Fears of water, dying early, and deceased grandmother

Date: 28th October 2023.

Session 1:

Hypnosis Score: 7

Suggestibility Score:

Visual – 6,

Auditory – 6,

Kinesthetic - 3.

Dominant Sense: Visual/Auditory.

Eye Roll Score: 2.

Client Information:

Name: Ranjana (name changed)

Gender: Female

Age: 14 years old.

Medium of Instruction: Kannada.

Appearance: Well smartly dressed.

Posture: Good.

Gait, Movement, and Behavior: Normal gait and movement; maintained good eye contact.

Affect/Mood: Normal.

Speech Rate and Volume: Very low rate, but volume is normal.

Length/Content/Clarity of Answer: Appropriate.

Thought Content: The client appeared normal and very positive about the PLR.

Client History:

Father works on daily wages, and Mother is a very hard worker who runs a shop. The client has a 11 years old younger sibling studying in 6th grade, staying along with the parents. Ranjana had a happy childhood with her parents and one younger sibling. She has a strong bonding with her father and loves him more than her mother. She loves her mother and sister also. She feels scared of her mother. The client perceives that her mother loves her
Sister more, and she fears getting hurt if she doesn’t follow her mother’s instructions or responds assertively.

The client expresses the fear of dying early and exhibits anxiety about entering the bedroom of her grandmother. She believes her deceased grandmother’s presence is in the room, and this fear prevents her from entering into that room. The client mentions the fear of water due to a past incident during a school trip accidentally she fell into a swimming pool, and then her friends saved her from drowning.

Date: OCT 28 2023

Time: 6:00 PM to 8:40 PM

IMR: Done

Session 2:

Session Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes.

Client relaxed for some time listening to the music of bell chant.


  1. The client’s always has a fear of very early death.

  2. The fear of sensing her grandmother’s presence in her room, so she avoids entering in to that room.

  3. Fear of water.

Pain Level: 9


C (Client)

T (Therapist)

The session started with a prayer and lighting a diya, followed by progressive relaxation and Dave Elman technique. After that the client appeared deeply relaxed and in trance state. Client visualized a divine light and described the light is in white color and round in shape. Then I encouraged her to heal herself from head to toe using this divine light. She described a sensation of negativity leaving her body, particularly through her head in the form of smoke.

The therapist then addressed the inner child, focusing on two major incidents from the client’s childhood. Re-framing techniques were applied to help the client process and re-frame these experiences.

T: Where are you?

C: I can see a park. So many flowers, pink, yellow, and white and with big trees.

T: Go ahead and see, is there any bench to sit?

C: Yes, I can see one. I will sit on it.

T: Look all around you. Is there anybody else in the garden?

C: I can’t see anyone.

T: Now you’re walking barefoot on the beautiful grass. Can you feel that?

C: Yes.

T: See, there is a staircase near you.

C: Yes, I can see a staircase.

T: There are 20 steps.

C: No. There are more than 20 steps. I am seeing the steps for a longer distance.

T: Just climb the staircase. See where it takes you?

C: I am at the top of the stairs.

T: What all you see from there? See, there are three doors in front of you?

C: I can see only one door.

T: Just open the door and go inside. You are completely safe. The light has covered you from inside and outside your body. No harm will happen to you.

C: I can see only the clouds.

T: What else you see?

C: I can see one more door.

T: Open the door and go inside. What are you seeing?

C: There is a big house.

T: Is anything written on the house?

C: No.

T: Look all around you? Is there anybody else?

C: I am alone; no one is there with me.

T: As I count from 3 to 1 everything will be clear to you?

C: I am alone, only the clouds are with me.

T: Go with the clouds. See where they take you?

C: I can see my grandmother.

T: Take her blessings. Ask her to forgive you if you’ve done anything. Share all your feeling with her.

C: My grandmother is talking and she started crying loudly don’t know why.

T: Ask her not to cry. Why is she crying?

C: Grandmother is telling that she couldn’t do anything for me and my sister when she was alive. My grandmother is asking me to forgive her. I am telling her, don’t cry, your blessings are enough.

T: Ask her not to make you scared. Whenever you go into her room. Ask her to bless you and protect you.

C: She is telling me, my blessings are always with you. And she loves me very much. She is blessing me and my family, and blessed me to be a doctor.

T: Do you still have the fear towards your grandmother?

C: No. My fear is completely gone.

T: As I count from 3-2-1, go to the significant event to know why you feel that you’ll die early. From where this thought is coming to you? What is the reason?

C: I am able to see Goddess Lakshmi.

T: How does she look like?

C: Exactly like in the temple, wearing a green and red mixed color sari, with horses next to her. She is very beautiful I am praying to her.

T: Take her blessings. And ask her, why you feel that you will die early? Look at yourself. What are you wearing?

C: I am wearing a pink color chuddar.

T: How old are you there?

C: Same age as now.

T: Is it your past life or present life?

C: I am in the sky, walking.

T: See where you reach.

C: Now I could see Lord Krishna. Krishna is my favorite deity.

T: Take his blessings and ask him, from where the problem is coming to you.

C: There is a bright light. It’s a village. I am in 5th standard Kannada medium school. I am a girl, wearing a white dress. I can see many small houses.

T: Go inside your home and see who all are there?

C: My mother and my brother are there inside the house. My brother is playing, and my mother is making roti.

T: By what name they are calling you?

C: I cannot hear anything.

T: See what is happening now?

C: My brother is wearing a shirt. Now my mother is taking him for a walk. My dad is sleeping.

T: Go to the next significant event of that life?

C: I am 10 years old, my head and legs are injured. It’s paining. People are taking me to the hospital. My parents came to see me.

