Fear of loneliness

My sincere thanks to Dr Venu for considering and taking me along this journey of great learning.I am also grateful to dear Amarantos Family for encouraging me to take one more step forward towards my growth.Presenting my second case here.Kindly go through it and also give your precious feedback .Thank you!



Age: 26y/o

Hypnotisability test:9/10

Eye roll test:2

Eye Roll Test:02

Dominant Trait: Kinaesthetic,score 06

Pain level: Before -08/10
After –0/10

This case is about a girl who is presently doing a research on Consumer behaviour(marketing) from a reputed institute.Had been a very good in academics throughout…She has been a dedicated ,hardworking girl but instead of being acknowledged for her efforts and achievement,she has been ignored by the family. she feels extremely sad and depressed to find her own family people and relatives not supporting her emotionally.Infact she feels that they do not intend to go to the depth of her emotional expectations from them.She is cornered and targeted by the people even in her department. She finds it a pattern .
We can feel it in her words mentioned below
Therapist:What is your understanding of life from your own experiences so far?
Client:” life is like a maze . It’s a kind of repetitive in nature we have to pass through from the same process again and again at ever new or higher stage of life. It requires lot of energy and efforts”.
.Loneliness surrounds her n its pain is unbearable at times

Born into a very well educated family,she is third in number out of four kids.Parents are fine and provide all that she wants in terms of her materialistic needs.The only thing that she has missed from them so far is their exclusive time for her.she says that she respects them for being so hard working ,All that they have been doing is for giving a quality life to the family.1)What she looks forward to the most is some exclusive time from them .Their relationship status seems to have no significance in her life since she still finds it weak and incomplete…Her brothers and sister are not at all affected by their parents lifestyle.Only she gets sad seeing that no one in the family gives importance to her emotional needs.2) She finds herself as an odd one out in the family.She is often labeled as an emotional fool by them.Though she is a very pretty girl with an intelligent mind ,but she sometimes feel low on her confidence,She says the family people and relatives do not take her seriously. 3)she has been always taken for granted by them.This has affected her focus on career as well.4) also often she finds herself as a victim of politics in her department.It affects her self esteem to a great extent. She has a sort of an emotional void within her . Her parents are not involved in what she does or where she goes. Her relatives often taunt at her for her simplicity.They make her feel unimportant and5) she finds her out of the family frame.she tried ignoring her relatives and remained away from them for sometime but again was targeted for insulting them with this change in her behaviour.6)She feels trapped at times. 7)She has slowly stopped expecting and sharing her part of day to day stories with anyone.She says it is of no use expecting them to sit and listen to her. 8)She craves for a feeling of belongingness .9) but at the same time ,She has a fear that if someone she is close to her dies she wont be able to bear the pain of loss.She cannot be lonely.10)Her grandma died recently and it was too painful for her to take it.This further made her very weak emotionally.11)loneliness haunts her often. Few months back she had some anxiety issues which she tried to control by keeping herself busy or diverting her mind to some activity during that phase.It did help her but today12) she feels that she had suppressed her feelings and not cured them. Due to this she avoids being close to people also because if she loses them it will devastate her state of mind.She wants peace .13)One interesting fact that she revealed to the therapist is that she is noticed rarely by anyone for her efforts .Only those who are not linked with her through blood and emotions sometimes do tell her that she is good .Whereas her own family people do not show that level of happiness which she expects from them on achieving something.They are busy in their own lives.

What Client Wanted To Know



Client words for the therapist after theme finalization:
I felt like someone is actually and exactly able to decode or understand what i am trying to tell. I was so comfortable in sharing my thoughts and things.

stages covered-till stage 6

DATE: 23rd JAN’23
Duration-2hrs minutes
Started at 5pm &ended at 7pm

stages covered 6,7,8,9,10
Date:24th Jan’23
Started at:5pm & Ended at:8pm

Stage 10-Garden Her Guide was someone she met here for the first time.
He had come in a white dress(like kurta and pyjama)
He was carrying a sling bag
And she felt very safe and comfortable in his presence.

