Fear of everything

Date: 16/9/2023

Session 1 & 2:

VAK Score: 4,3,6

Dominant Sense: kinesthetic

Hypnosis Score: 9/10

Eye Roll Score : 2/5

Client: N

Therapist: P

51 yo/ F


Husband, 53, BE, working from home since 12 years

Son, 22, ME

Gestures: only facial gesture, tears in between

Mood: Worried, Frustrated,

Speech rate: slow, soft voice

Thoughts :

She is sorry that her mother still has to be there during her distress times

Although she is doing excellent in her professional life, she feels very incomplete in her personal life


She is unable to articulate and express her feelings and emotions in words since childhood

“what is my thought and how to reproduce from my mind, I don’t know” , resulting in difference between feeling and spoken words. Can’t make small talk, so no worldly information.

Parents punished elder brother and sister, and so to avoid being punished, closed the doors of experiential learning, and so could never develop herself.

Questioned about her purpose of life since childhood

Remembers being only with her grandmother during childhood. Her childhood memories being only her grandmother and her pet dog.

Hostel life was different and her friends took very good care of her when she was unwell. She talks freely with them.

Had anxiety attacks during graduation. As was clueless about the future, no planning, no expectations, no drive…

Very controlling and manipulative spouse

Physical : Knee pain / leg pain since childhood

Severe Insomnia since 6 years

Migraine, Endometriosis pain, because of separation anxiety from son


Could hear her grandmother, Biji call out loud to her sister “kaushalya”, few days after Biji’s passing away.

After her father’s death, experienced dad had come, blessed her on his death anniversary and left

During her severe shoulder pain, could experience reiki healing. She felt like a (chadar) sheet was covering her and her entire pain went off.

“so I could hear the voice and feel the energy”


Fear of everything and no confidence

Session 2:

Watched video : the great bell chant


Body scan

Dave Elman relaxation

Progressive relaxation

P: what are you aware of

N: fear

P: fear of what

N: just fear. Fear of everything

P: let us go back in time to see when we first felt that fear

N: when I was in first standard

P: what happened in first standard? What are you afraid of?

N: new classroom. New teachers

P: {so realised that the client was not prepared to face the change from one standard to another higher class.}


Let us go to the kindergarten class. See your teachers there, see yourself playing with your friends there.

N: [nods]

P: let this grownup you go and tell that small you in kindergarten that it is okay and safe to grow up and go to the next standard. Everyone goes from one class to the higher class, and that we can also go to a higher class. It is safe, it is a natural phenomenon to grow up. That we need to change the classroom after every year. And as we grow, our surroundings also change. We grow taller too.

N: [takes some time and nods her head]

P: now ask that small you to come with you to the first standard. Tell her that it is okay to grow up, it is safe. See that small you sitting on the chair of the first standard. Ask her to look around the class and be familiar and comfortable. You can sit there with her too.

Be with her and let her feel comfortable. Tell her you will always be there with her.

N: nods

P: let her see the class teacher and see her studying in the first standard. Tell her it’s absolutely safe to be in the first standard. Tell her everyone grows up. and that she has to grow up too.


See her smiling and being happy in the first standard.

Tell her that we will need to change classes every year. And the surroundings need to change at the end of the year.


N: nods.

P: now see that it’s the end of the academic year, and we need to tell the small you in first standard that now we have to prepare to go to second standard.

The classroom will be new, the teachers will be new. We might have new children sitting around us, and it is absolutely safe and okay to go to a new class.

n: nods

p: now, you take the small you to the second standard. Ask her to look around the new classroom, the new school bag, the new water bottle, and the different set of children in the classroom.

Be with the young you till she is comfortable and confident in second standard.

N: [nods her head after a while]

P: now at the end of the academic year, tell the small you that it’s time to go to the third standard. And it’s absolutely safe to go to a new environment and grow up.

P: now take the small you to the third standard. Be with her till she feels comfortable. Tell her that for the next academic year, this will be her classroom and it is safe and okay to be in this class.

N: nods

P: now at the end of this academic year, prepare the young you to go to the fourth standard…

P: take the young you in the fourth standard and see that she is comfortable and happy .


P: at the end of the academic year, tell the small you that it is now time to go to the fifth standard. that it’s safe and good to go to the next standard.

N: nods

P: see that the young you is going to the fifth standard, and that she is comfortable and happy,


Prepare her to go the sixth standard at the end of the year.

