Father as Spirit Guide

Client Name - S

Gender - Male age 46

Date - 2016

Occupation : Acupuncture therapist & yoga teacher, Ex- Air force personnel .

Reason for hypnosis - Wanted to explore if he could see his father as he tried so much after his death. He is into meditation but still unable to see him since his death not even a single dream of him. Having lots of stomach issue, mild allergy from gluten, feeling tired & resulting anger and frustration.

Pain point –Anger & Frustration

Specific keyword -Frustration

Client preference place - Mountain

Hypnosis responsive questionnaire score - 8

Eyes ball score - Very strong (due to his everyday meditation and yoga)

Dominant sense - Visual & Feeling

Started with age regression, client went into trance very easily due to his mediation skills and was able to follow everything so quickly. But client body posture is very stiff… But he was answering everything very perfectly. He was able to see ball of light which is entering in his head and healing him.

Age regression to understand any hook in childhood, Guided client to step symbolizing his age and asking any color or feeling, memory or scene appearing in these steps. As client haven’t discussed any details about his childhood.

45 steps:- seeing green (T-what emotion/memory sense coming into-nothing )

40th steps:-Dark, Greenish, no feeling no memory ( allowing the step to more vibrant ) now its white

35th-No scene coming, step color-Matalish, no memory flashing

32th-Redish (T-how you are associated with color red-) I fell in Nasik during job.

29th- Blue-in Kanpur we are going somewhere in car

See yourself becoming younger and younger

24th- I am in Airforce uniform with other people in ground,( T-observed your thought ) feeling tense, feeling tense in stomach, getting ready for parade( allowed it to release its past now you no longer need to carry the tension)

22th –Jodhpur, being in different sport ground, being happy with coach and as he is guiding him correctly and his name is AjithSingh

Getting more younger & younger

20th-I am standing in line for getting Punishment I am not feeling sad but others are feeling sad. Punishment was not necessary but that person had to give to us.

17th –I see myself young n Beautiful , in NCC camp and I always wanted to be in NCC, I saw footballer friend , I am commander and leading team and wearing khaki and 20 people are there ( T-retain the happiness and appreciate your leadership quality how you are guiding them)

Now retain the skills of leadership quality and happiness and close the scene and come down to step 15 years, seeing yourself as 15 yrs old young .

15th step –I am in classroom, 10th Std, I see bad teacher, she is angry on me , I did not do anything, I feel bad and angry seeing her.( T- Now you are not 15 yrs old anymore, see this scene from point of maturity of adult and release, now allow the forgiveness for this teacher , send love to this 15 yrs old boy who doesn’t know his mistakes, understand sometimes situation is not in your control and its okay to get angry but its not okay to carry the past experiences so long.
Is it possible to forgive-yes, fill the boy heart with love, now see boy happy as he understand it, and see the situation getting healed and teacher is also learning , send her love as well

10th Step- I am young seeing myself going school, K.Niketan, shifted from Kerela , Teacher is bad to me cause I don’t know English she doesn’t know that I came from kerela board. Classmates are teasing me as I don’t have good knowledge of English , feeling angry with with self and other people as not having enough knowledge ( Make this boy to understand that when he will be bigger he will have more knowledge and he will be guiding personality, assured this boy he is guided and his future is more safe and he will be guiding more people with his knowledge , allow his feeling to melt away with universal love )

8th Step-I am in Kerala ,in school, I have short pain n shirt , very energetic boy loving sports, and I love playing athletics , Small school and ground is small where we play( retain this energy of vibrancy , know it will always available to you )

5th Old- Same Class, no friends, I see mom, she looks very young and beautiful, my grandfather is there, they are happy seeing. My father stays in Bangalore and comes to meet me, I feel sad & bad when leaves to Bangalore, I am happy seeing my mom.My dad loves you more, grand dad is there, grand mom is not there.

