Fear of letting go

With Venu’s and Neha’s blessing and guidance, posting my 1st case…please feel free to guide, suggest, comment…


Sep 28 2023 Duration 3hrs

Client’s Name: Rachel (Name Changed for privacy reasons)
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Hypnotizable Score: 6/10
Dominant Sense: Visual,
Secondary Dominant Sense: Auditory
Eye Roll Test: 2
Pain Scale: 7/10

CLIENT HISTORY : Healthy 35 yo female, married, one 6 yo boy. No medical history except tumour in pituitary gland detected 7 years ago. The tumour grew in size 3 years ago after tests were done. No treatment can be done, doesn’t bother her. She married her boyfriend after he met with an airplane accident and was airlifted, lost 4 fingers, broken ribs and legs, and multiple injuries. Relationship with husband is normal, relationship with parents and family is good. Misses her grandmother as she passed away 8 years ago. Grandmother raised her. Loves her parents and siblings.

Friendship side, she can’t let go of her friends even if they are toxic, or doesn’t treat her well. It bothers her and keeps thinking about ways to come across to tell them in a polite way but scared to lose them. She feels this way since childhood. Recently, she had to let of few friends, she still thinks about them, reaches out to them, can’t let them go in her mind.

Session 1 : 29 September 2023 (6 pm to 8 pm)

Stages 1 to 8 were completed during the first session.

Theme was finalized post session 1 as:

  • Fear of rejection
  • Not letting go of people

SESSION 02 : 2nd October 2023 (3.15 pm to 5.30 pm)

Briefly covered stages 1 to 8 again. The intent of this therapy was again discussed with the client and the theme was finalized as stated above and was discussed with her again.

Thereafter, we completed Stage 9 (going through the checklist). Informed her to feel free to do whatever she wants to do during the session (cry, laugh or moving body parts). After she was comfortable on the bed, we proceeded to Stage 10.

IMR was explained.

T: This is what the therapist said.
C: This is what the client said.

We started with a prayer.
We began induction with Dave-Elman technique followed by Progressive relaxation and further deepening with Ball of light method.The client was seen in a deeply relaxed state (observed his relaxed but deep breathing, non-stiffness in body and relaxed eyeballs).

Visualization was carried out with a beautiful garden and meeting someone in the garden. A loved one, mentor, stranger, guide.

As client’s dominant sense is visual and secondary as auditory, she could visualize this beautiful garden wearing a white dress and a tiara and thoroughly enjoyed being in there.She sat there and threw stones in the lake beside this garden. Thereafter, the client’s grandmother came to her her. She has passed away to a different realm years ago but my client was really attached to her grandmother since childhood and often feels her around. The client was guided to ask any questions to her grandmother. She asked two questions and got answers to those questions. Client felt happy and was guided to the cliff for reframing through a bridge. She could imagine two happy memories from childhood and told that these memories are close to her heart.

T: Whenever you feel ready to go ahead maybe you could give me a sign (C raised a finger in some minutes). In a count of 3-1, we’ll go to the bridge and at the end of the bridge you may see beautiful mountains.

T: Do you wish to go ahead and explore those beautiful mountains around?

C: Yes (we reached the top of the cliffs for reframing). During reframing, she could not imagine painful memories but only happy memories.(Post session, she mentioned she had her 6-year old son with her on the cliff for a brief time but she was happy with him. She mentioned the cliff was very steep and dark and only one person can stand on the cliff so she had no place to keep boxes anywhere but she imagined throwing the boxes down the cliff. The client mentioned she felt peaceful.)

During the history taking, client had mentioned about a recurring dream about falling off the cliff so she was asked if she would want to explore what’s beneath the cliff.

T: Would you want to explore what lies beneath the cliff?

C: Yes!

T: would you want to jump off the cliff? Remember you will be safe and protected. Nothing can harm you.

C: Yes!

After this, the client was awakened. She mentioned she’s feeling very relaxed and fresh!

C: (after the session): She was in a beautiful garden with a lake beside it. She sat down there and kept throwing stones in the water until her grandmother arrived. Her grandmother looked peaceful. She asked 2 questions to her grandma and she got answers. Later the grandmother fed her Choori (wheat roti with ghee mashed to form a dough). She felt very happy. Later she was ready to move forward upon seeking permission.

SESSION 3 : 3rd October 2023 (3.30 pm to 6.15 pm)

We discussed about his experience from previous session, and I asked her if she is comfortable to have this once in a lifetime experience now? She was thrilled and ready to proceed.

We started with a prayer.
We proceeded with Dave-Elman followed by Progressive relaxation. Next to the garden there was a beautiful tunnel.