N; nods

P: now see her going to the sixth standard happily and better prepared.

P: see her accepting the change in life. See her more comfortable and happier in the process of growing up

P: now see that she is going to the seventh standard, eighth standard, ninth standard and the tenth standard.

P: tell the young you that after tenth standard, not only the school, the friends, the study pattern, everything shall change and that it is okay to grow up and accept the change.

P: tell the little you, that you will need to change your institution of education after standard XII. Also, there could be change of place, and move away from the comfort of home to study, but it will give you a wonderful career and contentment in life, being a doctor.

N: nods after a while

P: similarly, there might be situations in your place of work, and the stress associated with it is also a part of growing up. The world runs on different rules and its okay to adapt, keeping your basic values intact. Meeting new people also helps us grow in many different dimensions.

N: nods with great acceptance.

P: tell the young you that change happens with every new day. We need to face different things each day so that we grow up and gain new experiences.

P: be with yourself and see the process of growing up with the small you from kindergarten till date… tell the growing you that growth is only out of the comfort zone, and we need to keep breaking our own comfort zone always. And it is safe to grow up. Change is the only constant of life. It will change every year…

N: nods


P: is the fear still there

N: smiles and shakes her head in a no

P: let us do back to the young you in first standard.

N: nods

P: is she still afraid?

N: no

P: talk to her, tell her you will be with her always

N: [takes time]

End of session.

N: “in the end I took my young self on my lap and told myself there is nothing to be afraid of. The young me, was looking at me with wonder and I told her it’s okay to trust. That I will be with you always.” The young me asked,”hamesha?” I replied, “hamesha”


Session 3

The Great Bell Chant


Dave Elman relaxation

pro relx

P: what are you aware of

N: Anger and feeling of discomfort

P: experience the feeling of anger and discomfort. And as you experience them, let these feelings become a bridge to the cause of it. Use these feelings as a bridge, and cross the bridge to reach the origin of anger and discomfort

P: where are these feelings arising from

As you crossed the bridge of discomfort feeling, what are you aware of…

N: just the anger, nothing else

P: whose anger is it

N: anger of being cheated

P: when was the first time you felt this feeling

Go back to the time when you first felt that

N: can’t make out anything

P: ok, let’s explore this anger

N: can I move a bit

P: yes you can, always knowing that your deep level of relaxation will always be maintained

N: I am still angry actually

P: you feel angry?

N: I still feel angry actually (cringing)

lots of palpitations happening…

P: take a deep breath. When was this

N: feeling like now, I can’t make out anything

P: okay, take a deep breath…., and let go

Feel the anger , which is spoiling our health, which was none of our faults…


Let go of the anger of his cheating you, completely

Its not doing you any good, its only causing you harm…

What would you have told anyone else if they told you they had been cheated.

N: I would say forgive, but I don’t feel like forgiving.

P: you don’t feel like forgiving, but you would have asked anyone else to forgive.

N: ya

P: ya, because finally it would have helped maintain you your health and your peace of mind

N: I don’t deserve to be cheated

P: no one deserves to …be cheated. You are right. You don’t deserve to be cheated

N: I did not do anything wrong

P: no, you did not do anything wrong

Had he had girlfriends before marriage, would you have forgiven him, then?

N: ya

P: What difference would it have made

N: truthfulness?

Would have told the truth, and it wouldn’t have mattered

P: had he told you the truth, rather than you trying to figure it out and find it out , would it have been better for you ?

N: ya

P: that he kept lying that hurt you even more?

N: ya

P: more than his betrayal?

N: ya

P: was he trying to protect himself?

N: probably

P: probably he didn’t want it to be found out, he wanted to get away with it?

there was one instance when I got a call, that your husband is cheating. That day I again confronted. I told him that I got a call, but still he didn’t come out with the truth. I told him that tell the person who ever is telling me this, tell him that my wife stands by me. Do whatever you want , she doesn’t mind anything and she is with you. still, He did not tell me

P: what would forgiveness do, to you, not to him. You don’t have to tell him that you can forgive or not, you have tot tell yourself, since you said: if it been anyone else, you would have asked them to forgive.

Is it difficult, to tell others a solution and difficult to follow it ourselves

N: I feel so. It seems easy but doing it is difficult.

P: even if it is affecting one’s health?

N: this continuous cheating going on. Hence this…


P: take a deep breath.

Take another deep breath, and let go…

He is another person, he is not you, how can you protect your soul being affected from whatever he does?

