Fear and Phobias attached to Pendulum and Swing are released by PLRT (ONLINE SESSION)

Online session through zoom meeting.

Name : KP.
Age : 18 years.
Place : Kerala.

Hypnosis score - 8.
Dominant sense - Visuals.
Secondary sense - Auditory.
Eye Roll score - 3.

  1. History taking.
  2. Theme :
    1) When I see the Pendulum movements, and Swing movements, or hear the sound which comes from the ceiling hook while swinging. I feel like something bad is going to happen.
    2) Whenever I see one of my classmates, I feel like she wants to tell me something.

Pain level before the session - 60%.

Session started with Progressive relaxation and then Dave Elman’s technique. Then asked the client to visualize and relax in the garden. She didn’t see anybody in the garden.

T - Go back in time to a SE to know from where these Fear & Phobia are coming to you. When you see the Pendulum movements, and the swing movements.

C - Trees.

T - Look at your feet, slowly look up to your face and also look all around. What are you aware of ?

C - I am in the forest. I am a tribe.

T - OK. Are you a male or female ?

C - Male.

T - How old are you ?

C - I am young. May be 26 years old.

T - Which year and place it is ?

C - Can’t recognize the place and year. But it’s very old time.

T - What is happening there ?

C - I can see a few foreigners. They are searching for something. They have guns in their hands.

T - See what happens next ?

C - They are not good people.

T - Why are you feeling like that ? What happened ?

C - They are collecting minerals, which are available in this forest. They are storing all the collected minerals in a place. They are planning to take these minerals to their country.

T- See what happened next ?

C - All tribe people are gathered here. We are discussing. We decided to spoil their plans. These minerals belongs to us.

T - What you people did to spoil their plans ?

C - We are burning those minerals.

T - Then ?

C - We are running. They are chasing us.

T - What happened next?

C - They caught a few of us.

T - Nothing to worry, you are very well protected. Watch it from the distance. No need to take any pain again & again ? See what happened to you ?

C - This place looks like a jail. They have tied us upside down. I am hanging in the air, my legs are tied with a chain.

T - Float above the scene ? Watch it from the distance ? See what happened next ?

C - They are beating us. I am Swinging in the air. I can hear the sound coming from the ceiling hook.

T - See what happened next ?

C - Our tribe people rescued us. I am injured. This is a new place. They can`t find us. One of my tribe girl is taking care of me.

T - Is that your wife ?

C - No. I am not married.

T - Look into her eyes ? Do you know her in this life ?

C - She is my friend. She is the same girl about whom I told you.

T - Talk to her ? Ask her, what she wants to tell you ?

C - She is telling me. "Don’t believe everyone. Few of our tribe people only informed them about our plans.

T - Is there anything else she wants to tell you ?

C - That`s all.

T - Go ahead in time in that life to know what happened next ?

C - Nothing much. I am dead.

T - What happened ?

C - It’s a natural death. I am old.

T - How old are you there ?

C - Around sixties.

T - What are you carrying from that life to the life ?

C - Fear and phobia of the Pendulum movements, the Swing movements, and that sound from ceiling hook.

T - Do you like to release these Fear and Phobias.

C - Yes.

T - Now I will count from 5 to 1, release all your Fear & Phobias which are stored in your mind from that life ?

T - 5 release, release, release,
4 release, release, release,
3 -------------,--------------
2 -------------,--------------
1 -------------,--------------
Have you released all your Fear & Phobias which are coming from that life into this life ?

C - Yes.

T - Do you believe that your college friend with whom you are feeling that she wants to tell you something, is she conveyed you whatever she wanted to tell you ?

C - Yes.

T- Is there anything else to resolve ?

C - No.

T- What did you learn from that life ?

C - We shouldn’t believe everyone blindly.

Pain level after session - 0%

After a week this client called me to inform that now her Fear & Phobias are completely gone.


Wow! What an interesting case …

The fear of pendulum comes from his life in jail where he was tied upside down….

In what an interesting way our current phobias could be related …

Amazing …

Can you please help with how you take Case online , I have some clients who want the sessions online, I have not taken any case online yet .



@shiprabharadwaj13 Online sessions have few limitations.
1.Need proper connection.
2.Cant do Dave Elman’s technique.
3.Need proper setup (placing the camera) to see the eye movements and reactions.
4.Client and therapist both wearing ear phones will be better.
As you practice you will understand what can be done for betterment. But, my advice is, prefer online only when client can’t meet you personally.


What a great revelation. We cannot even imagine in our wildest dreams about the possible connection between the fear of a pendulum and an individual tied upside down. Only the depths of the subconscious can show the unimaginable events from our past lives. It’s truly inspirational. :raised_hands: :cherry_blossom:


yes true . Offline are best


Awesome…my god @Naveen_kumar sir… I feel like I should be your online client as no body is able to regret me yettttt …d ALMIGHTY only knows why​:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Dear @Naveen_kumar
thanks a lot for sharing this unique case. you handled it well.
I read that you told the client to release the phobia in past life can we do that is it effective.
Thanks also for your response on online session.

I am bit confused you mentioned that we cannot use Dave Elman online but you used the same. Can you please clarify. Apologies if I sound picky. I am just curious and want to understand.

Thanks a lot.
Congratulations! again for an excellent session. The outcome speaks it all.


Sure, @Kaynaz_Ghista let me know when you want online session.


@Aashishh I am really sorry for mentioning Dave Elmans technique. I didnt do Dave Elman in this session. It`s copy and paste effect. Common fields like

Name :
Age :
Place :

Hypnosis score -.
Dominant sense -.
Secondary sense -.
Eye Roll score -.

  1. History taking.
  2. Theme :

Pain level before the session -.

Session started with Progressive relaxation and then Dave Elman’s technique. Then asked the client to visualize and relax in the garden.

I edit these fields after copying. In this case I have forgotten to remove that sentence “Dave Elman`s technique”.

Thanks for asking.


Thanks Naveen.
I feel this script is also very helpful.


@Aashishh as much I have understood, in PLRT we can’t say exactly what will work and what not. What ever information we receive at that moment, based on that we have to suggest them. Read the last statement in the post. I have mentioned, what is that client is experiencing now, week after the session is mentioned in the bottom of the post. Now I am curious to know. What are your thoughts/opinion/understanding about releasing fears and phobias. How it should be done.

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This is an interesting case! And also unusual - thank you for sharing. If you could share a few details on how to keep track of body language, etc as well as how to minimize disturbances on the other side, I would be thankful. Bests, Vida


@vidadez thank you. Can you elaborate your question please.

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