She was guided to see the light at the end of the tunnel that could land her in the relevant PL memory with regard to her theme.

T: 20-19-18-………3-2-1. Is anything coming to your awareness?

C: I see a pretty girl…

T: How does she look like?

C: She is dirty, wearing dirty clothes

T: How old is she?

C: 16-18 yrs

T: Where is she? Look around, hear, feel!

C: On a road…muddy road, lost, nothing around

T: look at the feet, is she wearing anything?

C: silver anklet in the left foot, barefoot

T: Take your time, see if you remember the name of the girl, or see, hear anything around…

C: she is still walking on the road

(Client was not able to see anyone around or locate the place, no trauma here so seeked permission to go to this girl’s childhood)

T: 10-1 ….allow yourself to go the childhood of this girl’s lifetime

T: Where is your awareness right now?

C: There’s a small girl in a room

T: great! How old is this girl?

C: 4-5 years old

T: Which year/era is it?

C: I don’t know

T: How does she look and what is she doing?

C: She has very curly hair, eyes are beautiful dark grey color, round face, she is asking something from her mom/a lady

T: look around the room and pay attention to the conversation, what is she asking?

C: The lady is sitting on the couch, not paying attention to the child, the girl is wearing a white and purple dress.

T: Do you recognize the lady? Do you know her name?

C: maybe Margarette; the little girl is asking for tomatoes from her mother. There is a table clock in the room. Its 4.30 pm

T: What is the little girl’s name?

C: Violet

T: How is she feeling right now?

C: she is sad, dad left her, mom not paying attention. Now she spilled something and mom is yelling at her, girl is crying.

T: What are the emotions of the girl right now?

C: She wants to hit the mom, she is very upset.

(Gave few minutes to the client to be there and float about

T: What happens next?

C: I don’t know, I don’t see anything else

T: with a count from 10-1, allow yourself to go another significant event in this lifetime….

T: 3-2-1…. Where is your awareness right now?

C: field, yellow flowers, I am running happily in the field.

T: look down your feet, how do you look? How old are you?

C: barefoot, wearing a frock, old victorian style, pink and green colour, I may be 7-8 years old

T: is there anyone around you Violet?

C: No, I am alone, holding a doll in my hand.

(Client is little stressed, eye ball rolling, forehead is tensed)

T: What are you feeling right now?

C: My friend is moving to a different place, not a good feeling, I am not happy with Margarette as well, I want to go away from her but have no one, I am alone.

T: What else do you see around? (Gave the client few minutes to be in moment)

C: nothing…

T: 10-1 lets go to another significant event in Violet’s life

The client saw some houses on fire across the road, it was dark, Violet is looking for something, trying to find someone. She was 16-18 years old, not married. She was holding to something around her neck, and crying. The client feels stuck there, not able to figure out who she was looking for or find anyone else, mostly alone, walking on the road.

She was then taken to another significant event her her life where she sees a woman with a baby boy. Someone comes in and slaps the woman and throws her on the floor. Woman feels helpless, doesn’t recognize the woman or the man or the boy. The woman is crying, walks out of the house and jumps off of a well. Now my client is not this woman, however she is the same girl Violet and is witnessing this event from outside the house standing in the corner, after the woman jumps, Violet (the girl watching this) walks away holding her necklace which is hanging in her neck but she is still holding it close with her hand. This girl is wearing a linen gown, beige color and is torn at the bottom. The necklace looks expensive though, thick silver chain with a huge ruby pendant and silver carving around it. Upon asking, the client mentioned that the necklace isn’t stolen but is gifted to her. Doesn’t remember who gifted her. She doesn’t remember anything else after been probing some more questions about her whereabouts and her family.

Next significant event- walking on a road at a day time, yellow houses on right side, can’t even see the left side. Same girl, same dress, looking for people but sees no one outside or inside the houses. Upon guiding to go closer to the houses and enter the house, she said no one is there. The scenery looked like Ireland/Italy kinds

The client to directed couple of times to go to her death, she could not,

She reached an event where the client was 12-13 years old where she found herself in a garden talking to friend. The friend told her that she is moving to a different country. The friend is the same age and same sex. Doesn’t know the name of the friend. Upon asking how she is feeling after the friend told her about the move, the client mentioned Violet stopped laughing, felt abandoned, rejected. She then goes to her carriage, there’s a guard waiting for her. It’s hot and sunny day. The road is made of stone. It will be sunset when she reaches home.