  1. 5 OR 6 Y/O
  2. 18 Y/O
  3. 17Y/O

• Guided back to full awareness and alertness

Lasted for 3 hrs 15 mnts( started at 3pm n ended at 6:15pm)
Stages-Induction(10),visualization(11)PLR(!2),identification(13),integration(!4),closure reports & reccomendations(!5)

Here Client is addressed as ‘C’
And Therapist as ‘T’
T: Do you want to go ahead and find out the root cause of the fear of loneliness in this life ?
C: Yes
T:ok Grt!
T:As I count from 3to 1,at 1 you will open the chosen door and step into a life which is beyond time and space.This is another life, a chosen one out of many lives that you have lived in the past.It has the reason for fear of your loneliness in this life.
C: Silent
T:Look around and tell me what are you aware of
C: Its evening and everything looks dark and dusty and I can see a tunnel
There are people inside it.This tunnel has a light
T:What are you doing there
C:I am standing there holding a mashal( fire torch)
T:Do you see anything significant happening there
T:why are you standing there
C:I have to stand there holding it.
T: How u feel while standing there
C: Nothing. I am just looking at the mashaal .
T:What are you wearing
C:I am wearing a dark robe till my kness.
T:tell me something more like how you look
C :I look normal with some dust on my dress and I have may be curly hair…don’t know…
T: do you see some people around
C:Yes,but they are busy in their work
T:One of these is calling you by your name
T:Take a deep breath and relax.Look around carefully and see whats happening there.Do you see anything that attracts your attention…
C:I can see myself holding a mashaal and the light caused by it in the tunnel
T What is this place called
Client: Don’t know
T: How do you feel when you see this mashaal
A bit long pause…
T:Ok ,now as I count from 3 to 1 you will move to another significant event from that life . 3…2…&1
T:what do u see
T: V can you hear me?
Please raise your finger if yes
C: Raises her finger
T: Is there anything that you are feeling or seeing?
C: slient ,gently moving her head sideways…as if trying to connect with something….
After a brief pause
I think this is not a significant life
I am just holding a mashaal….and looking at it
T;How do you know this
C:Silence…someone …
My guide…may be…saying this
T:Are you sure that this life should not be explored further?
T: ok fine,Now as I count from 3 to 1, at 1you will be seeing another life beyond time and space.A past life that will clearly give you a reason for constantly feeling a fear of loneliness in this life.This is another life chosen to reach the roots of the how and why of this emotional pain that you have been going through in this life .
So here we go…3…2…&1
T:Tell me what do you see around
C:A village
T: Breathe in deep…
T: And look around…
u will see a heavy stone block
Once you find it ,do let me know
C:Raises her finger in yes
T: ok.Now,as I count from 3 to 1 you will go near that block and will see that It has the name of that place engraved on it along with the year
C: has dust on it
T:Just rub off this dust with your hand
you will get a clear picture
C:1726,Sirohi Village,Rajasthan
T:Are you a male or a female
C:A female.I am wearing bichuve(toe rings).I am wearing some jewellery…not clear…
T:how old are you
C:I am in my twenties
T:ok what is your name
A brief pause
C: Mayuri…
T:what else u see there
C:I see a Mud hut.I can see a light coming from inside
T: slowly go inside the hut
C:yes I am there
T:what do u see inside
C:I can see a lady covering her face with a veil
As I count 3 to1 at 1 this lady will lift up her veil and you will clearly see her face
T:what do u see
C:I can see her face
She is looking angry
Ugly look she is giving me
I am getting scared of her
T: who is she
C: my mother in law perhaps…
T: howdo you feel when you look at her
C: I do not feel good
T: Look into her eyes.Do you find any familiarity with someone in this life
C: No,but she scares me
T: why
C:She doesn’t like me
T: ok
T:who all are in the family
C: It me ,my husband and a small boy
T:Where is your husband
C;He has just entered the house
T:Tell me about him
How he looks like and how do you feel with him
C:He is wearing a turbon.lean and thin,with a moustache
He does not like me
T: why he does not like you
C: He got married to me for his parents happiness.He is always fighting with me.
He is always angry with me.
T: Ok
T; How is he behaving now with you
C: Same angry mood…
Client shows some frustration through her tone …
T:OK.What is that small boy doing there
C:Sitting on the floor
THow old is he
C: around 6/7years old
T:Is he related to u
T:As I count from 3 to 1,at 1 You will pick up another event from that same life.Now this is a very significant episode.It will give you a clear picture and a clear reason for your constant sadness due to lonelines in this life
T:What is happening
C:I am outside
There are huts around.In the middle of these huts there is a fire(sort of a bonfire)
T: Who are there with you
C: I am there with my husband
T:Do you see anyone else around
C: Yes ,that small boy
T: what is he doing there
C:he is just watching us
T :How are you connected with him in that life
C:He is my son
T ; Slowly go near to him ,and look into his eyes
Do you recognize him from your present life?
C: No
C: getting little restless,breathing fast( abreaction)
T: whats happening there
C: I am holding a patila( a boiler/utensil for boiling).It is filled with some liquid I think water( her hands moved as if was trying to hold something.( abreaction)
T:What is happening there now
C:He is very angry and is fighting with me…
Trying to snatch and throw away that utensil from my hand
Trying to push me…
Client getting restless(abreaction)
T: Relax and take a deep breath
You can just float above this scene
You are just an onlooker
an observer…
Relax and see what is happening next
The client is somewhat calm now
T: TeLL me what is happening with you now
C:Tears flowing down from the corner of her eyes…( CATHARSIS HAPPENS )
Silence for a while…
My son is in the fire
Burned to death…
C:He died…
T:How did this happen
C: while fighting with me my husband tried to snatch away that patila and I struggled to avoid that…
He accidently pushed my son into fire when he came to rescue me
T:Oh…this is really so sad…
C: Just breathe in deep and relax.This is just a scene from the past.You have already lived that moment.Its over now.So .just relax…
Client is in controlled state of emotion now