Relax your forehead…

N: by detachment

P: beautiful !! by detaching

So can you let him do whatever he wants to do., whatever he wants to say, whatever small lies – big lies he wants to say, we don’t always want to find out the truth. We don’t need to find out what lies he is saying, let none of his lies, none of his ways affect us ,

N: actually, I thought we help him out.

P: you did try, and now that is not your responsibility, god helps only those who help themselves. So I think you must help yourself first. By helping yourself, maybe, things will sort themselves out and he will be able to understand there is nothing left now, unless he changes his ways.

So, will it possible?

That we start to change only ourselves first? Take only our responsibility? Help only ourselves first? Helping only ourselves first?? Completely? Our mind, our body, and our soul!!

Now that you know that he is not your prime responsibility and that you cannot help him…

N: I feel good actually, that I can’t help

P: fine, but then, what if you helped yourself first and he himself got healed.

N: that I don’t know

P: could we try it out

N: ya

P: ya, is your anger helping anything

N; ummhmmm

P: is your anger helping him? Is your anger helping you?

N: no

P: so , the anger that you feel that even despite you wanting to try to help him out, is not helping either him, or you … right?

N: nods

P: so that anger is not helping at all…

We are not helping us, we are not helping him, we are not able to do anything, we are only going down a spiral, spoiling our health also.

N: hmm

P: so, if we took one step at a time, helped ourselves first, come to a contentment position. And then spread the contentment, do you think it could work out?

N: hmm

P: could that be another beginning?

N: a 53 year old, or 52 year old cannot be anyone responsibility , but oneselve’s responsibility.

And if we can’t take our own responsibility, how can we take anyone else’s responsibility? So let us come back to ourselves.

Start building up from where we left

Do you think, it would work out for you?

N: ya

P: take a deep breath and let go…


By helping yourself you can help so much more… rather than helping others and helping no one.


You just have to be you…

You are more beautiful, in and out, that ways…


What is coming to your mind

N: I just thought I saw a beach or something …

P: okay

N: earlier scene I thought I am going deep into an ocean.

P: okay

N: and I am just lying on the floor of the ocean.

Probably, I am going somewhere, I don’t know, but, rather than going up, I am going in deeper into the ocean.
P” ok

N: it is peaceful

P: beautiful

N: probably, one or two dolphins are there around me ,

They just come and lie down by my side, one on each side.

They are helping me calm down

Actually, I feel a stillness deep inside here, pointing to the belly

P: can you look at yourself

N: no, I just feel, that I am between them, but I can’t see myself

P: just relax there with them, feel the calmness, enjoy those moments,


Feel the calmness.


As you are lying down on the sea floor with both the dolphins beside you, and you take in the calmness and tranquillity of the sea, be yourself with this calmness. You can always come Back to this stillness, whenever you wish to…

Are you still there?

N: nods

Take a deep breath, and let go… beautiful


N: nods her head.

P: thank the two dolphins for being there

Thank the ocean floor for letting you lie down. Thank the ocean for all the calmness that it filled you with

Slowly come on the beach again


What are you aware of

N: sand on my foot

P: keep walking on the sand, beach

do you like walking on the beach?

N: ya

P: are you aware of anything?

N: just I’m peaceful walking, that’s it… feeling good

P: take a deep breath, and let go…

P: what are you aware of?

N: nothing. I want to come back now

P: okay, as I count from 1 to 10, you will feel your body and come back to the present.



Session 4:
P: open the door at the end of the tunnel and step out

Be aware , look around, look to your left, look to your right, look down

Look around

Keep relaxing deeper and deeper

Every breath, breathing in more relaxation, and breathing out any stress or tension, if you have, making you even more relaxed ,

P: what are you aware of

N: … just anger, I feel hot in the eyes and mind

P: see where this anger is coming from, just be in this anger, experience the angg completely, from head to toe

See the fury and the rage and the anger. Be in it, as if it is happening now

Be the fury . be the rage, live the anger

P: how does it feel

N: like I could kill someone softly

P: sorry?

N: mumbling: like I could kill someone

P: that you can kill someone!! that is the quality of anger, live it

visualise a punching bag in front of you.

