Fear of darkness

Client is a homemaker, age 36,
Eye roll test 3
Dominant sense- audio
Hypnotisablity score- 7

Overview after hypnosis ( quoting few main parts)
C: no,no, no , leave me!( all in bengali ,in a terrified voice) I, …
I …
I…will not tell it to anyone
( words spoken were very laggingly)
Leave me, crying…
T : who is there? Can you remember his face? Name?
C : I don’t know him, I saw his face before,
T: you saw his face before in this life?
C: yes
T:can you identify him, what is his age? How he looks like?
C: he is middle aged,with black white beard,healthy,tall,dark complexion.
I am a boy
T: how old are you?
C: I am 14yrs old, I am thin, fair, I am a very good boy, I go to school, I am good at studies

Client was describing about all in that life time…

T: where are you now?
C: I am an engineer, working in Jamshedpur,
I am very successful person.
T:Can you tell me more what is see or any voices you hear around you
C: I am trapped
T: where are you trapped?
C: it’s dark I can’t see anyone, I can only hear voices .
T: who is there? Any known voice?
C : that tall man,
Why are you closing the door?( Murmuringin very faint voice)
I am hungry, no food to eat, I want to go back home, my wife is waiting, I have a 3months old son, I want to go back home,
T: where are you now, at job ,or some other place?
C: I am hired by a company and was sent to Mednipur for a meeting
( Mednipur is a district in west bengal)
T:Where do you stay before coming to Mednipur?
C: Jamshedpur
T: can you remember what was told to you before you came for this meeting, who were there with you? Anything can you recall?
C: I feel thirsty, my throat is drying up, I need to drink water ,but here is no water, nothing I can see ,complete darkness
T: Breath deeply, take long deep breath, float above an witness, continue breathing deeply
C: I don’t know who is my enemy, but they have locked me inside a room with no light no outlet like windows. I am feeling suffocated.
T : can you hear anyone speaking anything about you ?
C : no answer,

Long pause,
T: do you want to tell me something what you are experiencing now, can you move a little to the end of that life time
C: I died in that room, I can see myself there
My wife is crying, searching me.
(Long conversation continued)
T: how is life after you died? Where are you now?
C: my wife is crying…
T: how do you feel now?
C: I feel exhausted, not in peace.
T: okay, come to you present life, what do you see?
C: my child is crying
T: you love her very much
what is the best moment in your life with your child ?
C: every moment when she hugs me.
T: you feel happy with her?
C : (with a big smile ) yes.
T:do you want to continue or you want to come back to present moment?
Are you feeling exhausted?
C: yes, I want to come to present moment.
Feeling drained.

Here we ended our 3rd session,
Next session to be continued …
And I will update it here.

Can anyone help me out how to proceed with this case further,
As I didn’t mentioned few more instances here told by my client as it will be very lengthy.
What should I ask to heal him ? Can anyone help?