Fear of losing the loved ones


FEMALE: 21 y/o


DORMANT TRAIT: Kinaesthetic


Pain level: 10

What client wanted to know? Client had had multiple break ups in relationships without any fault on her part and grew fear of losing the loved ones. .therefore wanted to know the root cause of the said fear

Session: 23.04.2022 , started at 3.30 PM lasted for around 3 & ½ hours.

(C – Client & T – Therapist)

Began the session with progressive relaxation and it took around 15-20 minutes for her to go into trans state. She recalled many childhood memories including memory of her birth. I have skipped that portion since not have that relevance to her present issue of relationship break ups. Thereafter, I instructed her to go back to the time from where her symptoms of current life issue has started.

T: Can you see/imagine/feel anything.

C: Tiger. He is Koustubh.

T : Who is he?

C : He is my Spirit Guide

T: Why is he there? What’s the message he wants to convey?

C : He has come to help me cross the door. (She revealed that Koustubh is one of Lord Vishnu’s names). I have crossed the door.

T : Can you see anything?

C : I am an young girl, around 18-20 yrs old, wheatish complexion, short hair……feeling very sad and upset………hilly area……a waterfall…….Dam actually. I am about to jump into water.

T : Why are you upset? What made you to commit suicide?

C : Jungle type area…I am running….some friend is coming from behind….feeling good to see him….He is D (current life boyfriend)……he is asking me to come back……He is very close to our family……Father has also come……seems very worried ……one lady is coming…my mother….face not clear……she is not able to walk properly….seems familiar but not able to recognize……she is yelling at me……all are trying to persuade me……don’t want to listen……I want to marry Z (one of her ex-boyfriends from the current life)……she is aware but she didn’t show……They all forcefully took me home……big house…temple like open house…somebody is sitting inside….he is Z…… he is 9-10 yrs elder to me . I ran towards him….he is neutral…He is telling me that I should listen to my parents and should marry this guy who is sitting behind….He is S (one of her ex-boyfriends from the current life. He wants to marry me but I don’t. Z is trying to persuade me but I am not listening…I am feeling so hurt and dejected. S is feeling helpless. I ran from there. D & S are running after me. Z stayed there…he loves me but pretending just like he doesn’t care for me. I ran towards Dam… S caught me and slapped me on my face…I don’t like him at all.

Somehow they saved me from committing suicide.

T: Now go to the next significant event of that life.

C: I am married to A (one of her ex-boyfriends from the current life)We have one daughter around 5-6 yrs old. They share very good bonding. He loves me. I am very grateful to him…I respect him but not having love feelings for him. (She told that in current life he felt the same thing about him).

D & I are still very good friends. He has come to meet me. A didn’t like. It was a pure friendship but A didn’t like it.

Another memory popped up. D is taking good care of my parents after my marriage. My father is no more. My mother in that life is D’s aunty (father’s sister)in the present life.

She again picked up earlier memory where she left S. He didn’t leave me. I left him. Z is still there. One girl came (she is Reeta, current life girl-friend of Z . They are in relationship. He mentions this reason for not marrying me but he has feelings for me. She is sorry for hiding this fact from me. I am asking Z. He is silent, feeling helpless. He had some compulsion/obligation because they are in physical relation and she is controlling him. I felt betrayed and hurt. I left him. This way we got separated. But I could not leave his memory.

T : What happened next?

C : I am not talking to my mother and I don’t care for her . D has been taking good care of her(In current life, his aunty has not married and they are staying together. In present life also, she is having some leg issues. We have good relations in the current life)…………Again picked up memory with A when D visited their place… A is not happy and convinced about their friendship…some heated argument broke up___I could not tolerate all those allegations and I left with D ….This time also A didn’t ask me to leave, I left him ._ We came home …My mother has been lying flat on the floor……she is no more………We are in deep shock…….I am feeling so bad for her…feeling guilty for not taking care of her… D is crying a lot…we both are crying….he felt he is responsible for my mother’s death because he had come to see me and left her alone in the house…….but he didn’t blame me. (In current life, his parents got separated and he is living with his aunt who was my mother in previous life and they are very close to each other)

Thereafter we came to D’ s place, his mother is there(she is my mother in current life)……I guess both of our mothers were very good friends in that life_________She is very happy to see both of us(In current life, D calls my mother as “mummy”. Now I get to know the connection)

D is still very sad and crying He informed about the death of my mother His mother is blaming me for the death of my mother but she didn’t hate me. She inquired about my married life but I told her that I don’t want to go back to A.

Some elderly person came maternal uncle I suppose (He is D’ s father in present life). He felt very sad and guilty to know the demise of my mother (his sister in that life)…it seems that their relation got strained because of some property issue. (In current life D’s aunt didn’t marry and both are brother and sister and doing some property business together…They actually resolved their previous life issue)

T : Go to the next significant event of that life.

C: D and I are living together. He didn’t marry in that life. We are sitting along riverside. We are now around 45-50 yrs old.

He has now first time confessed his feelings for me. He always had feelings for me but didn’t express Now I realised why he didn’t marry. I got angry as to why he didn’t tell this earlier ……had he expressed his feelings, A would not have come to her life….I got angry and came back home. I told the incident to his mother…she was aware of his feelings for me… but both of them kept it secret from me.

It’s been very late but D didn’t yet come We are worried. …………He came late in the night along with A and my daughter.…. I am shocked to see both of them . D is asking me to go with them…I am not ready… D’s mother also doesn’t want me to go with them…Some heated argument happened between us… To see us quarrelling, my daughter ran away from there… A also ran after her…. D got very much angry on me…he first time scolded me and asked whether I m still thinking about Z ….( Z’ s name in that life was Dweep and my name was Sai . D is a blog writer in the present life…I suggested “Dweep” name for one of the characters in his blog but he didn’t like the idea…I was not sure as how this name came to my mind but now I know the reason why I had special affinity for this name.)

I am feeling hurt and dejected …His mother is neutral …not taking anybody’s side but somehow she is happy that I didn’t go with A.

T: what happened next…

C: We are very old…we are living together but we didn’t marry…Though I grew feelings for him…I didn’t confess.

Weather is not good…flood like situation we both drifted away in flood water we are holding each other’s hand. .

T : Are you alive? Is this a last day of your life?

C : Yes. We already died and came to spirit world.

T: What lesson you have learnt from this life?

C : I learned “Patience”. I betrayed two people S and A. They didn’t left me, in fact I left both of them.

D was with me throughout that life…he is still with me in this life. Pause…We have experienced soul level love relationship.

T : What corrective action you need to take?

C :I should be more patient with all my relationships. I think A chapter is incomplete

T : Do you want to explore more about A ?

C : yes

T : Allow your mind to explore the incomplete thread with A.

C: I think it is Rajasthan. A very big palace… A is with me… we are workers in the palace very poor… we have stolen something from the palace….we hid ourselves people are searching for us we have been caught by them He denied the charges and put all the blame on me they released him and put me in the prison… I was confined for the entire life I died early due to hunger A actually betrayed me in that life

T: Ok I then asked the client whether she wanted to explore anything She said she wanted to come back Accordingly I ended the session and guided the client to come back.

She felt very relaxed, relieved and happy. She has got answers to her questions. Pain level came down from 10 to 0.


Great work, Vaishali. Very well done.
Another case to convince us that what comes before us is the result of our past karmas. We should always be willing to accept what happens to us: howsoever bad it is. We can only pray for the forgiveness from the souls we have hurt in past.


Thank you so much Arvind ji.


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