T:How do you feel now
Your son is no more
C:I am in a shock!
I am not able to believe it…
I am so devastated
Silence for a while…
T: what is happening now
C: smiling my son is on my lap(client remembering a past moment in that life)
T:How old is he
C:Few months
I love him so much
He gives me all the love
He is the reason for my life.My husband keeps coming and going…
He keeps fighting with me,trying to make my life a hell…
But my hope n all attraction for love lies in my childs eyes…
I feel fulfilled in his presence
I feel so complete with him…
T:That’s so beautiful to hear from you
You love him so much
A mother child love is a blessing of the divine!
So pure an emotion that radiates so much peace.
Silence….a tear dropping down( abreaction)
T: Whats happening
C : I lost him…
T:Where is your husband
C: Standing there
T:What is his reaction
C:Now he is quietly standing there in guilt
T:Did he try to save child
C: Don’t know… the flames were high and it all happened so fast that we had no time to react…I was in shock and he was in guilt…
T:What happened nxt
C:I was devastated….
A long silence…
T: Alright,
Slowly move few years ahead and tell me what is happening in that life
C:I am old
Sitting in a corner watching people working ,moving around
T:How old are you
C: Around 70
T: Where is your husband
C:He is not with me since a long time…perhaps since the day I lost my son…
T:Did you leave him
C:…don’t know…perhaps yes
T: What are you thinking
C:I am missing my son and nothing else matters to me…I felt nothing special for anyone in life except for my beloved son…
Lived with his memories…
Loved him so very much…
Now with a count from 3 to 1,at one you will be witnesiing your last moment of that life.When you were dying
T: what are you experiencing
C: I am old and sick
Lying on a bed
T:What has happened to you
C:I developed a bad cough
T:what is your age
T: Who all are there
C: Some villagers…faces not clear
T:Its fine…relax,you are just an onlooker
Watch this scene and tell me what is happening there
C:I think Iam dead
T:Just float above your body and look down and tell me what were your dying thoughts
C:Its gud,I will be free from the suffering
T: What suffering are you thinking of
C:The pain of seperation from my beloved son
T: ok, go on and tell me how were the emotions at that time
C:I Felt that If I die I will be free this this emotional suffering.I am remembering my son
T:Where is your husband
I don’t know
I don’t want to think about him
T:Now as you are dead and out of that life, tell me how was your experience in that life
C:I kept missing my love,my son.He was my hope for life,nothing else mattered to me.With his death I was totally devastated.I found this suffering too much for me.I distanced myself from everyone and passed my life in isolation till I died…
This feeling of missing him in isolation was with me till I died .
C:Silence.perhaps no
T: So what lession did you learn from that life
C: I should have accepted the truth and moved on…
T: what is that truth
C: life is a continous process
soul never dies…
its only the body that dies…
T: So do you think it was wrong to live like that, being engulfed by the pain of separation and suffer emotionally till you died
C:I should have accepted this and lived life
I just spent years in extreme sadness…
People going and coming
Talking with me or not talking…
Nothing mattered
Life is a continous process
T:Yes,it is a continous process!
A body dies and soul moves on.It leaves the body for a new journey on some other dimension.It keeps growing spiritually there. .The soul never dies.Death never seperates us. But we remain unaware of this spiritual truth while in body and keep grieving and missing the people we lost physically.
C:Yes,I can feel that
I can feel his energy here
C: He has come
T:Before she said this the therapist strongly felt some energy in the room.
T; What do you see/feel,can you share with me?
He is my son
He says to me that I have to free him
He could not move ahead due to my strong emotional desires to be with him…
This pulled him back
His eyes are shining so much
He is very loving
He is smiling

