Fear of Losing loved Ones

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RG, F, 12+, 7/10, 2/5, K (Primary), V (Sec) Fear of losing Loved ones (8/10).

The kid has vision of losing loved ones. She has had anxiety attacks related to the same feeling. She also had visions of losing loving friends.

Stages 1-9 completed on 24 Aug 2023. (6pm to 8:30pm)

Theme was finalized to Fear of losing loved ones . She also complained of Scopophobia (Fear of always being watched).

The same was followed by reframing. She was not able to go to any painful memories. We tried later to go to happy memories, but she was not able to visualize any happy memories either.

I felt that the trans was not proper so, she was not able to visualize much in this session.

On 25 Aug 2023 we planned another session. (10am-12:50pm)

We started with a prayer.

I restarted with stages 1-9 but kept them brief. IMR was established.

Stage 10 was initiated.

The Client was asked to relax and using Dave Elman technique the relaxation was deepened. More time was spent on deepening the relaxation. ( The induction and trans was quicker this time )

The Client was asked to visualize a garden which she was easily able to and then was requested to go to the Cliff to perform reframing.

She was able to go to the Cliff and reframing was performed successfully. She was able to see all painful memories and was able to remove them from her system.

Then she moved on to Happy memories and was able to visualize three happy memories.

In one of the happy memories the client was enjoying a chocolate cake and I too felt the taste of the cake.

Post this I started the exploration of the theme.

C- Client; T-Therapist

T- We will go the place in childhood where you felt the fear of being constantly looked at or the fear of losing a loved one. When I could from 3-1, you will go to that memory.


What comes to your awareness.

Client is moaning,

What do you see RG?

Moaning continues

What do you see?

Papa has gone to office, Didi has gone to school, I did not go to school as it was a Saturday. When I got up from sleep there was no one at home.

Where are you?

At home

How old are you?

Second grade

How did you feel?


Would you like to know where this pain is arising from your past life?

Nods in yes.

How much is the pain?


When I could from 3-1 we will increase the pain two times.


Client starts crying and moaning

Breathe, Breathe. Its OK.

Please Listen to me.

We will use this pain as a bridge to go in the life where this pain started.

When I count from 10-1 you will go in the life of origin of this pain.


You are there RG.

What comes to your awareness?

We live in a huge house. Me, Dad and Mummy

How old are you?


What is your name?


Which country do you live in?

We are in Germany.

Do you know the year?


What are you doing right now?

Me and my family are hiding.

Hiding from?


How do you feel?

I am not their child, I am a Jew, they adopted me, they are not Jews

What are you doing there?

We do not have anything to eat.

Do you recognize your adopted parents?


Who is GXXi ( elder sister in current life )

She is my mother.

Who is your father?

I do not know.

When I count from 3-1 you will go to next significant moment in this life.


What come to your awareness?

Starts Crying very badly

Breathe, Breathe.

It is a past life.

You can float above your body, breathe.

Crying continues

Breathe, it is a past life.

Tell me what happened

Crying Maa, Maa

Something happened to GXXi

Meri wajah se (Because of me)

They hung her, Continues to cry

Where are you RG?

When I count from 3-1 you go to next significant moment in this life.



What comes to your awareness?

I am dead.

How did you die?

My father killed me.


Using a kitchen knife.

Why did he kill you?

I was the reason Gxxi was killed.

Do you recognize the father from the current life.


Someone from school

( Post regression she informed that the father was one of the friends of her elder sister from current life, who the elder sister had lots of issues with )

Where are you?

I am near the table.

Have you left your body?


When I count from 3-1 you will go to the moment where you leave your body


Where are you?

What comes to your awareness?


I am free.

Where are you?

In a black room.

When I count from 3-1 you will meet your spirit guides

I am with my spirit guides.

What are you seeing?

Durga Maa

You can see Durga Maa. What is she saying?

What is Maa saying?

She is not saying anything.

What is the purpose of this life?

Be fearless.

Be Fearless?


Fill in all the light, healing and energy from Maa in your body.

Stay for some time with Maa.

Breathe the fearless energy in your body and know you can have it anytime you need it in your life.

Something else comes to your awareness?

Would you like to go to another life to get further answers?


What comes to your awareness?

Maa helped me by being there with me.

Do you know why do you have this fear of losing loved ones now?

Nods in Yes

Do you have that fear anymore?

