Fear of Expressing Emotions

Paranjal (Name changed, M, 11+, 7/10, 2/5, A, Fear of Expressing Emotions, 8/10*

Pranjal is a cute 11+ yrs. child. The child seems more mature than his age, seems very well behaved and is very decent.
Client History and issue as per the Client and as observed by Parents- I am 11+ years old, I live with my Parents and big brother. I love my family and I am happy. I like my school. Everything is good but one problem is there with me that I am not able to express my emotions, I am not able to speak up many times where I want to, I am not able to express my feelings also.

If my friends are talking in school and I want to say something then also I don’t say, If I get hurt and want to cry, I cannot (I feel fear and shame) to show emotions. Even If I am missing any family member when they are out for work, I can’t express this also, in my mind I feel emotions, but I can’t say or show them.

Even when 6-7 months back I got a fracture in my arm I dint cried (tears were coming due to pain) but I dint showed it to anyone.

So, I want to know why I can’t express my emotions and feelings and why I am not able to say what I want.

5 total sessions were done with the client (as age is less and a long session would be overwhelming for him)

Client was taken to trance using Dave Elman and Progressive relaxation. client in Trance

T: This is what the therapist said.
C: This is what the client said.

T: What comes to your awareness?
C: I can see a boy.

T: Who is this boy?
C: This is me only. I am carrying a flower vase and by mistake I dropped it and its broken and I am crying.

T: What happened then?
C: I can hear someone shouting - Rudra, you are 15 years old now and still you keep on crying for small- small things.

T: Who is shouting? What comes to your awareness?
C: He is an old man.

T: How is he related to you Rudra?
C: I work here, He is owner of this shop.

T: You can now go to any significant event of this lifetime. What comes to your awareness.
C: I can hear a car horn.

T: Hmmm What else?
C: I can see a small car standing outside a small house.

T: Whose house is this?
C: This is my house; I can see myself sleeping in the house now.

T: How old are you?
C: I am grown up Man.

T: Who else is there in the house?
C: I don’t know, I am alone.

T: You can now go to any significant event of this lifetime? What comes to your awareness?
C: I am in court room; two judges are there. Some accident happened; I was driving. Someone is saying that someone got hurt badly because of me but he was driving fast, it was his mistake. (looked confused and disturbed, forehead looked stressed)
It was managed by suggestive deep breathing.

T: You can now go to the last time of this lifetime? what comes to your awareness?
C: I am old. Doctor is there, he is checking something, some papers.

T: Hmmm what else?
C: I have died now.

T: How do you feel now?
C: I am happy now; I am happy here.

T: Where are you now?
C: I am here only in hospital room; I can see me lying on the bed and doctor standing. I am very light I am floating.

T: How was this life? What have you learnt from this life?
C: I was not able to show my emotions or say what I wanted in this life as that old man always use to stop me, shout on me for crying, he did not let me speak also. I went to jail also because I did not say what I wanted.

T: Anything Else?
C: I see another boy now. I am in park. Mom is calling me for eating food.

T: By what name is she calling you?
C: Richard.

T: Hmm, so see who all are there at your house when you eat food?
C: My mom, my father and my little sister.

T: What dress your mother is wearing?
C: A coat like thing and pant, she has golden hairs. She is beautiful. (smiling)

T: You can now go to any significant event of this lifetime?
C: I am in party, some other child has dropped juice on my t-shirt, I am angry, my mom told that -If you say anything in front of everyone here then I will lock you in your room for four days. (looked emotional) She is very strict she always says that she will lock me in my room if I will not be quiet in some party.
(stress management was done by breathing technique)

T: You can now go to some significant event of this lifetime ahead? 3 2 and 1 …
C: We are in car; my father was driving, and he is angry, and we met an accident.

T: What happened then?
C: Someone is fighting, I am feeling fear, but I am sitting quiet because I am afraid of my mom.

T: Let us now move to your last time? What comes to your awareness.
C: I am old, my two sons are here with me, my younger son is outside the room. I am dead.

T: Is anyone in this lifetime is related to you now, look in their eyes, and see?
C: My younger son is my elder brother, I feel.

T: Anything else?
C: I am eating something! (T Confused, C Confused)

T: What are you eating?
C: Fish and rice.

T: Look your hands and dress while eating? What can you see?
C: Some long dress, I don’t know what, I am a girl.

T: Who is serving you food?
C: My mom, I can’t see her face, she has covered it with some cloth, she is coughing.