3rd old –Dark, don’t remember anything ( T-clean the step with light and make it more vibrant ), Green now

1 yrs-I can see baby and its chubby boy, wearing white cloths, happy, only my mom is there with baby and she is happy wearing sari. Cant see more

T- Now go to garden and relax yourself in there and wait for the guides or higher being , you can given you answer to your question, find a place to sit and enjoy and refill yourself with the energy of being in nature.

Client- I see light, vibrant

T:-See the light and follow & telepathically connect with this guide

Client- Oh I see someone there,

T – Is that person is your guides? Ask for name… Trust your first thoughts

Client – No , I don’t know ,he is my father (with happiness) I see him in light , he looks so healthy and happy and he is smiling, surrounded with white light

T – Connect with him and ask him why you had difficulty seeing him in dream.

Client-He is smiling ,No answer

Therapist – Is he your spirit guides or someone else.

Client – I feel that he is my guides and he is guiding me in this life, we don’t have any other guides

T-Ask him what is the Purpose of your life?

Client- No answer

T-Why you are feeling so tired these days?

Client- Drink more water, rest and lots of pranayama

T-What can you do to control your anger?

Client- Be more like him(dad), more calm

T-How can you do that?

Client-By loving my mom more making more peace with her.

T :-Ask you DAD ,Does he wants to give any Msg for mom?

Client-He wants her to be more allowing

T :-Ask you DAD ,Does he wants to give any advice to you regarding your children?

Client–Be more loving towards his children

Now say thankyou to your Dad and lets find out the reason or roots of your anger and frustration. I wanted to request your higher-self and guides to take you to the root of your anger and frustration, Now I am going to count 10 down 1--------- Be the scene to be more clearer .

T-What do you see? Observe yourself , where you are?

Client- I see dark, its field, I don’t see anything

Therapist – allow this scene to be more clearer

Client –I don’t see any past life and it me there in this life.( issue is there in this life times & not in past life ) Its rice field and where I play football and I am worried because I am late and it’s dark and my mom is waiting for me and I forgot to go home on time

T-Allow the significant scene to come.

Client –I see my mom shouting as I am late from football, its dark and she is worried and shouting, I am feeling very frustration & having headache. I told her I didn’t do it happened as it was mistake, i forgot it.

T– Why is she worried so much?

Client- because she is alone with me as my brother & sisters are with my father in bangalore. She has my responsibilities on her (Later client told that in those areas lots of wild animal roam)

Now allow the forgiveness to happen , see the scene as being in position of parents and heal with light , now surround yourself with healing light allow the healing light to heal your body and observe the color and which part of body the healing is happening. Allow all the emotion which you no longer needs and release it. Surround yourself with light

Client-I am releasing energy from my stomach & getting healing energy of light green color in my stomach.

Now as I am going to count 1-up 10 coming back in your body with all sense , retaining all healing and love and guidance .

Total time taken into hypnosis -1hr 45 mins.

Chit chat with client after session -He feels he need to let go things(past events) and should not hold too tightly .

He felt experience with Airforce & people is impacting his stomach .There is nothing wrong with stomach and he got healing on his stomach and felt better.

Client reaction post session observed by therapist - Very happy, calm and peaceful and felt so good that he saw his father beaming with light . After few days I met him and he told his stomach issue gone down drastically, and he is able to eat & digest without pain , earlier he were not able to eat those stuff… Therapist thought -Though we have not address any issue related to stomach. This issue caused in childhood due to his mother strict nature toward him and his anger and fear created those imbalance.


Amazing session Manjari. So pure. Thankyou for sharing.


Thankyou so much :pray:

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Thanks Manjari. Lots of forgiveness and allowance happened in the session…The client felt so good seeing father calm and peaceful…
However much we know our loved ones who moved on are in the state of unconditional love, it must be a relief to actually see and feel that!


Thank you Vandana, yes this session was reassurance that we are guided and protected by our loved ones. Love will always there.