Telling me to release him so that ….
T: so that…?
(The client is in a very emotional state)
(Her facial expression could reflect all that love she had in her heart n how happy she was to see him again)
C:He is holding my hands and telling me that he will come back .
C:in this life he will be my son again,but I have to release him first so that he completes his soul journey there…
T: That’s true,You have to free him and allow him to go to higher spiritual dimension to receive spiritual wisdom and grow more there.This is very significant for a soul before it decides to select a new body for a new experience here again!
T: I will now count from 3 to 1 and at 1,You will see or feel a beautiful light coming down.This is the divine light from the universe to guide the soul towards the next path after it leaves the physical body here on earth .
T:do u feel or see anything?
C:Yes,I can feel it .It is white and has a tinge of yellow in it.
T:Give a hug to ur son,bless him and allow him to go to this light.This is also a divine guidance for the soul.It will take him back with it and so he will be free from this emotional bondage here on earth.Let him go…
Release him from ur emotional pull.You love him and want him to move ahead smoothly so that he may be with u again when the right time comes.He has just told you that( future prediction)
C expression of mixed feeling ( from intense love to sadness to a constant smile and peace…)
T:How are you feeling now
C:I have allowed him to move on
T:That’s wonderful,also you ask for him for forgiveness .Tell him that you stopped him from leaving just because you were unaware of this eternal truth about the souls journey ,which is so significant .A soul has to move on and leave behind the body, after death.
C: yes now I understand it .
I am so satisfied now n I am happy that I am helped him and released him from this bondage . I can see him standing under that light
C:I am sure that he is safe there
I can see him floating up…moving up slowly…
He has gone far up and away…
T:What else you can see now
C:He has gone back and I send my blessings to him( smiles…)
T: how are you feeling now
C: There are some things…frames…photo frames…falling down from the sky…
T: where are u…
C: These are the photos…many of them…
T: where are you now…and why these photos have come to you
C:Gift from the divine
T: amazing!
Are all these different pictures?
C: Not clear …
Perhaps , all have the same image… someone witha prince coat with fine lines….
I cant see the face…
T:As I count from 3 to 1 at 1you will clearly see the image and get the message behind it.This Gift is a special one for you…
May be the universe wants to give you a message
A special one perhaps…
3…2…& 1
Pick up one and tell me what it is about
C:This is perhaps about the man who will come in my life soon…or may be I will marry him…
T:That’s nice,tell me what type of feeling you get now
C:I am kind of surprised and happy at the same time
The universe took away the soul of my son for smtm and gave me a happy furure message in return
Yes ,it’s a gift for me
T;How are you feeling now
I am so happy
T: lovely!
Do you think that you have anything else to see in that life which is significant.
C: takes some time
Now that you have understood the spiritual essence of life after death and the journey of soul.You have an understanding of the eternal nature of the soul that it never dies ,I will guide you to revisit the same episode from that life from where this extreme feeling of loneliness came out for the first time.
But this time you will carry the spiritual learning along. You will revisit that moment from the past where the seed of that sad emotion of loneliness got germinated.You will be there again with this learning and understanding about life that it continues even after death .Life continues in the form of soul and only body dies…
And Death never seperates us
T:whats happening
C: I am standing
T: What is happening
C: My son is dead.My husband is also there
T: OK ,tell me how are you feeling
C:I am sad but in control now
I am telling myself that its just a matter of sometime and we will be together again…
This time when he comes I will take more care of him and protect him.