Nods in No

So, what we will do is leave all this fear of past life in past life.


Leave all that is past in past and carry only the power of Maa Durga in this life.

All the pains anxiety will be left in the past life.

What is the purpose of this life?

Client was Quiet

Where are you?


Thinking of my purpose.

C Face every challenge.

C Face every challenge.

T Face every challenge?

C Face every challenge.

Do you want to be in garden for some time?


When I count from 1-10 you will come to this life, this body.

When you come back you will bring with you the power of Maa Durga and leave the fear of losing loved ones in the past life.


Client comes out of trance.

A third Session was conducted on 31 Aug 2023 at 10AM

C: The pain has decreased from 8 to 1.

Now I do not feel anxious when my parents go out of the house.

I use to have tics previously whenever I use to get anxious. Surprisingly, they have disappeared after the session.

Thanks a lot.


Super Dr Aashish!!! Three cheers for you. You are very special for our Atlantis batch. Excellent and wonderfully orchestrated. Wish you all the best.


What a session Aashish!!!

I simply have no words for this…


You were beyond excellence!!!



Amazing Aashish g . Congrats for the second wonderful case .

The transcript is so astonishing, She lost loves ones in previous lifetimes and hence was carrying the fear .

The client feel no fear now . Magical :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Very beautifully done. Use of bridge effect was amazing. Thanks for posting.keep doing the amazing work


Superb session Dr. Aashish! Nice use of bridge. Also, you controlled her stress levels very well during the session!


@Aashishh :open_mouth: am speechless !
Keep sharing your experiences.


Dear @preeti_gupta
Thanks for the encouraging words. I would pray that we are able to help the mankind.


Dear @shiprabharadwaj13
Thanks for the kind words. I am happy that was able to help my client.


Kudos dear…mindblowing…fearless @Aashishh with fearless child…now with biscuits we want chocolates also​:crazy_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::innocent::nazar_amulet::heart:


Dear @deepakchaks thanks
I too was surprised when this session happened. Previous day the client could not see anything.
Then the next day I prayed to my guru and he helped me to help my client. It is all him. :pray:


Dear @Ananda_Krishnan, thanks a lot. This batch is special to me. I feel like a rebirth. Big thanks to @venu for being the guru beyond imagination. He has been there with me through all regressions done by me.


I am unable to read the VAK score clearly. it’s come out like this

That’s the spirit Beloved @Aashishh ! Never give up. When it comes to the unconscious a bhava of “Nish-Kama” karma always works!

every time we do it, the client goes deeper, it’s like digging a well, once dug, we don’t have to dig it again, we start from where we left :slight_smile:


One request is to refine the suggestions to be more indirect, we can use “When I count from 3-1 you could maybe allow your unconscious mind to bring into your awareness the next most significant…”

WOW… having goosebumps reading this! :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

Watch this as me after reading about your phenomenal sessions!


And more than anything else, thanks to all those who make it a point to go through this session reports, learn or provide feedback or encourage, you’ve positioned yourselves as professionals!


Dear @venu
I feel very blessed when I receive feedback from you. I feel I am very blessed to learn from you. I also thank my daughter to be the medium for giving me this opportunity.
I too feel this regression was very special as this regression was the purpose of my joining Amarantos. Thanks again for all the support and love.
I take your feedback. I have already completed my next regression but will make sure to use the suggestion technique in future once.
I also thanks all the forum members to give me sooo much of love, their time and genuine feedback.


Dear @Kaynaz_Ghista I think daddy did an excellent PLR on me to turn me into fearless. I can do anything now. cookies, chocolates anytime.


Dear Pooja
I too was speechless after the session. Thanks for motivating me with you kind words always.


Dear @Kaushik welcome to the community. It is really good to see you on this forum. We were missing you.
Thanks for the kind words. It is all due to our wonderful guru who trained us well. I feel that this can still be done better.


Aashish so much to learn from how the session was conducted. Thanks for sharing.


Dear Aashishh,

It is just beautiful to see how easily and succinctly you could regress a 12year old without any fear or doubt.
I am feeling thrilled about your progress and the possibility your doing this contains for each one of us to do great transformative work being an instrument of love and compassion.


Dear @Shilpa_Menon thanks for the kind words. I feel I was a lot worried the previous day that is why the client could not see anything. That session gave me courage to believe which helped. I also feel there are lot of blessings from all of you that are helping.

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