She lands in a big house, it’s already warm, she crosses a round garden with a fountain in the middle. She is running down the stairs as she hears the carriage leaving with someone, she wants to stop them from going. Violet has the same doll, comes back to the dining table where dinner will be served, eating alone, maid serves dinner, 4 maids in the house, all wearing orange frocks and while and blue apron with a big hair bun.

She got a banana and some beans to eat. The dining table is huge with 20 chairs, but no one to eat with.

Later she walks in the garden with her doll for sometime and someone is walking with her holding her hand.

She is wearing lavender ballerinas, although the doll looks really old wearing pink and white dress and is broken.

(The client was very scared the night after session 3, was very aware, some weird images came to her in dreams, couldn’t sleep the whole night. Was not ready for another session. I re-iterated and made her aware of the process again and told her she was safe and asked her to meditate which she had been doing since couple of days.

Convinced Rachel to come see me as was still curious to explore further but bit nervous too, assured her that she can choose not visit anything that might disturb her.

SESSION 4: OCT 6 2023 (9 am- 11.30 am)

We discussed about his experience from previous session, and I asked her if she is comfortable to go back in time and space to learn about Violet.

We started with a prayer.
We proceeded with Dave-Elman followed by Progressive relaxation. Guided her down the stairs and asked her to open a door in front of her which led to Violet’s lifetime

T: Where is your awareness right now?

C: There’s a girl, 3-4 years old, wearing white dress, curly hair, oh she is Violet… she is Violet

T: great! What is she doing?

C: Her parents are leaving, they are boarding a bus, Violet is waving them off.

T: Who is Violet with? How is she feeling?

C: She is in Margarette’s lap, she is happy as she doesn’t know yet that her parents won’t ever come back.

T: How does Margarette look like? Do you resemble her from your current life?

C: She… (trying to recognize….stressed forehead) she resemble my bua (aunt) from current life…I am not sure

T: That’s ok! Could you describe your parents? How do they look?

C: I don’t see their faces

T: That’s okay! What’s happening now?

C: Margarette is taking Violet back to her home.

T: (few moments passed….client stressed) Relax! You are safe, keep your breathing steady! What’s coming to your awareness?

C: Margarette is getting angry, she doesn’t like Violet. She is getting Violet for a party.

T: What party is it?

C: It’s Violet’s 4th bday. They have to cut the cake but Margarette knows now that the Violet’s parents are not going to return now so she is mad that parents left Violet with her forever. Violet wants to go to school but Margarette doesn’t let her as the school is too far and Margarette doesn’t want to walk Violet to school everyday.

T: Anything else coming to your awareness?

C: No! I can’t see anything

T: That’s ok! If you want, we can go to the next most significant moment in Violet’s life. Do you allow yourself to go to the next significant moment in Violet’s life?

C: Nodded her head and raised her right finger indicating YES

T: 10…9…8………1 going back to the another most significant event in Violets life…………Where is your awareness now?

C: Sitting on a bench, people walking in a group of 3, I don’t see their faces

T: Which is this place?

C: I don’t know, it’s a muddy road, it’s day time, bright and sunny. I can spot my mom.

T: Nice!

C: …but she doesn’t recognize me. (Client stressed)

T: How old are you? What are you wearing?

C: 12-13 years, grey pants and white shirt

T: Have you come here to look for someone? Is there someone with you?

C: I don’t know, I am alone. There are all women, going somewhere in a group of 3, wearing white.

T: Does it look like a funeral to you?

C: I don’t know (rolling eyeballs, forehead stressed, uncomfortable)

T: That’s okay. You are doing fine, you are safe! If anytime you want to go back to the garden, feel free to go and rest………

T: Few moments passed……where is your awareness right now?

C: I don’t see anything…

T: Would you want to the next significant moment in Violet’s life? Learn more about her….

C: yes!

T: 10….8…7…. Let’s go to Violet’s death, to the last moments of her life…

T: Where is your awareness right now?

C: I don’t see anything…

T: That’s fine! Relax…keep your breathing steady…always remember you can go back to the garden and rest whenever you want.

C: I see someone lying in the garden. (Stressed,…as if trying to locate who is it)

T: okay! Who is it?

C: I don’t know, a girl lying sideways, I can’t see her face.

T: That’s okay! What else is coming to your awareness? You can also float above the scene, there is nothing to stressed about.

C: This girl is wearing a white dress. It’s a wedding dress. She is dead, she is not moving, not breathing.

T: Anyone around her? What happened to her?

C: no, she is alone, don’t know how she died. I have a bird’s eye view. Can’t go close to her.

T: okay! that’s fine, be here for sometime if you want to.

