Fear Disguised As Guilt

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Please find the Case Study below.
This Case Study has taught me that Guilt and Fear are very intense emotions. A person feeling Guilty for something they have done, that is truly destructive, may fear the consequences of their act.

Session: 1

Name: Diya (Name Changed)
Gender: Female
Age: 42
Hypnotisability Score: 9/10
Dominant Sense: Kinesthetic
Secondary Dominant Sense: Visual
Eye Roll Test: 2.0
Theme: Feeling of Guilt
Pain level Before Sessions : 10

History: Diya did not get love in her Childhood. Once she grew up she was desperate for love and fell into multiple love affairs at the same time. Already being in a relationship with one person, she was searching for a substitute. She thought that she was under control of herself but later when she realised that whatever she did was unfair to the people around her, she immediately went into a guilt mode.

[C-Client and T- Therapist]
() - Therapist Remarks
… Pause

Session: 2

Induction: Dave Elman- Garden-Progressive Relaxation
Visualization- Ball of Light, Tunnel of Light, Garden and Door
Breathing: Abdominal Breathing, Sometimes Shallow Breathing
Body Language: Flickering of eyes, Tension in the body and eyes

The Client has discovered many flashes in the past life.


C-I can see Metro station

T- Are you able to feel yourself?

C- Yes

T- What kind of footwear are you wearing?

C- I am not sure… it looks like men’s sandals

T- Is it night or a daytime

C- It’s a day time

T- Allow yourself to feel or see the place

C- It is difficult… I can see a small flash but when I try to focus on it… it goes away and then I become alert again.

T- Don’t put pressure on your brain…Go with the flow …if you don’t see or feel anything it is fine.

(Helped the client for Deepening and Increased BRV)

Now let’s go a little further… you will find a door …The door is closed at the count of 3-2-1 the door will be open for you and you will reach a different dimension of space and time.

Are you able to feel or see the door?

C- Yes

T- Allow yourself to go inside… What is it that you are able to feel or see?

C- I can see the corridor and I am walking to the end of it…to see if something is there… there are pillars on the sand… in that I am walking

T- What are you wearing?

C- White loose dress… it’s a long maxi

T- How old are you?

C- Maybe 20 or 28

T- Which country this could be?

C- I don’t know

T- What is it that you are doing there?

C- I am walking here… but it is like a huge building… it is inside the building… I can’t describe… it’s like many stairs…many things here and there… like an abandoned structure

T- Do you own this place ?

C- No…it feels like a Government… public place…yeah… it is not a house…can you help me go little deeper

T- Sure, I will

(I did Deepening for the client)

T- What comes to your awareness?

C- There is some ceiling… I had a headache… my mouth is feeling a lot of pressure on the right side of the mouth… face is hurting on one side

T- ( I increased BRV and asked the client to float above so that she can get rid of the pain)

C- I can’t see anything anymore… I can only feel the pressure.

T-( As the client was breathing heavily I took her back to the garden)

C- I just feel like sitting here peacefully. The pain is not there when I am sitting here.

T- Good…you can sit here for an unlimited time … let me know if you would like to come back or go further.

(After 9 min Pause)

C- I can just see that I am playing basketball… and someone is just stopping me every time I try to throw the ball…it is a competition and when I try to throw it …somebody …boys stop me and they spoil my game… it is like happening and happening again

T- Okay… how many boys are there?

C- It’s gone

T- (Before I could say anything, the client explored another life)

C- All of a sudden I saw somebody borrowing money from Sohan (Name Changed)… I have borrowed money… he is saying I am not going to give it back and then he is gone… he is wearing a dhoti and kurti and earring in one ear… and then either he is saying that you will not return money or I am saying that I am not going to return money… I am not sure about that.

T- What is your relationship with Sohan?

C- I don’t know… I can’t see Sohan anymore… he suddenly came and went off.

T- Ok

( I made the client Visualize the Tunnel of light and did deepening)

C- I can see a girl dancing

T- Allow yourself to feel or see …who is that girl?

C- I don’t know…she is originally not wearing any clothes and all of a sudden she looks like she is wearing full traditional clothes and dancing… just going around and dancing.

T- What kind of a dance is it?

C- I don’t know… doing round and circles like an old American kind of dance

T- Are there people around her… watching dance?

C- Yes …but I can’t see

T- No worries… you can surely feel … Allow yourself to feel what that girl is wearing?

C- like a skirt… like Indian clothes but a very old type… like when she moves the skirt… she moves with her… like she spins.

T- Wow… What country could this be?

C- I don’t know… if it is Iran or India… I don’t know.

T- Allow yourself to go to people around her and ask them what year it is?

C- 1870

T- How does the place look like where she is dancing?

C- First she was alone and then she had people

T- Okay…Allow yourself to feel or see who she is?

C- I think it’s me… maybe… I don’t see… I feel like I am looking at her …that is it

T- What do you feel after seeing her?

