Father or Mother??

Hi Everyone… There is a situation…
One couple is blessed with a baby boy 15-20 days back, the boy is having lot of medical complications from the day one, was in NICU for 10-15 days, medical treatment is of no help. My question is…Now, if parents want to know the reason of this, who should be regressed… father or mother??


Very sorry to know about the little ones health condition and can understand the pain the parents must be going through.

  1. They can first see if the hospital they are in is good enough, or move the little one to a better hospital. PM me if they need a recommendation.
  2. In the recent PLRT journal I had shared in this forum there is a mention of Proxy session. May be you can present this to them and give it your best shot.
    All the best and do let us know how it goes.
  1. We may try connecting the new born, through mother.
  2. Or regress who is suffering more in this situation, targeting what is the source for the current status / what’s the need or source for this heartache…

Hi Venu,

  1. They have tried almost every possibility.

The child has all the muscles contracted and is not able to even swallow his saliva. Has to be given milk through pipes. They have applied some medicated patch now to stop the secretions.

  1. I will explore the proxy session as mentioned by you.

Thanks and regards

Sqn Ldr Anurag Sharma


Hi! My suggestion is Both need regression. But it’s important to begin with the mother first.

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