Go and hit the punching bag
left, right, centre, with your feet, with your hands

Just use that punching bag to vent out your anger, the rage, your fury

Hit it with your fists, hit it with your feet

Wrench it out

Be there complelety

Become the maa kali today

Poori bhadaas nikal do… nikalo, nikalo

Aaj hi mauka hai

Bring out your rage and your fury in full force, in full range

Keep hitting, as hard as you can, as much as your heart wants to hit it

Kick it hard, hit it hard

Till you feel the anger and the rage, keep hitting it

Use a stick nearby if you want to,

Vent out

Today is the time to hit and vent out

poora gussa uthhao aur nikalo bahar aur usko use karo, lakdi se maaro,

Take the help of punching bag to vent out all the anger

Maaro us punching bag ko

Aur nikalo gussa

Kuchh nahi chhodna aaj us gussa ke

Ek ek pore se gussa ka nikalo’

Poora Yaad karke gussa nikalo

Ek ek baat yaad karke nikalo
Ban jao maa kali aaj, ban jao maa kali

Ache se nikalo aaj

Khoob maro

Ho jao poora khali aaj, empty your anger today

Kisi ko farak nahi padega aaj, tum apna saara gussa nikal do


Take a deep breath


P: aap abhi bhi maar rahe ho?

N: kahi na pair ko , vein koi… pain, jaise woh

P: pair dukh raha hai?

N: nodding

P: pair mei se stress nikalkar uss punching bag ko maaro

jo pair dukh raha hai, , woh pair use karo, punching bag ko maro

Jo bhi heaviness hai, sab nikalo punching bag par

Football ki tarah punching bag ko maaro

Jaha jaha gussa aapne chhupa ke Rakha shareer mei, sab nikal do bahar

Lighten up your body with no anger inside you, any more, any where, in any place of your body

Throw it out

Kick it out

Take a deep breath

Nikalo nikalo,


Is the pain in your legs any better now?

N: cramping

P: cramping ho raha hai? Stretch your legs. Take a deep breath

Take another deep breath and let go

Let go completely

Take a deep breath and relax

Relax every part of the body. Drop your weight on the bed

Relax and let go

Relax, take a deep breath

Take another deep breath

let the stress go from your thighs to the knees, from the knees to the calf muscles, collect all the stress from the calf muscles to the ankles and from the ankles to the foot soles to the toes, and release from the toes, out… everything is evaporating out from the toes , all the stress is going out from the toes

Lighten up your feet


Take another deep breath

Fill yourself with this peace and calm and relaxation

Let your feet be healed and calm and protected

Fill your feet with the coloured light that you had chosen and which was calming, healing, peaceful

Fill the thighs, the knees, the calf muscles, fill it up with this beautiful light, warm and kind and healing

Your ankles, your foot soles, the toes, and let this light come out from the toes. making you feel happy and light and healed

There is no reason for us to hold on to any stress in our calf muscles any more

Yor are free, to choose to be calm, peaceful and healthy

It’s okay to just let go

It’s okay not to hold grudge

It’s okay not to feel anything, for our own sake

What are you aware of

N: it feels better

It’s okay to not hold on to any stress, any feeling, any anger, anywhere in the body

It is not our anger to hold on to

Nothing in this world is worth holding on to any anger, anywhere in the body

Let go now…


Very good

Relax your head, relax your shoulders, relax your hands and your upper body, relax your lower body

Let go

Not holding on to anger will only make you feel better, and it is okay to feel so


Take any another deep breath and this time let go completely


Let go, completely now {with the breath}

P: what are you aware of

N: nothing actually

P: very good , very nice

Keep breathing, and every time you breathe in, breathe in relaxation, Breath in calmness, breathe in healing energies and every time you exhale, breathe out any residual anger, if there is any

Breathe in long and deep

Breathe in calmness and peace; and breathing out any anger

Let me know when you feel complete

Breathe in peace and calmness

Breathe in joy
N: I could visualise an iron bridge, a very heavy cast iron bridge, there was something beyond that, it came and went away

There is something beyond that

P: lets connect to the bridge and walk that bridge. As I count from to 5 to 1, step by step, lets walk that bridge

5, step by step

What are you aware of

Keep walking if you want to

N: its gone, I can’t make out

P: What are you aware of

Keep walking if you want to

N: it’s gone, I can’t make out anything

P: just relax and be with your joy and calming energies

Keep relaxing deeper and deeper

Relax in peace and let go of your body

may every breath bring in relaxation.

