Fear of Darkness and Heights, reason behind victim of a tragic incident

Name : Vaani (name changed)
Gender: Female
Age : 44 Years
Hypnosis score : 8
VAK score : 8,6,5
Eye roll score : 3
Pain level :8

Session 1

3rd oct 2023

Stage 1 : Therapist Introduction

Client came for session. After offering tea and given some time to be comfortable, I started with my introduction about my journey in meditation and healing. She asked many questions to clear her doubts about meditation where I can able to give relatable answers.

Stage 2 : Observation & Non verbal

While listening to her questions and the doubts, I could able to observe her well in a way, she is very much skeptical about starting any new practices also I could understand she has some fear being alone and closing her eyes to meditate.

Stage 3 : Pre Talk

There was a need of an hour pre talk, since client was not sure about what is past life regression therapy process and how it will help to heal the suffering which generated by past life happenings if there is any. After the pre talk I asked the client about her confident level of going through the session and whither she is ready for it. She said YES.

Stage 4: Client Agreement

We finished the agreement process and I gave the agreement copy to the client and assure the confidentiality of the upcoming sessions.

Stage 5: Client Assessment

Firstly, I explained about the assessment procedures and how these assessments help therapist to achieve, the client to go deep in hypnosis state. She understood and did good cooperation.

Hypnosis score : 8
VAK score : 8,6,5
Eye roll score : 3
Pain level :8

Stage 6 : Client history Taking

Client is from a very rich background, a first daughter of a rich business man and having 1 younger sister. She got married in another business rich family and having 2 children, 1 daughter and 1 son. She is scared of dark places even while sleeping she need reasonable lighting in her bedroom, but normally that lighting will disturb anyone sleeping. She also scared of closing her eyes for long time like meditation or while just relaxing. She said one time she went for trip to mountains there was a glass bridge connecting 2 building, she got scared and fainted while her children are walking normally to cross the bride. Then she realized her fear of heights from that time.

The main story is, Her father in law got murdered in this life in a highway bungalow when she was newly married and living with the family. There were 20 plus people broke into the bungalow and started attacking all the family members to blood. The group entered into her room her husband put her inside the washroom to save her and fought with the group of 3 people and got hit badly. She locked herself inside the dark washroom to save her even though she is scared of darkness till some help come to the place. That impacted her so deeply and this incident aggravated the fears to tremendous level.

After all the group of murderers left, she was the one with conscious in the entire house, coming out of washroom and searching everyone to save and she found her husband become unconscious with lot of cuts in his body in her bed. Mother-in-law was not get any hurt, but she fainted and lying on her bedroom, while her father in law died lying outside their bed room hall floor full of blood, got hit in the head with iron rode. and she saw Gate watch man was shot dead.

No other go she tried to wake her husband to pull his father in law body and finally she drove to hospital in the midnight and saved her husband but hospital management will not allow her father in-laws body inside the hospital because its murder case. She alone being with her father in laws body till other family member reach the hospitals to take care. This tragic incident made her life upside down with fears and hopelessness. She wants to know why this kind of incident happened in her life. Why she left with no support or help and she had to do everything with fears. Also the aggravated fear of darkness killing her every day.

After the discussion just to made her comfortable with some normal talk and we fixed next day for second session.

Session 2:

Date: 4th oct 2023

Stage 7 : Relaxing Cognitive Fatigue

Client came for session. After an initial short discussion explained her about the video which is going to play and just watch with relaxed state of mind. She was watching the video without any emotions but told it was relaxing her.

Stage 8 : Theme Finalization

I explained her the importance of theme finalization for the session and we arrived the theme.

Fear of Darkness (Nyctophobia ) and Fear of Heights (Acrophobia)

Any past life reason behind being victim of this tragic incident

Stage 9 : Check List

I did quick glance on the check list to make sure any points left before getting into the session and made sure everything covered as per the process. So far so good :slight_smile:

Stage 10 & 11 : Induction & Virtualization

Before starting the prayer, we concluded the IMR and asked her comfort level of the cushion, AC temperature and the lighting of the room. She said its fine.

We done a small prayer and I started with Dave Elman then progressive relaxation, I suggested her if she want to keep her eyes slightly open she can do so since she is uncomfortable closing eyes for long… After sometime she closed her eyes and started responding to the instruction and relaxed very well in progressive relaxation.