C- She is doing her job… like, she is supposed to look beautiful… so she is smiling… I think it’s me… apart from dancing… I can’t see anything else

T- Ok (Helped her to go Deeper)

C- It feels like me and at the same time it feels like somebody else and I can feel heaviness in the chest… like she feels heavy in the chest… my chest is burning… I don’t know why… I can’t see anything, this is all I can feel… I can’t understand what is happening.

T- ( I increased the BRV and helped her to float above)

C- I can’t feel or see anything from above… I feel like I am next to her… I want to stay here for sometime and see what is happening.

T- Sure… take your time

( Long Pause)

C- Can we go somewhere else?

T- Okay… let’s go ahead in this life at the count of 3-2-1 …What are you able to feel?

C- I don’t feel anything

T- let’s go to the last days of her life

C- When I see her I feel like she has a knife inside her chest… but I don’t know who or what… I feel that she is wearing the same shining clothes but she has a knife stuck… there is a pain but other than that I don’t know who did it and why did it… nothing

T- Okay… Allow yourself to go and ask people around her what happened?

(Long Pause)

C- I don’t feel anything

T- Allow yourself to see or feel her on deathbed?

C- She is just lying down… I don’t know if it is the same day or later

T- It is fine… Allow yourself to feel who all is there and if she is married?

( Long Pause)

C- It doesn’t feel like she has anybody… feels like she is alone and feels like people don’t like her… they hate her… they don’t want her… so they just got rid of her… like nothing personal but just kill her and got rid of her she did not do anything to them but they just don’t like her so.

T- Allow yourself to find the reason behind dislike

(Long Pause)

(Breathing heavily)

C- Maybe it’s not clear… like it is not important… it is like just a pain in the chest is important… There is a lot of pain in my chest… it is very sharp… it is right between my breasts… it feels very sharp.

T- ( As she was breathing heavily and was going through pain I helped the client to Float above)

C- I can see clouds… I am between clouds… I am not turning back… I don’t want to see there… I can see Golden Clouds there and there …the pain is not there

T- Great…Allow yourself to spend some time there and relax.

(Long Pause)

T- ( Client discovered another lifetime)

(Breathing Normal)

C- I can see office scenes… It is the office and I got a message that people in our office will get a raise in salary

T- Who gave you the message?

C- I don’t know but it is a secret and we are not supposed to know that some people are getting a raise in salary.

T- Will you also get a raise in salary?

C- Could be…( Yawning) I don’t feel anything


T- (I helped the client to float above and witness this lifetime)

T- Allow yourself to witness this lifetime from above…

(Long Pause)

C- I am trying to cheat people, that is what I see… I am not giving them what they deserve… everywhere I am not helping… I am just trying to take advantage of the people… and it is over and then I am trying to tell somebody that, don’t tell anyone and then it is over.

T- What is it that stopped you from not helping the people?

C- I am asking my Higher Self what I am trying to see here… I just feel that I took advantage of lots of people… I can’t see stories or any big time things but I have hurt people financially, taken something from somebody and then not given them back and just made an excuse… that is it.


T- What is that you have chosen to learn through this past life?

C- That I must not get in the way of other’s progress…I should support and assist whenever I can… I can see the door… it’s a white colour door…there is a light on the other side.

T- What is the colour of the ‘light’?

C- Bright golden light

T- How do you feel about experiencing this light?

C- It is very peaceful, it is there…

T- I will give you some time so that you can enjoy this moment.

(Long Pause)

T- What is it that you are experiencing right now?

C- I am very aware of myself… no one else is there …I can feel my hands tingling… my feet are tingling… it’s just nice… I feel like sitting and meditating for sometime.

T- Okay, take your time and once you are done let me know.

(After long Pause)

C- I would like to come out

T- Okay, from here I would like to help you to go back to the garden… Are you able to find yourself in the garden?

C- Yes

T- Allow yourself to explore three happy childhood memories

C- I am young and I am at the beach… me and my sister and my brother… and we are just jumping around the water.

T- Wow… that’s great… enjoy this moment and let me know once you are done.

C- Ok

(Long Pause)

C- That’s the only memory I have

T- Okay, no worries… would you like to come back or you want to stay for some more time with these happy memories.

C- I want to come back

T- Sure… Before we come out, allow yourself to check if you have any pain in the body?

C- No Pain

T- ( I helped the client to come out of the trance)

After the Session:-

1:- I don’t know, this pain was weird, at first my jaw was hurting, tight and then my eyes hurt and then my ears hurt and my knee was hurting.

2:- Girl tried to throw the ball, but the boy was stopping her from playing. I don’t know if I was the girl or guy but I was stopping people from playing. I was stopping people from progressing. This is what I feel and I am not liking it.

3:- The feeling I got was that Sohan was in a desperate situation and he needed money that he lent me… and that he was suffering because I didn’t give it back

4:- The knife was stuck out. I felt like I was breathing out and the fear was coming out. There was no fear and no understanding of what was happening there. Only pain was there. I was detached from everything and could not see anything.

5:- I saw the office set up. I was somehow not giving people what they wanted. I had the power to give people but I was not giving.

Session: 3

Induction - Dave Elman - Garden

( Breathing Normal)


C- I am in the garden now

T- Okay, find a place to rest

(Long Pause)

T- What is it that comes to your awareness?