let me know if you are aware of anything

n: can I relax for 5 min

p: yes, please rest for some time, take your time, relax

let this coloured light flow from your head to toe like a gentle, calm and healing stream, cleaning you and healing you; cleaning each and every part of your body, of your mind, making you feel healed, calm and peaceful… from head to toe… let it flow out of your toe, till you find you are very calm, and you feel free from any residual anger, if there is any, from any part of your body/

let me know when you are done/ keep filling yourself with this light, like a stream, going in from your head, out from your toe making you calmer, happier, healthier

as you feel happier, calmer, peaceful, may each and every cell of your body glow in this new found light and energy

deeper and deeper, calmer and calmer

let go of the stress on your jaws,

relax your mouth, beautiful


take a long, deep breath and relax

let go of any stress or tension from the body

-No need to be afraid of anything, no need to be angry of anything, that’s not for you

You are happier, calmer, so confident, so strong

Take another long deep breath, and let go

Lets walk the tunnel as I count from 5 to 1, lets enter the tunnel and keep walking towards the other end

Open the door at the end of the tunnel and walk out now

What are you aware of

N: whispering… nothing

P: lets just relax, maybe we don’t have anything else. Just relax

Let’s climb up onto the mountains and the cliff and rest on our favourite cloud; just letting go like a feather and floating on the clouds

Let’s climb up the cliff
Stand on top of the cliff, feeling the breeze on your face, cool and happy breeze on your face; the sea shimmering under you and feeling on top of the world, on top of the cliff

Clouds floating in front of us,

let us climb the clouds

Hold the cloud and jump over it and rest on the clouds

Light as a feather, from the cliff to the clouds, hold the cloud, it’s so soft, it’s so feathery, it’s so cottony, it’s so light

Jump over it and lie down in your favourite position, floating with the cloud, as light as the cloud…

Just enjoy being there , on the cloud. The soft and the fluffy cloud under you, feel the softness of the cloud under you, float as light as a feather

crossing over the mountains and the seas

just being over the cloud

And the cloud floating bye

and you resting there on top of the cloud, light as a feather

It’s a beautiful feeling of lying and resting and the cloud

Just keep floating, and floating…

Allow yourself to rest and relax on the clouds

Just let go and keep floating

Just enjoy this journey on the cloud

Fluffy, soft cloud

You as soft and light as a feather, resting on the cloud

This cloud is meant just for you, it’s yours, be there, rest there, float there, fly there

Can you see something down from there?

Just peep down and see, through the clouds, if there is an opening and see if anything is visible

Slide down through the opening, just like you slid down when you were a child

just come sliding down


come sliding down
what can you see?

n: I can see some clouds and some farms down. But I don’t need to come down

p: you don’t need to come down, just enjoy your view, look at the farms under you and enjoy, you are meant to enjoy, relax

keep floating, keep resting. Enjoy the fluffy clouds under you and see the beautiful view of farms under you, under the clouds…

you don’t need to come down till you find anything important

if you see something of significance, slide down…, if not, keep floating

fields over fields, woods over woods, streams and seas

keep floating, keep flying
how are you feeling

n: I’m feeling light

p: nice. Enjoy this lightness

p: keep floating, over the fields, over the mountains, over the trees and forests

let the cloud come down on a field, climb down the cloud

You can slide down, if you don’t know want to climb down

N: feel as if I am a young boy. Probably some foreign land, not India

P: look down at your feet. See what type of shoes are you wearing

N: I think brown

N: but I have some thick clothes, not soft clothes

P: what could be the age of the boy

N: 21, 22?

P: okay. 21, 22 year old boy, wearing rough clothes.

Look around, where is he

N: seem like fields around

P: is there anyone around

N: no. I’m feel happy when I’m here

P: he feels happy,

What can you see around the fields? Can you see a home there? Or his friends?

N: no

P: be with the boy. Let us see what he does?

Go to the boy’s childhood, if you can. Why is it significant to us

N: again the leg is paining

P: take a deep breath and let go

P: what is it about the boy that makes our leg feel pain?

Is there a connection?

N: its not clear actually, just being there actually,

P: Can you see why is the boy alone?

Take a deep breath feel the light in your leg

Think of that boy, and see why is the leg paining

Go ahead in that boy’s life.