C: I see bright light, it’s very bright.

T: Be there! Where’s your awareness?

C: I don’t know, I don’t see anything

T: That’s okay, there is a message for you?

C: no, I am getting married, (in a sad tone…)

T: Whom are you getting married to? Do you recognize this person/place?

C: No! He is big fat man, wearing black suit, and tall golden hat. He must 40 and I am 20. He is not Indian. He is not white. It looks like a big hotel

T: ok…(before I could ask more questions)

C: I already got married it seems, He is yelling at me for some reason, I don’t know why, he snatched my pendant that was precious to me and I ran away from there. That is how I reached that garden in the wedding dress.

T: Be there…take some deep breaths…what’s coming to your awareness next?

C: nothing! Client is silent, seems tired.

T: Do you want to go back to the garden?

C: No

T: Do you want to go back again to another significant event?

C: No

T: Ok, I will help you bring your awareness to your current life in a moment, but you have a message or a lesson from Violet’s lifetime?

C: Client is silent… after few moments … “No matter who is around you, you are still going to be alone, its your journey”

T: It’s beautiful! Would you remember this lesson in your current life?

C: Yes

T: It seems Violet really missed her parents in her life, since that lifetime is over and you have moved on…would you want to forgive the parents?

C: NO! (Assertive)

T: That’s alright! No pressure

T: going to bring back your awareness to your current life….1…2…3…10

Bring your awareness to your legs, feet, wiggle them, to your hands, move your fingers.

You may cup your hands on your eyes and open your eyes slowly whenever you are ready!

(The client was relaxed, was happy to connect the dots from the 3rd and 4th session. Engram was abandonment from parents and then friends leaving her and moving to different places.


Very nicely executed. The final message is very clear and it’s universal truth that “we came alone, we will go alone”

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Hi Preeti,
Congratulations!!! Good One. Lots and lots of patience! Lots of sessions!..Very nicely conducted. You followed all the rules laid down by Amarantos. Reframing/Rescriptiong for the cliff was good and worked for her.
I felt you could have done the same for forgiving her parents…with little nudging and soft logic push. Anyway…

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Thank you Pusparag! Yes!!! these learnings with each case are so heart warming and gives us reality check.


Thank you Ananda, your insight and suggestions mean a lot!

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Congratulations, Preeti, for completing the lfirst case.The lesson is beautiful. We are here to learn and to grow. No matter who is with us or not. We have to go through our journey.
All the best !

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Hi Preeti!

Congratulations on completing your first case!
A first and tough case for sure. Lots of I don’t know, I can’t see, make it challenging for the therapist I have experienced. Yet being cool,calm and committed sailed you through. And will always sail you through no matter what.

Intuitively I believe you could have deepened your client trans using further pyramiding to help her reach clearer visions and information.

Also asking your clients less questions but precise questions may prevent stress from being formed. I understand the rush of wanting to do our best and not missing out on anything, yet remembering that ‘helping them heal’ is our prime objective, not getting as many answers as possible.

Thank you for sharing your case with all of us.

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Very well conducted sessions, Preeti.
A very patiently done, excellent regression.

Hello oooo Canada…we miss you… @preeti_kapoor reading violet whereabouts especially the well scene and the fire scene…felt like I am reading an Agatha Christie novel…super…let her take some time to forget and forgive …atleast the best part is she knows “chal akela …chal akela…chal akelaaaa…tera mela pichhe chuta jaye chal akela”…
Stay in touch …god bless​:pray::pray::pray::pray:

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@preeti_kapoor amazing , it was worth the wait , God Bless :hugs:

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Nice start Preeti :clap: :clap: :clap: It’s good to see when the client is able to join the dots and learn the lesson.
As we see here, as a therapist ‘Patience is the Key’ !

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Congratulations Preeti.
Very nicely executed case.
Harshest truth in life is “We have come Alone, We will go alone and for all things happening to us, only we are responsible alone”
All the best for future cases


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Beautifully conducted!! You were so patient and I liked your instructions, clear and precise. God bless​:blush::heart:

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Thank you so much Kaushik! Your words are really motivating :pray:

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Interesting session and a good learning experience for me - thanks for sharing.

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[quote=“preeti_kapoor, post:1, topic:1361”]

Thanks for having taken the time to share about this session with us @preeti_kapoor
further to the suggestions from our @Shilpa_Menon
Please email me your understanding of the 15-stages as I couldn’t find them in the meta.

Well done on the theme,

It quite simply is fear of rejection which is why the clinging.

Focus more on your Sadhana, mediate more that will help you bring down the pain levels to zero for sure.

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