C- I am walking

T- Are you wearing any footwear… you can feel or see?

C- It’s like I can feel sandals… walking with sandals but I can’t see anything.

T- (I did Deepening)

C- It’s like I can see Sam (Name Changed)…next to me and sitting with me.

T- What is he wearing?

C-He is wearing a white shirt… He is standing here.

T- Talk to him… take your time and once you are done let me know.

(Long Pause)

C- Now I am ready to move.

T- Did you talk to Sam?

C- Yes, he did not have any message for me… I just said “I am sorry for everything”

T- Ok, how do you feel after talking to him?

C- It is nice to see him… it is always nice

(Client is smiling)


T- (I helped the client to float above so that she can witness the life)

T- Are you floating above

C- Yes

T- What baggage are you carrying in your present life?

C- Baggage of guilt

T- How is it affecting your current life?

C- I expect the same thing to happen to me that I did to him so my current relationships are in fear that I will suffer because I make him suffer.

T- What is it that you need to do to get rid of the Guilt?

C- He (Sam) said… It is not GUILT …it is FEAR… so the only solution is to ‘BE BRAVE’ …It is not guilt… I was just living in fear that Karma will get me… there is nothing to let go off… I just have to live bravely and accept everything that happens… good or bad


T- Very Good… Is there anything you miss, being in this life?

C- I miss feeling safe… when I was with him I felt like I was safe… I didn’t have to think about anything because he would take care of everything and things were very safe.

T- Okay, What is your learning?

C- I just need to stay courageous… just have to be brave and understand that sometimes bad things happen even to good people… that is the lesson that when you do everything right, bad things can still happen… that’s ok …that is also a part of life… I just have to be brave and understand that… ‘That’s Okay’ also.

T- Very much true.

C- Yes

T- From now onwards what is the mission of your life?

C- It is to let go of fear… and to me like Sam is in everything that I do… broken my heart into two things with the best intentions… without worrying about what will happen.

T- Great

C- I would like to come out please

T- Sure, before I help you to come out let’s go to the three happy memories of your life.

C- My happy memory was when he hugged me… I had my happy moments.

T- So are you happy right now?

C- Yeah

T- Do you experience any pain in the body, tension or discomfort

C- Let me check…No

T- Good so now it’s time for you to come back.

T- ( I helped the client to come out of the Trance and she was very happy.)

After the session:- I fell asleep many times. I am sorry. Everything was in the garden. Sam was there at the beginning. I did not see him…he was standing in the garden and we were smiling at each other. I was just hugging him. My relationship also had the same fear and I have to be Brave.

Session : 4


  1. Diya confessed that she was not afraid because she did something bad to others but because what she did will come back to her. This is how the FEAR generated in her.

  2. Diya believes that her relationships also have that fear somewhere that Karma will get her because she did something bad.

  3. Diya also admitted that not only in relationships but she was afraid to do good things in her life because she always felt scared.

  4. Diya realised that Sam loved her unconditionally he opened his heart for her so she has to accept everything …if the thing goes as per her wish it is good if it doesn’t go as per her wish then it does not mean that she spoils everything.

  5. During the session the reason behind the guilt has come out that actually it is fear. fear that something bad is going to happen to her, that is what she needs to face.

  6. Diya has learnt her lesson. She accepts that she has to be more brave and take more risks. It is okay if whatever happens. In Diya’s words “EVEN IF YOU DO EVERYTHING RIGHT THINGS CAN STILL GO WRONG”

  7. The solution came from Diya that she needs to face her fears and go into the world with a BRAVE HEART because bad things can happen to anybody and that is perfectly okay Closing the Conversation with the Clients remarks "WHATEVER I DO, I HAVE TO BE BRAVE "


T- Are you satisfied with the session?

C- Yes I am very happy that I met with Sam and it actually felt like I was having a conversation with him. Yes I am very satisfied.

T- Did you find the answers to your questions?

C- Yeah, it’s not an easy answer. I mean to say ‘Be Brave’, is easy to say but I don’t know how I will actually apply in my life but, I do like that letting go of the fear makes sense. I don’t know how I will do it but it’s a good thing to focus on because I should not expect that if I hit you then I will also get it back, then I ruin my whole life to protect myself and that’s not the way to live.

T- Did you find the resolution?

C- Yeah, I did

T- How are you feeling now?

C- I am actually feeling very relaxed at the end when you asked me, ‘Do you have any pain or tension in the body’, I focused on the body and I was feeling good. It was very nice. I really enjoyed the session.

T- What is your pain level now?

C- Zero

T- Thank you for allowing us to conduct a fruitful session for you. The reports will be emailed to you within seven days.

C- Thank you.


@sandhya, very nicely done session. You were able to make the client explore as much as possible vis a vis what she saw/experienced, and even though she was moving from event to event in different lifetimes, your efforts allowed a common thread/ message to emerge for her when she integrated. :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:

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Thank you Simran…All this has been possible by the Grace of the Masters​:pray::blush::heart: