Fear of driving and swimming

Namaste dear Amaranthians,

With the grace of master Venu and spiritual guides I was able to execute my second case.

Client Vitals: BBB, Female 40 YO, 6/10, 2/5, K-4, V-6, pain level -10


  1. Fear of Driving
  2. Fear during swimming
  3. Free from knee and feet pain

September 4, 2023 12pm to 2:00pm

Session 1: Executed fromStage 1 to Stage 6.

Client History:

BBB has fear of driving. She fears that if she drives then its not good for other people. She might hit someone. She doesn’t have confidence to learn also. She has kids so sceptical about whether it would be safe for kids if she drives.

Also, She has fear of swimming. She is not hydrophobic. Her favourite place is beach. But when she started to learn swimming 4 years back, she discovered that she has fear of water. Some how she managed learning freestyle but day by day its getting difficult to progress as coach is teaching her other new strokes.

She is a very spiritually evolved soul. She follows Amma Bhagwan (Ekam Cult). In ashram she had visited few of her past lives. Also, she was able to release some traumatic womb memory in ashram in front of Hiranyagarbha.

But these above two things were bothering her and she was not able to get answers. She meditates daily for one and half hour and had many other astral experiences.

September 5, 2023

Session 2: 9am

Executed from stage 7 onwards.

Started the session showing cognitive fatigue video followed by theme finalisation.

Gone through the checklist.

Started the session with Prayer.

Then started induction using Dave Elman followed by Progressive relaxation.
(Later on BBB told that Lord Shiva, Amma and Bhagwan were there since starting of the session)

After ball of light I started her to take through staircase but she was not feeling or seeing the staircase. Then i checked with her if she can feel any tunnel or bridge but nothing. But then she started experiencing pain in her leg.

B: My leg is paining.

(I tried to do pain management but pain was increasing.)

B: My right leg is frozen.It feels like I am stuck.

(Then I thought as her pain is increasing lets use it as affect bridge.)

T: Feel this pain two times more and we will make the bridge of this pain and on count of 10 to 1 we will go to the root cause of this pain.

10…9…8…walk on the bridge

(B was in lot of pain)

7…6…5…we are about to reach from where pain is originating

4…3…2….just hold on for few moments …we are there

And 1…

T: What is coming to your awareness?

B: It’s dark.My right leg is frozen. I am on a hospital bed. Cast is there on the right leg and it is up in the air.

T:Who else is with you?

B:I am alone

T: what name is coming to your awareness?

B:can’t make out

T: are there any doctors or nurse around? What are they calling you?

B: there is no one around

T: Ok on count of 3 to 1 go to the significant moment of this life where is happened.
(She was in pain so did stress management)

B: It’s a forest area

T: How old are you?

B: same age as now

T: What is coming to your awareness?

B: A truck is speeding. Someone crossing the road.

T: what happens next

B: I was the one driving the truck.

T:Are you a male or female?


(BBB was not able to recall her name, place or time)

T:What happens next?

B: I didn’t see the person and hit him. Accident happened

(B was in lot of pain. She felt her leg as rock. Numb and no sensation till waist.

Suggested her to float above her body and see the events happening. Done the stress management like EMDR and deep breathing)

T: After that what happened to the person?

B: Person died.

T: Who comes to help you?

B: no one its highway…no one is there…its dark.

T: Could you go back to hospital?

(Later on BBB told that he was passing through highway, dense forest in night and that person came suddenly in front of the truck. This accident happened and truck also got toppled due to loss of balance and his leg got stuck in truck. She lived with regret the whole life for not driving carefully.)

T: On count of 3 to 1 go to the next significant memory of that lifetime. 3…2…1

B: Body is stiff. Whole body is cold.

T: What were your last thoughts of this life time?

B: Regret of not be careful while driving

T: On count of 3 to 1 go to the master spirit after leaving the body. 3…2…1.

B: I am with Bhagwan.

T: What is coming to your awareness?

B: He blessed me.

It’s not my fault.that person came suddenly.

Forgive yourself.

T: How are you feeling?