T: What happened?

C: I met with an accident.

T: Go ahead in time in that life and see what happened later?

C: I am 20 years old, married, and I am in my husband’s house. Happy with the family.

T: Go ahead in time? What is happening now?

C: I am a teacher, working in a school. I don’t have kids.

T: Can you recognize anyone in that life?

C: My present life’s grandfather (dad’s father) is my father-in-law in the that life. My father-in-law died after 2 years of my marriage.

T: Go to the next significant event of your life?

C: My father’s mother also died. My brother also got married. I am not well. I am 35 years old.

T: What happened?

C: I am suffering from cancer.

T: No need to take any pain. Watch it from the distance? See what happened next?

C: I am dead after a year of my cancer.

T: Float above the scene and watch it from the distance? What is happening now?

C: I am seeing from above. I can see my mom and my brother have come to see me after my death.

T: Did anybody come to take you when you were dying?

C: No, no one came to take me.

T: What are you carrying from that life to this life?

C: I think it’s the fear of dyeing early.

T: Do you like to release the fear of dyeing early?

C: Yes.

T: Release all those pains, emotions, feelings and other thoughts which you are carrying from there to this life?

C: Yes I released my fear. Now I would like to come back? Brought her back with to the garden and as I count from 1 to 10 nearly awake now

Session 2 - 29th OCT 2023.

After Progressive relaxation and Dave Elman technique I guided her to the garden.

T: Go to the significant event to know from where the fear of water is coming to you? As I count from 3 to 1, what’s coming to your awareness?

C: I am 7 years old, playing with my friends. I’m very happy.

T: Go ahead in time? What is happening now?

C: I am going to the market with my dad.

T: What’s your name?

C: Dad is calling me Sindu. My father brought me a dress on my birthday. I am wearing a pink dress, playing with my friends.

T: Go to the next significant event of that life.

C: My mother and father they both go for work. So most of the time I spend in my aunt’s house. She lives next to our house. And taking care of me

T: Go ahead in time in that life?

C: When I was 8 years old, we went to see a place. While playing, I fell into the water, and I died.

(Client started crying and screaming. I am scared of water.)

T: No need to take that pain again. Float above the scene? Watch it from the distance?

C: My parents and my family members are screaming and crying. They are trying to save me. But, I am already dead.

T: What are carrying from that life to this life?

C: Fear of water.

T: Do you like to release the fear of water?

C: Yes.

T: Release all those emotions, feelings and other thoughts which you are carrying from there to this life.

C: Yes, I released.

T: The client wanted to come back so emerged with the count of 1 to 10 completely awake now

Stage 13 Integration / Inference.

The client is shocked and also surprised by the events which she saw in trance. Fear could be seen on client’s face while witnessing the traumatic incidents.

Stage 14 Closures / Mapping.

The client’s questions are addressed and fears are released. The client wants to become a doctor, so I did future life progression to her. She saw herself as a doctor. She is happy. The pain level has reduced from 9 to 5 as the fear is completely gone.

Stage 15 Reports & Recommendations

Points to note and act.

The client wants to focus on her studies and wants to become a doctor.
Client Feedback

The client is happy. She doesn’t have any fear now.


Good work @ashmitavgg304.

Further to above,

In my humble opinion we could probably have explored this aspect of cancer as well to ascertain the root cause and attempt to resolve it


Dear Ashmita,

Compliments for bringing the much needed healing and resolutions to a 14 years young client who has a long long life to tread ahead… :yellow_heart:

My feedback is as under for your consideration please,

Amazing … :yellow_heart:

We may not suggest the seeking forgiveness part to the client. We expect these to come from the client’s higher consciousness.

Consider : What could be the reason for her crying out aloud? What comes to your awareness?

:pray: :pray: :pray:

Consider using present tense to keep the experience stronger as if
NOW (In Time) AND HERE (Space).

May be we could have explored if client is carrying any emotion from this incident.

Consider : what would it take to resolve this fear of dying early?

May be we could have dealt with the client in a more empathetic way in our suggestion by utilising the amazing tool of paraphrasing taught by our beloved Guru. :pray:

Here again, consider steering the session in a manner so that all the learnings and resolutions emerge from the client’s higher consciousness.

Great work fear completely gone
but we also intend the pain level to come to 0…

Best Wishes


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:

Congratulations on your first post and session @ashmitavgg304

The stage 6 has been done very well.

Client being a K, what should’ve been the suggestion?

Once again wrong suggestion as this is more like mind reading and leading the client into an experience. [quote=“ashmitavgg304, post:1, topic:1566”]
C: I can see my grandmother.

T: Take her blessings. Ask her to forgive you if you’ve done anything. Share all your feeling with her.

As therapists our priority is for the client to discover all this for themselves.

It would have been appropriate to empathise,

Ashmita, remember being a therapist demands that we are in control of your mental processes and can remain calm and help the client discover their unconscious in the most patient manner possible.


thank you for your valuable suggestion as I have a lot to learn my second phase of learning started by entering amarontos after a so long year I thank venu sir and all for correcting me, my second case is also kanada, I have to translate from english to kanada and again from kanada to english as its start of my new journey , sure i will follow your suggestion.

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Excellent Ashmitha!!! Excellently conducted session. Feel really happy for you.
Few observations…
Stay at open option and question…
see 20 step
see 3 doors
The client was countering the therapist!
Otherwise the session was absolute wonderful.
Keep it up!!!

Congratulations Asmita for a successful case.

Amazing Ashmita. Proud of you for conducting your session so confidently and with clarity.

I am sure that with the help of the suggestions and sharings of our batchmates you will conduct future sessions with so much added power.