T: With what name she calls you?
C: She is saying something, but I don’t understand. I don’t understand this language.
Her eyes I can see, she has very small eyes.

T: What else?
C: voices are coming but I don’t understand what they are saying.

T: Okay, I will now count from 3 2 1 and as I will say 1, may be your sub conscious mind can take you to the root cause of this problem from where your fear of expressing emotions is coming? 3…2…1. What comes to your awareness?
C: There is TV show going and I am watching TV, I am a girl.

T: What else?
C: I am writing something with a Pen. I have a brother, he is older, he is asking for this pen.

T: Hmmm what happens then?
C: I said I am doing work and he slapped me tightly and he slapped me again.

T: Where is your Parents?
C: They have gone for work. (stress building up)

Keep breathing deeply, now you are here with me, and you are completely safe…

T: Did you tell this to your parents when they came back?
C: No, my brother tells me that If I will tell this to my parents or will try to show something then he will beat me more the next day. (tears rolling down)

T: How old are you?
C: 7 or 8.

T: Okay, Go to any significant event now?
C: I am dead. My husband is here in hospital, I was very - very old and son is also here.

T: How are you feeling now after you have died?
C: Happy and light. My husband and my son were very nice!

T: What have you learnt from this lifetime?
C: I should show my emotions, I should express myself, there is no need to fear, no shame to show emotions and say how I am feeling. If I will not speak or show emotions, I will be sad, people will not understand me, I will be sad, but no one will know it…

T: Who tells you all this?
C: Someone is saying it and at the background hanuman Chalisa is going, I can hear it.

T: Is this a temple?
C: I don’t know, only voice is coming.

T: How do you feel when you hear this voice and hanuman Chalisa sound?
C: Safe and strong…

T: Okay, do you want to listen to hanuman Chalisa more?
C: yes. Hanuman ji is very strong.

T: okay, keep listening it and when you are ready to emerge, we will?
C: No answer

After around 2 minutes…

T: How are you feeling now?
C: good

T: Is it okay to show emotions or cry or say what you feel now? can we do it?
C: Yes, I will do it now. I will not feel fear I will feel no shame. (Felt confident)

T: Very good, let us now come back with all the learnings and the confidence we gained, and the feeling of being safe. I will now count 1 -10 and slowly you can now come out of the trance …1…2…10
C: (rubbing eyes and smile on face) after 2-3 minutes the child was seen laughing and also happy saying I was girl… I was Japanese…My Japanese mom is also my mom now.

Suggestions and conclusion:

1.In one lifetime when he saw himself as Rudra, his emotions were suppressed by the old man saying - you cry even when you are 15 and you cry on small -small things.

2.In lifetime of Rihard his emotions were again suppressed by his mother saying - If you will cry or be angry or show up something in front of others, I will lock you up.

3.In the lifetime of Girl when her big brother used to beat her many times, again her emotions and words were suppressed by brother -saying I will beat you more if you will show up anything or tell parents.

4.The soul is still carrying those experiences where the emotions and words were suppressed, and a fear was instilled in the soul that showing emotions will not be safe.

5.The client was suggested to confidently show up emotions as he is completely safe and its okay to show emotions.

6.The client is also suggested to do some yoga and meditation for building inner strength.

7.It was also suggested to the client that he should do Hanuman Chalisa daily (to which he said that yes, I keep hanuman Chalisa under my pillow while sleeping but now I will do it daily)

Pain Level before -9
After two days of session - 2

As a therapist and on top of that as a human being a message for all-

****If we have any child or grown up around us who feels vulnerable sometimes, want to cry or want to show up some emotions, we should never stop them, we must always remember that showing up emotions or crying is not a sign of weakness for children or Men women, it’s a sign of strength. **
**Suppressing someone’s emotions can be so very deep pain for some soul which they may carry life after life. **
**Showing up emotions is our strength ****

Thank you so much!


This is a remarkable session with a very profound learnings. Most of us, especially ladies (daughter in laws) keep on brushing intense emotions under the carpet. Intially the body acts as a sponge but when we grow older, the body’s capacity to absorb decreases and all sorts of ailments surfaces - which doesn’t have a medical cure. It can only be cured through meditation or PLR. We should express ourselves more often than not…It is equally true for men…where every one tells us not to cry…As a result even when deeply traumatised we cannot cry.

Dr Shipra - You are very fortunate to get a client like this so that we can get such a profound message & learning. As a therapist you were superb. Thankyou so much for sharing.