B: Relaxed, peaceful.

T: Absorb this energy, feel this energy, fill this energy in your body and let it heal you.

(When the BBB was ready I guided her to go to safe place. But she said there is darkness around and from far some light she can see. )

(Later on BBB told that on tunnel entrance it was firey and it seemed it was calling me towards it)

T: Walk towards the light .

B: There Is tunnel.

T: Start walking into the tunnel and as i count from 10 to 1 you emerge out of the tunnel.

I counted from 10 to 1 with deepening the trance.

T: what is coming to your awareness?

B: I am on a cliff, lush green many trees,

T: Feel the breeze against your face.

(I thought lets do reframing)

B: I can see sea.

(I dont know what happened but I told her to go near the sea and go inside the water to swim.)

T: what can you experience?

B: I am trying to sense my body.

T: Go ahead

B: Not clear. Something happened to my breath.

(She was getting abreaction.she was feeling discomfort)

T: On my count of 3 to 1 go to next significant moment to that lifetime.

(Coughing started and she was feeling choking.)

(Guided her to take deep breath and float above the scene )

B: there is someone who is trying to drown me.

T: Do you recognise him?

B: He is a male. He is running after me

T: What name comes to your awareness?

B: dont know

T: Are you a male or female?

B: I am female…a teenager

T: What happened so that he is trying to drown you?

B: I know some secret.

(Later on client told me she was hiding from that person as she knew some of his secret. That’s why that person was trying to kill her.)

(She couldn’t breath…she was choking a lot in between so did lot of stress management. The abreaction were exactly same as if someone was drowning and had lot of water filled in lungs )

T: On my count of 3 to 1 go to the time of your death and experience the last thoughts.


B: Have to be more strong. Can’t let anyone push me.

(BBB was in lot of pain. Feeling suffocated. Have congestion in upper part/lungs area)

T: On count of 3 to 1 at you leave the body and meet your master guide.


T: what comes to your awareness?

B: I can see Shivling and milk is dripping on it from the pot above.

Now i am at Shiva’s feet.

T: How are you feeling?

B: Peaceful

Feeling calm now. Suffocation is not there.

(Later on client told me Shiva said you can let go of suffocation by keeping calm. Remaining calm is more powerful)

Shiva said he is always with me.
(After good enough time)

T: Do You want to stay with Shiva for sometime?

B: No he is gone.

(To double check I took the client back to her drowning moment)

T: On my count of 3 to 1 go back to the moment when that person was making you drown.

B: I am peaceful and feeling relaxed. Now I don’t care.

(She had a smile on her face while saying this and she is very much relaxed)
(So I emerged the client after this )

For me session highlight:)
(When client informed that lord shiva came as her master therapist then I prayed to lord Shiva to give me some message as i am not allowed to ask the client for the same. My happiness knew no bounds when BBB said “ i have a message for you from Lord Shiva. He has asked me to tell you that he has blessed you. )

[Also, after session client narrated that she has seen Amma on wheel chair. According to her it happened to her in that life but Amma didn’t want her to show those sad moments of her life that’s why she took on herself and shown those.

B: They (Amma Bhagvan) are so loving and I am so blessed]

Pain Level after the session was 2.

Post Session discussion and Suggestions given to client:

  1. During meditation she can revisit the feelings and emotions she had experienced during session and check whether she has forgiven herself.
  2. As client is not planning to learn driving this year so asked her to let me know whenever she tries.
  3. During meditation she could revisit the drowning moment and see how she feels about it.

Excellent Aditi! It was double whammy for you. Therapy ke therapy aur blessing from Mahadev!
Liked your indepth process sense. I liked your validation process when you took the client to the scene as a repeat to gain further confidence in the drowing case. Very good. It was a good professional approach altogether.


Well done, Adhiti! :clap:
I’ve learned something new from your session.

To double check I took the client back to her drowning moment

This showed me that we can take our clients back to painful events to assess their healing progress.