What else are u feeling
C:I am thinking nothing
I have accepted that life has to continue( this was a repeatedly said by the client)
His body has perished but his soul has not.He will meet me again with a new body in some life.
I feel that I have accepted this and can balance my self now to spend rest of my life.
T: How is your husband reacting
C:He is still guilty…I think… but it doesnot bother me
T: Now is the moment you must free him also from the feeling that he developed by being a reason for the separating you from your love ,your son in that life.This is the feeling of guilt .This affects and stops him also from learning the process of life and moving ahead with an understanding on the cycle of death and birth.Let him feel the power of forgiveness as well.Help him and free him as well…
T: Go to him now and hold his hands and first of all tell him that you have forgiven him
tell him that it just happened accidently.He should not be feeling guilty any more.Explain to him also the spiritual learning and understanding that u have received.
T: whats happening now
have you spoken to him
He looks fine now
I think he has forgiven me as well for making him only responsible for that incident .
Yes, he is the father
He also loved the child…
It was a physical and emotional loss for him as well.
T: so you both understand it…and ready to move on
C: Yes…(looks calm)
T: Alright
T:Look into his eyes now and tell me how do you feel now
C:He is able to understand and perhaps empathizing with me and my pain
T:Is he anyone from this life that you can connect with
C: No,I don’t know…
T: ok. Now go near that fire and tell me how do you feel when you look at it?
I feel ok…
I know this is not important anymore.
T:Do you still feel the fear ?
C:I think I am not scared now…
T :that’s good.
Tell me if you have anything left from that life that needs attention
T: Alright
T:Do you think that you have still some thing left to explore and experience from that life.
C: takes some time
Now this is the time when you should be coming back
Having visited that life you received an amazing learning about the nature of soul,Cycle of life and death and the healing power of a very positive emotion called love and forgiveness.So do you agree on this
C:Yes,I fully agree
T grt!
So How are you feeling now
C:I feel hopeful and positive.I feel confident andI am very happy.
T:That’s wonderful!
So as I now count from 3 to 1 at 1 you will be coming back to the garden through the tunnel of light.This Garden is where you feel so safe ,so nurtured and you can visit it any time for a clear guidance for life.It has an acess to a deep knowledge and widom A widom being is specially assigned to you by the universe here and he is always there for you.

So with this fantastic piece of knowledge, now get ready to go back
3…2…& 1
T:Are you in the garden
Do let me know once you are there
C:Raising finger for a yes
T: Grt!
Now tell me what do you see or feel there
C: I can feel my guide
He is smiling at me
Ask him if you have any thing still left to experience and learn in relation with the present life
C: He says no…
T: Alright
So Give him a hug,ask for blessings and be ready to come back
Once you are ready do let me know
C:Raises her finger in yes
T: This time I am going to count up from 1 to 10
Every number that I count up will make you more and more aware of the present
At 10 you will be fully aware,alert and awakened
Aware of the time and surroundings from this presnt life
1…2…3…4…5…6…getting more and more aware at 7… 8. . fully aware and alert and integrated at 9
Gently open your eyes…
Rub your palms and gently give a massage to your eyes and face…
And the the client was brought back .


• She looked pale and sad n quite sensitive about the surroundings and very cautious about the things she spoke .
• Looked helpless
• She was hesitant and took sometime opening up
• Wanted to go for this therapy secretly
• Seemed interested more after watching the methodical approach from the therapist
• Went through the form of confidentiality and checklist and hypnosibility test and cooperated well eventually.

• Was quite surprised to have visited and lived some moments of her past life .
• She was surprised to know how time passed so fast during the session! She had thought that it must have been a play for maximum of an hour or so .
• She told the therapist that in this life she is scared of going near the gas stoves,or any source of fire,even hot and full vessels . She forgot to tell about this fear to the therapist during the case history taking session.But this surfaced up and got resolved too!

• Her pain level went down to zero from eight.
• She developed a hope
• Wished for coming again happily in future incase of any advice or guidance
• looked relaxed and amazed at the same time with this experience
• She had no exposure before to any such therapy or healing modalities ,so this was like a new experience for her and to which she gave a very positive response and feedback as well!

Report and recommendations
A report about the sessions was E-mailed to the client along with the following recommendations

  1. Continue with the prayer ritual ( the client had been following this for last few years)

  2. Listen to the music when stressed out( listening to music is her hobby)

  3. Meditate daily for sometime if possible( since the client had a knowledge about meditation and its benefits)

  4. Whenever puzzled just take a break for a minute and take a deep breath in and out. Continue this process for 2 to 3 minutes .This can guide the mind to focus and it may give some immediate positive results .

