all that creativity for me. You gave me peace that I have been looking for three years. I do feel lighter as if burden has been lifted from my shoulders. I am proud of you sister :*


@Shruti_Verma thankyou so much :pray: This was my first PLRT session on a client and I am so happy it gave you what you were looking for. I feel so blessed. I will keep improving, but this session will be etched in my memory forever. Thankyou for your unparalleled courage and your commitment to PLRT :pray::cherry_blossom: So proud of you and feel blessed I could be part of your healing journey :pray::star2::two_hearts:


Great session. I think it was done perfectly in spite of being the first session. Moreover, I feel recording the session is also excellent.


Please share the post session developments for our benefit. I wish you all the happiness and success in finding love in your life.


[quote=“Simran27, post:1, topic:865”]
This is such a wonderful session. At one point
where she was being bitten by the crocodile I felt u could have asked her to float above her body and observe, in order to relieve her pain and anguish. But all turned perfect. Very well conducted and explained. All the best for your future.


@seemvit Yeah I will keep you posted with the developments.

About the crocodile thing, I thought floating can happen only after passing over (after death).Please enlighten if that can be done before that as well.


@ceoccfb Thank you so much sir :slight_smile: I was able to find layers and answers in this session :slight_smile:


Dear Simran,
What a wonderful and satisfying session this must be.
You’ve conducted the session like a pro :ok_hand:.
Good going dear Amrantian :+1:.
Grateful to you for sharing the session with complete details … thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:
PS : Somehow I chanced to read this today when someone is seeking to shed excess weight :grin:!


Hi shruti,
Floating and observing during extreme stress/pain/trauma can be done
anytime , even during such past events from the present life.

Feel free to ask any queries.


@atman - Dear Nanda, thankyou so very much for your encouragement. It means a lot! Sharing the session was my pleasure!
haha. I think I put out this case study just in time for your session then :slight_smile:
Many thanks and the warmest of wishes,

  • Simran

@seemvit - thankyou so much
for your encouragement Seema ji! I will keep your suggestion in mind for my future work. Many thanks and the warmest of wishes.

  • Simran

@ceoccfb - Thankyou so much Arvind ji for appreciating our work. And thankyou for noticing the recording style. I felt this would a real feel of how the session went, and help others understand what happened in the session and why, better than just a verbatim report.


Just loved it Simran. How beautifully this all connects to the current situation and opens the scope of deep level healing.


@Poorva_Bharti thankyou so much for the encouragement :pray::pray: @Shruti_Verma was a beautiful client :heart: her deep abilities to regress and process are a gift !!


Wow what a beautiful 1st plr you had
It’s so motivating for me


Great session…Keep the wonderful work going!


Hi Simran. This is such a beautiful and detailed documentation of the entire case. It is such a great learning for us who are budding therapists. Thanks a lot for posting this.



This is to share that previously I barely had enough motivation to push myself to do any physical movement before the session. I have found the constant motivation and joy to continue to work on my fitness and good health. I am no longer trapped in finding excuses to move my body. I will share more updates in few months :blush:Happy New Year


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Great work @Simran27. From regression to progression. Have few suggestions for you. 1. When a client is experiencing a sad or painful moment, guide them by saying “no need to take the pain again. Float above the scene. Watch it from the distance. You are just witnessing your past”.
2. Whenever a client interacts with higher souls, you can ask for blessings for you and your client and also ask for the messages for this life for you, for your client and for the society. Also ask for guidance.
3. Don’t suggest or ask direct questions to your client. like, is she your daughter? Instead ask who is she ?
4. When client meets/see any person in past life, try to know their existence in present life. Ask the client “look into their eyes, do you recognize him/her in present life”.