Wow Aditi! That was awesome!. Executed so well. You have hit engram at the very fist attempt which reduced the pain level from 10 to 2. Your miraculous connection with lord Shiva.!!! It is so Amazing.!! You followed the protocols and see the reward you got. Reading your post was so mesmerizing. My wife also has driving and swiming phobia. I believe I found a right therapist for her. :blush::blush:


Congratulations, Aditi on completing this case! I like the flow, how you instructed your client to reach to the conclusion and to draw inferences on her current life issues. Very clear and precise!
God bless :heart::raised_hands:.


:clap: :clap: Aditi , i liked the part when you thought about reframming, but all of sudden, you asked your client to see herself.
I believe this line itself says Mahadev was there for you and your client.
How wonderfully you did this case!
All the best ! Aditi, you executed the case in a very professional way.



Hi Aditi

Fantastic sessions. The entire sessions went as smooth as butter - A dream for many therapists…and you made it. Two themes… 2 life times… lessons learned…Messages from the Masters received by Client as well as the Therapist…Healing happened…Pain level reduced. What more can one ask for…

These are conspicuous benefits… . You understand what I mean.

You handled extreme abreactions fearlessly and wonderfully.
You ensured no residue is left behind, which is very important.

Lots to learn from this session for me.

All the best Aditi for your future sessions.

With Best Regards


My my Miss Aditi. …2nd milestone also conquered…it was really awesome when u took her back to the drowning scene…I thought she would say no …but she progressed…and the blessings of beloved Mahadev…"as dad always said…he has lots to give u …the method of asking should be appropriate "…that u proved it right… and u earned it directly…god bless…looking forward for the 3rd …but wait for us …v all need to go together to take the certificate from dad​:rofl::sweat_smile::joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::innocent::innocent::innocent::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:


Dear Aditi,

Heartiest congratulations on a wonderfully conducted and concluded case. Wish you many more such blessed experiences in future.

My humble feedback for your consideration please,

  1. Well concluded that plausibly client has crossed over from life to death in that life.
  1. Great Move there !! Would like to share that its actually a modality mentioned in regression therapy handbook by Dr Lucas, wherein the therapist takes the client through the painful last moments of his/her life, over multiple iterations, till such time the pain level comes down to zero.
  1. As anticipated !!! MAGICAL :grinning: :
  1. Blessed You Are :pray: :pray:
  1. Surrender to the Blessed Feet of Masters and all is taken care of :pray: :pray:

Best Regards,

:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


@Aditi hope you remember what I kept saying during your workshop? You are a natural, you have the potential to bring about some significant healing in the History taking stage itself.

Further to what beloved @Monesh_Bathre has shared,

For starters you were blessed to get such a deep client, please spend more time on your sessions.

Please work on being able to identify the Theme, none of these qualify as the theme for the session.
1 and 2 have Fear as common, we could have tried to consolidate it, for 3 we could have tried to find when this got triggered and so on… read the topics on this forum for the theme and mention what could have been the appropriate theme for this client.

Empathise please, just a bit of common sense would have taken you a long way.

again an irrelevant question, don’t you want to what happened for her to be in such a miserable state?

A therapist who could connect could have promoted I of IDT would have got so much more detail.

EMDR is never done in the Stage 12 for past life.

Aren’t you sorry that someone died! Can you show some empathy please. We are not robot doing the sessions.

how do you know that a master will be there after death? Please calibrate your suggestions, and keep them open ended.

Thank God! :pray:

Such a profound message!

This was a grave mistake, what can be a greater place than the blessed presence of the Almighty? You could have worked on the resolution even more, please read the “Why Me” or read the cases from @Krithika_s to see how it’s done.

no orders, only suggestions and even those should be indirect, this could have been, “Would you like to go towards the light?” remember we are not in control, the Client is always.

again a poor suggestion.

Wow! That’s awesome.

Being scientific is to always validate the work, test what we have done and I’m glad you did it.
@Monesh_Bathre this is okay, we can go back to the Engram as many times as we wish to ensure there’s no residual, actually even the unconscious would persistently take us there if there’s anything residual. What we resit, persists!

@Aditi did you followup with her to find out if there have been any changes in her life?