I took her to garden and asked her to go any of her happy memories. She saw herself as 5 yrs old girl playing with her father and 14 yrs old girl at school playing volley boll, having nice time giggling with friends. She said she is very happy around friends.

Then I took her back to garden and to cliff while she starting to climb…

Vaani : “ No I don’t come, don’t pull me”

Me : who is pulling you?

Vaani : “This man is pulling me”

Me : Who is he?

Vaani : “ I don’t know I cant see his face… he is walking fast and pulling me”.

Me : can you look around and see where he is walking and dragging you?

Vaani: “ its like a hill and he is pulling me to climb up to the top”.

Me: is it possible for you to look yourself and tell me how you look?

Vaani: “ No my legs are paining, He grabbed my hands very tight and hands are paining”.

Me: Look at your hands legs and tell me how it is.

Vaani : “ my hands tied in a red robe, I m wearing a ring in my middle finger. Im in bare foot and its swollen, I m wearing a toe ring .”

Me : can you able to look the face of the one who is pulling you?

Vaani: “ Yes. He stopped now and looking at me and yelling.”

Me: what is he saying ?

Vaani : “ How dare you marry my son? im going to kill you”.

Me: Can you recognize him ?

Vaani: “ yes. He is My father in law”…

He is pulling me again madly to top…

Me: Have you seen him in this current life anywhere?

Vaani: “Yes he is my current life father in law too”

Saying this she starting pleading

“don’t pull me… its hurting pls… I love your son so much… he too love me. Don’t do anything. Please”

Few seconds she started acting uncomfortable and said its paining and touched her wrist. Her face was showing pain full reactions.

Me: relax. Breath… In hale …… Exhale ….

In couple of minutes of coach breathing her face reaction become slightly normal…

After few seconds of break…

Me: Can you see where are you now?

Vaani: “Top of a hill, He is tying my legs. He is fully drunk I could not take the smell.”

Me: Can you see anyone around?

Vaani: “I could not lift my head”…

Silence for few seconds

Me: what’s happening?

Vaani: “I m standing he trying to push me from the top…

No I don’t want to die.

I could hear some voice from distance."

Me: Can you recognize the voice?

Vaani: “No its very low and far”

Me: Is he is also hearing the voice?

Vaani : “yes. I think he is getting scared and pulling me faster to push me from top”

She started screaming louder than her normal voice

“Nooo… Leave me”…

“I don’t want to die”…

“I did’t hurt anyone”

“I want to live”…

“Go away from me”…

Silence for few seconds…

Me: what’s happening? Where are you now?

Vaani: “I m here”

Me: where? You still feel the pain?

No Answer, a tears rolling our from her eyes…

Me: How are you feeling now? Paining still?

Vaani: “No… No pain. I am flying. Feeling good”.

It indicated that she left her body.

Me: good. Be there and feel it as much as you like…

After few minutes leaving her to feel the peace…

Me: What are you seeing?

Vaani: “bright light… Its full of light”

Me: Can you see anyone around?

Vaani: “Someone is crying”

Me: Can you see who is crying?

Vaani : “Kumaran”

Me: Who is kumaran?

Vaani : “My husband”

Me: Husband of this life or the life you are in?

Vaani: “He is my husband for both life” .

Me: why he is crying?

Vaani: “He is sitting near my picture and crying”.

Me: is he know you are no more?

Vaani: “ Yes. But they told him I attempted suicide falling from hills”.

Me: Who else are there?

Vaani: “My father in law Rajan”

Me: What is he doing?

Vaani: “He is telling everyone I elope with someone a month ago. Then attempted suicide knowing I did a mistake”.

Me: Can you go back little in the same life to see where you were 20 days ago?

Vaani: “Yes”

Few minutes of silence

Me: What are you seeing?

Vaani: “Its all dark”.

Me: Where are you now?

Vaani: “I cant see anything, I m scared… im alone”

She started weeping…

Me: breath… Relax… Inhale…… Exhale…

Weeping getting reduced after few minutes

Me: Can you see is it your home?

Vaani: “No. but I could smell petrol. I could hear someone footsteps sound from far”

Me: foot step ? where?

Vaani: “it reaching close”

Me: look around can you see anyone?

Vaani: “I could hear someone opening the lock. Its sound like a roll shutter”.

After few second of silence…

Vaani: “Omg It so noisy and too bright light”… She screamed

Me: what happened ?

Vaani: “he opened the shutter and throwing one parcel” .

Me: can you recognize him?