Well done, Shipra :clap:. True, pent-up emotions that are not released can lead to both physical and psychological diseases. It’s crucial to find healthy ways to express and process these emotions. :heartbeat:
This case serves as a message to many parents and elders :scroll:


Thank you so much Shanthi for appreciation :heart:
See Holding up emotions can be so harmful not only for one lifetime, but this can continue life after life!
True, All Parents and elders to understand this.


You have really written very deep words over here Deepak ji - that ladies and specially Men don’t show up their emotions often and keep them inside trying to look like a perfect man (Bollywood movies also have a very big role in this - they say Naa - Mard ko Dard Nahi Hota’)
Emotions are energy and as energy cannot be destroyed it goes in our system and cause all sorts of ailments.
I think this is the reason why high % of men suffer from heart attacks.
Some parents also unintentionally tell their children ’ ladka hoke rote ho ’ or itni si baat pe rote ho ’ or itne bade hoke rote ho etc., we all need to understand that expressing our emotions in a healthy way is good, it’s a strength and not the weakness.
Thank you so uh Deepak ji for appreciation! It’s so good na that we also learn so much with PLR of clients.


Hello Shipra, As a therapist you did a wonderful job. Yes, this lesson is for all of us. Thank you so much for making this session and sharing with us.

Many times we control our emotions. We get scared or we judge ourselves. We are not good or some other reason comes to mind to stop ourselves.

And sometimes others put pressure on us not to speak.

Both conditions are not right.

Thank you for this beautiful lesson.



Yes…in PLR the therapist gains much more than the client.
The best part is it’s a Win Win situation.
God Bless us all.


Thank you so much Neelam for appreciation❤️.
You are absolutely right that neither we should hold up our emotions now we must judge someone and tell them to hold up emotions. Releasing emotions is very important.

See how the soul may carry the past experiences and patterns life after life…


@shiprabharadwaj13 you are working miracles my daughter. Client was so young and “A” while you are “V” and pain plunged from 9 to 2! splendid :clap:

One tiny advice , we can make this statement open ended and better by keeping in mind the sub-modality

And it’s super powerful when we can frame it in these lines “who would you find if you stepped into this house or at supper?”


Thank you so much my daddy :heart::pray:t2: for these wonderful words of appreciation. These words gives the strength to take up another case confidently.

Thank you so much for this valuable piece of advise and the open ended statement which could be framed instead the one used here.

This is stage where my father is making me learn to walk , baby steps I am taking , If I will fall , I know father will hold me and I will walk again.

Love & Regards❤️


Dear Shipra,

Heartiest congratulations for yet another beautifully conducted, steered and concluded session.
The importance of CHILDHOOD traumas can be so influential over so many lifetimes is the pertinent lesson one can imbibe from your amazing session.
We as ADULTS have the onerous responsibility towards letting them grow in the beautiful way that they actually are. Alas ,for the system and rules and society and own beliefs and EGO and WHAT NOT… we create so many lasting negative impressions on their psyche that reverberates from lifetime to lifetime…


Monesh :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:



Dear Dr V,

Thank you so much for teaching and guiding us all at each step.
You are the Guru one could have wished for. :blue_heart:


Monesh :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:

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Dr Shipra,
Wow very nice and concise. The maturiy of the therapist is also clearly coming out. Very well done as matter of fact the client is still a child and very prfessionally aproached the subject without stressing the child too much.


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Absolutely true . :heart:

Dear Monesh ji ,

Thank you so much for the appreciation.

Your words of motivation really gives us the courage to go ahead confidently.

Yes, It is evident here that Childhood traumas can not only make our current life problematic, even when we grow as adults but also the traumas can also impact lifetimes after lifetimes .

It is really surprising to see how a soul carries the emotional hurt and its affect life after life .

Thanks for mentioning the valuable lessons we must learn from this session.


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Wooow… @shiprabharadwaj13… too overwhelming…so calmly and focused u were with the 11 yr old kid… I also dont have words to Express what a wonderful session u conducted… go on doing such beautiful sessions …god bless​:innocent::pray::heart::kissing_heart::nazar_amulet:

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Thank you so much Kaynaz for the beautiful words of motivation.

Yes, tried not to probe much as the age of client was very less.


Superb Shipra! Lesson for everyone of us. Never suppress our or others emotions. As usual you rocked as a therapist. Keep the good work. Keep sharing such wonderful and enlightening posts.


Amazing session Shipra, it takes lot of patience to match with the pace of 11 Yo… you executed it beautifully…Also it was a good message for everyone out of it!! God bless :tada:

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Dear @venu
Your feedback is always so, helpful and practical.

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