N: he is a blondie

P: okay, he is blond

Why is he alone

N: grey eyes

P: okay, grey eyes.
Look at that boy again

He is blond, he has grey eyes, he is wearing rough clothes , he is not in India, he is in the fields

N: he is cute, smiles

P: ya, he is cute, he is around 21, 22,

N: he feels young, energetic and happy, basically happy

He feels happy by himself

P: he feels happy by himself

N: He is content

N: Seems like he owns that entire thing

N: ya, he is the owner it and He feels proud to be

He is happy to be there

He has a coat , I think reddish coat

P: okay, he has a reddish coat

N: with a golden , british, that british square design na. like hat

And soft and fluffy front something

N: furry, furry coat. with a belt in between

Coat tied with a belt

[Some agitation]

P: take a deep breath and let go, drop your worry

N: my leg is paining

P: take another deep breath, let go…

fill your leg with the coloured light again. Relaxing your feet, Every cell of your feet with the healing light

Stretch your feet and relax

Let go
What are you aware of?

N: the boy has a feeling of pride also

P: he is happy to be alone, he is proud that he owns the fields

N: hmmm

N: can I just hold my feet? probably I’ll feel batter

P: yes, you can do whatever you want, you can hold your feet, knowing that the trance will always continue even with physical movement. Please hold your feet

N: nods she is fine

P: ok

N: The grass is very green

The fresh green

The vibrant one

I’m not able to move any bit

P: take a deep breath and let go

Allow that boy to see his childhood if possible


P: take a deep breath and let go


Any noises helping you to see that boy’s life

Can we see any around? his parents, friends or family?

Could we go to the dining table? What could the boy be eating?


Are you aware of anything

N: I feel, but I’m not very sure

As if there’s a wooden table and probably some cereal or something

I’m not very sure

P: okay, can you see anyone eating with him

N: no, in fact, I don’t see him, just the table and bowl of cereal, that’s it

P: how many bowls of cereal are there

N: one

P: only one
N: yes


What are you aware of

N: not anything much actually

P: is there anything significant of that life that relates to this life?


N: no, I can’t make out

P: so lets come back to our cloud on his field.

And let’s climb up on our cloud, slowly

Having climbed the cloud, and lying down in our favourite position, let the cloud float again, soft and fluffy, light as cotton

you lying down on it as light as a feather

Seeing the cloud float over the fields and the mountains and, the villages, and the sea and the streams

Keep flying over villages

See if you can find any village that you know of

Keep floating. Keep peeping down for any view

Keep looking down


Keep floating, till you can see any village, any city that you know of, any other field that you know of

Keep resting and floating

What are you aware of?

N: nothing

P: keep floating, keep resting

p: now drop all the weight of your feet on the pillow and let the legs go free. Drop the weight of the entire body

now lie down on the cloud, as light as a feather, in your favourite position

peep down and see what you can see

Just let go.


N: sorry, I think I need to visit the washroom

After session discussion

P: what is the significance of the boy’s life

N: hmm so what came up was that I think he was way too proud.

He was happy, he was content, but at the same time he was very proud

P: that he owned those fields at that age

N: that, and when you ask me what is significant, it probably is that his pride would have killed him in that life-time

His pride

All that at a young age, he was a nice fellow, but he was alone


Recommendation :

  1. meditation as a solution for confusion
  2. start writing pointers / key words for notes
  3. any pranic breathing exercise as time permits during day
  4. chanting Om at sleep time, long and deep

Follow-up :

The anger is reduced to level 2 from level 10.

She feels gratitude and is thankful for whatever she is blessed with and the realisation just goes on increasing each day.

The client is sleeping better and her sleeping polls dose is reduced to 1/8th of what she was taking earlier.

Notes from the therapist :

I feel stunned at the outcome of each session, and many a times I don’t believe I was even present, leave alone be the therapist. This one time, I surely believe so. I don’t know what was right what was wrong, it just all happened at that moment. What we start with, what we intend to do, and what the roadblocks are met with, is astounding. At times we forgive, at times we ignore, at times we meet them head on, making us feel vulnerable to the core, so that we come out strongest from the core.

I am totally gratitude to my master Dr Venu and Neha, and I salute them with my deepest devotion and respects.


Client is K,
Inner child healing is generally done at the end of 4th session as you need a mind and heart cleared off all the burden of the past.

this is all becoming more like a counselling session than a PLR session.

An affect bridge could have elicited this I guess, the gracious unconscious just took over and yielded something.

Please note that this is not how we work on resolutions, please focus on mastering them.

excellent !


Thankyou Venu for your guidance.

the first thing that came up was the inner child healing, so i took it up first. All the engrams popped up only after that…

i did try the affect bridge for anger, also asked to go where it started from, but nothing was coming up from the Client’s end.

yes venu, i understand and am working on the resolution part.

thankyou again