Vaani: "Yes. He is my father in law Rajan. He locked me here in this dark garage. Im scared. He is throwing me food”.

“pls don’t leave me here… … im scared. Pls take me home” Plss .

She is screaming and went quite for sometime.

Me: how are you feeling now?

Vaani: “ Feeling disappointed. He kidnaped me a month ago and locked me in this dark garage.”

Me: Why he did so?

Vaani : “Because I married his son”.

“I m not suppose to”

“Because im from lower cast”.

Me: what is he doing now?

Vaani: “he asking me to run away from my husband”,

Me: What did you say?

Vaani: “I cant go away from him. I love him so much. I want to live with him”.

Me: you are good.

Can you go back to your house?

Vaani : Yes…

Silence for few seconds…

Me: how are you feeling? Is you husband still crying?

Vaani: “Feeling sad, I am leaving him. He is still crying and denying all the allegations what my father in law says about me”

“I hate my father in law… He is happy here now”…

Few seconds silence.

Stage 12 & 13 & 14 : Identification & Integration & Closure

Me: do you want to say something?

Vaani: No.

Me: can we go back to garden? Or you want to go to any other life?


Me: Any other life time you want to go, which is triggering your fear of darkness and hight?

Vaani: No.

Me: Can you integrate anything from this past life incidents to current life?

Vaani: “Yes. current life father-in-law got murdered, he was the one who killed me being father in law of my past life”

Me: is there is any connection between this past life and the tragic incident handled alone in current life?

Vaani: “Yes” .

Me: do you feel the past life you visited is the reason for your Fear of Darkness and Height?

Vaani: “Yes”.

Me: Now… can you able to forgive your father-in-law for what he did to you in your past life?

Vaani: “why should I forgive?”

Me: don’t you think, he went through worst pain than you gone through in your past life?

Vaani : Yes. He got stabbed on his head and the body multiple times to death, with lot of pain for what he did for me.

Me: Is he good with you in this life time?

Vaani: “Yes. He is .

Me: SO are you ready to forgive him?

Vaani: “Yes” .

Me: will you try to over come your fear of darkness and height?

Vaani: “Yes I want to”

“I will”…

Me: Good. You did a very nice thing.

Now can we go back to garden?

Vaani: “Yes”

I brought her down back to garden and did EMERGING Counting from 1 to 5 to bring the client back from trance, gradually to her sense.

Stage 15: Reports & Recommendation

  • Client realized the connection between her traumas and past life she visited.
  • The reason behind his father-in-law’s murder in her presence.
  • The reason for her fear of darkness and height


  • Asked her to mediate for 10 mins a day closing eyes being alone inside a room.
  • Asked her to walk in the terrace for 20 mins every day and try to view for few seconds down the road.
  • Asked her to involve in social gathering to neutralize her mind.

2 nd November 2023

Review after a month

  • She reported more relaxation after the session.
  • Fear of darkness is getting reduced and she could able to tolerate the darkness for couple of minutes and its growing.
  • She realized her fear of height is going away while she went to hill station trip and visiting a view point of the hill. She could able to be calm even in that height.
  • She did a Yearly shraddha for her Father in law with complete peace and dedication after her forgiveness.
  • Pain level comes down to 1 from 8

Pl do go through these pearls of wisdom from our Beloved Guru, Dr Venu :pray: :pray:

Dear Madhi,

Very well for conducting the session for the client and bring her the healing.
You have well documented the report in a very sequential manner - Stage wise. :yellow_heart:
My learnings are as under for your consideration please,

What a tragic and traumatic experience she had to bear through !!! :pensive:

With a VAK score like that pl consider : “What comes to your awareness” as it auto includes all the senses of perception. We can see the manifestation here :

Consider : I understand that you are feeling disappointed. What could have been the reason for Rajan to have kidnapped you and locked in a dark garage? What comes to your awareness?

Consider : If you could go back to the house now, how would you have found your husband bearing loss of his wife?

We may consider rewording the suggestions and steering the session to bring out the carry overs, resolutions and lessons from client herself.

  1. What are you carrying over from this life time to present lifetime of Vaani?
  2. What is that which is required to be done in present lifetime to resolve the carryover emotions of …for your father in law.?
  3. What are the lessons for Vaani to imbibe from this lifetime where she had to suffer the trauma of …?

By best wishes for future endeavours,


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:

thanks alot Monesh for you recommendations. Will surly apply this.
Gratitude :pray:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

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