    CONCLUSION: Client had a fear of loneliness in this present life. After the sessions,  it was concluded that the reason for the same was deep rooted in a  life from the past .In that life she had lost her son in an accident.He was pushed into the fire and he died instantly.This was so shocking to her that she couldn’t accept this loss.She spent her life in this pain and in a lonely state of mind till she died.The pain of separation from her son was so intense  that it got passed on to this life as well. 

In this life, seeing or facing anything related to fire and fight or violence triggers a fear followed by a feeling of extreme loneliness in her.She did mention to the therapist in the first meeting that she feels suffocated in the scenes where there is fight or violence.She feels pain when she misses an emotional bond.She feared loneliness.But after the plr session she got her answers and was much happy and relaxed and above all quite satisfied .

It was a great experience for the client and the therapist as well.I am grateful to my client to have given me some time out of her busy schedule,I also wish her all the very best for her future life.



Dear Indu, Congratulations on finishing 2nd case. Very glad that this therapy helped the client in reducing pain from 8 to 0. Thanks for providing detailed case history here. Very well articulated session with right probing questions and recommendations.


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Congratulations Indu … what a wonderful and healing experience… and very very well communicated by you at the forum . Wish you good luck for all future sessions.

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Dear Indu,
Heartiest congratulations on successful completion of second case. Must say very well conducted and steered wherever it was needed during the sessions. Wishing you many more Healings.

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Congrats a lot Indu for conducting such a successful session. The story is very touching. Thanks for letting us know such a beautiful story of world’s purest form of love i.e. mother and child love and teaching us the importance of letting go and sending love and joy to our loved ones who have left for heaven instead of holding their further journey.

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Wow Indu it was really a great session… so keep going with flow. And try
to solve problems of human in stress.

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Dear Meenakshi,
Thanks for such a lovely feedback!
I am grateful!

Dear Hiteshi
Thanks for sharing your precious words on a mother child bonding so purely based on love.Thanks for ur kind support n a positive feedback .Grateful!

Dear Monesh,Thanks for ur constant motivation n support .I am so grateful !
Thanks again.

Dear Shweta
Thanku so much for ur motivating feedback.M grateful to my Guru .
Grateful to u.Thanks again!

Thanks Veera!
M glad that you went through it in detail.Yes,it’s like an achievement when you know that the client is benefitted from the session.Also this was possible purely because of all that has been showered upon us in the form of knowledge
& guidance by our dearmost Guru Dr Venu.Your encouragement thru this feedback is precious indeed.Thanks again!

Congratulations Indu! A well done PLR that helped in reducing the pain level of the client to zero! Wish you with lots of such success! :+1:


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Congratulations Indu on a very successful PLRT healing.

You were faced by critical challenges from the unique trauma of the client which you handled exceptionally well. Your confident style and dexterity in managing the flow of the healing process has come out clearly in the transcript.

Wishing you all the very best for more successful PLRT healings.

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Thank you so much Roopa.Your feedback is so encouraging!Keep guiding me as well

Thanku so much Pawan for your valuable feedback!

Congratulations Indu!
This is a beautiful case study. How traumas of past life keep surfacing in our present Life. Subconscious mind is so powerful, it remembers every impactful image, it was so sad to know the pain of the mother losing her dear son in fire accident.
I also had a learning How we unknowingly hold on to the soul’s journey by our grief and non acceptance and denial of the loss.
Every soul has a journey, we must not hold on to them.
Very touching story.
Happy that your client got peace and accepted the trauma with a beautiful learning. Am sure she will be greatly benefitted.
All the best :heart:

Dear Indu. Many congratulations for successfully completing your 2nd case. This case is so deep and passes a profound message to everyone. A very beautiful, elaborate and a well articulated session. You’ve been able to use the right open-ended questions to get through the issues the client was suffering and were successful in healing the trauma carried to this birth from the past. So glad to know that your client was able to connect to her past, learn the required lessons and understand the importance of those lessons in the present life, by reducing her pain level from 8 to 0. More power to you Indu. All the best for you in this amazing PLR journey as a therapist.

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Thank you dear Ranjini for a very positive feedback.M so grateful to you !

Congratulations Indu on your second Therapy wishing you all the very best for all your future healing

Thank you so much Mandeep for your valuable feedback.Grateful!