Feeling Lonely & Lack of Care

Date: 22 August 2023

Name: A

(My daughter)

History: constant fatigue

Session 1 & 2:

Hypnosis Score: 9

VAK Score: 3,6,6

Dominant Sense: kinesthetic

Eye Roll Score: 3

Client: A

Therapist: P

Client expectations : reason for constant tiredness

Client Information: age/education/family members/parents/ friends

21 year young bubbly girl

Just graduated in BA Honours in Economics and Finance from the University of Manchester

Father: businessman, 55, share a good relationship. She feels he was not present emotionally during her childhood, and hence the relationship involves a lot of triggers. Used to make tasty tiffins for school and is really appreciated.

Mother: homemaker, meditator, 55, good relationship with her. She is her best friend, and shares mostly everything with her.

Brother: amazing relationship with him, although a bit emotionally distant. More like good friends. “Very caring brother, keeps a check on me”

Mental status examination : Depressed, anxiety issues, on therapy since 2 years, feels lonely at times in Manchester.

Sensitive and emotional

Mature beyond her age, talks and guides her friends too

Gestures: simple, regular gestures.

Mood: Pleasant, although a little heavy

Speech rate: Usually fast

Thoughts : relaxed, no thoughts.

Client History:

Had a happy childhood, played a lot and with a carefree environment and attitude at home.

Weight issues and bullied in school since 1st standard. Always used to play outdoor games in school and housemasters were always very proud of her.

Didn’t want to go to Manchester, but had to go.

Does not hold onto moments that make her proud for a long time, whereas holds on to hurts, anxieties for a longer duration.

She had very good relationships with her teachers as she would do first aid for everyone as a child, voluntarily.

1 month back: suddenly found life very hectic but now it is life changing, making it very peaceful and taking baby steps towards happiness and also realisation of moments in the Gurudwara and connecting with friends on a deeper level.

Graduation was a surreal event, still not completely sunk in and the happiness lasted just for a little while.

Holding onto stress and not letting out since 6.5 years. In UK, breakdowns since there was no one to see or judge.

Body pain: after 10th Standard. From tennis elbow to usually tiredness, pain shifted to anxiety as pain increased.

Reasons of exhaustion:

Physical: There is no burden but a lot of physical pain.

Mental: Level 9.5 due to quarrels at home or with her father.

Emotional: Level 9 due to quarrels with mom, clash of opinions, not being heard. Mom’s impatience triggers sometimes.

Feels loved most of the times.

Presenting the theme:

Pain in abdomen and anxiety issues

Notes from the therapist diary:

We started in the late evening

Took the history

We finished taking history around 1am

As we retired to bed, i found the room exceptionally cold.

I thought the AC was colder, so switched it off

Yet felt cold

At night around 3.10, i dreamt that we are in PLRT class.

Venu was sitting at the south eastern corner. I was at the southwest corner of the room. There were some more from our group.

Suddenly we all saw an energy travel across from north eastern corner, across the north wall and cross the south Wall towards me.

As I stood up, my right side hair got picked up parallel to the ground and then dropped. It happened a few times

I looked at Venu, and he said, “I can see it.” Everyone in the class was seeing it

Venu asked us to keep quiet.

Then I suddenly woke up.

I could see the curtains fluttering. Then stop, then Fluttering again …

I Told myself, Preeti you are stronger than this…

I started to say I’m stronger than anything; started remembering Hanuman ji (I’m his devotee too for almost 3 decades now)

Then I started chanting Hanuman chalisa, which I kept forgetting, although I’ve chanted it almost daily for years…

I felt the energy between my body and the quilt I was covering myself with.

It was creeping from foot and had come up to the abdomen.

The sofa nearby also creaked a bit…

I asked Hanuman ji to come and sit near me as I chanted . Hanuman ji in a bigger form sat near me …

Slowly the energy began going down

I kept chanting …

I Opened my eyes to see the curtains still moving

Then smiled and slept off

  1. I started therapy with my daughter. And the same night I experience this

  2. Is it an indication to use therapy accordingly, who has just returned after studying in UK for 3 years.

  3. Is this the terrible energy sapping that she is experiencing

Day 2

Observation: the colour of A’s the face is better, the lips are looking more pink than dark today. And she is feeling much lighter today.

Went through the PPT and explained about PLRT


Happy memories: Going back to the childhood. Kept smiling.

  1. Vision of being in the hospital just being born.

A. “Feels great. Mumma, Pappa and the doctor were there (some past birth). No wait, Mumma, me doctor and 1 nurse, birthing finished, doctor was male.”

A. I can see green and blue colours randomly.

A. Clouds

A. I am a fairy princess; no one is around.

P. Look at your clothes, what are you wearing?

A. Dresses that Aladdin used to wear. Harem pants (sparkling). I have a tiara. I have a blouse.

P. Where are you? What are you doing?

A. I am just in the clouds, going down the stairs. I feel like I am a princess.

P. Okay let’s go down the stairs as I count from 10-1 and see where we are going.


A. I am in the garden now, flowers, lots of plants. There is a bench as well.

There are no steps.

Just a garden.

Stars (smiling), moon, night time.


P. As I count from 10-1, look for a door in the garden and open it.

A. Time when male doctor was there at birth.

P. How are you feeling?

A. Good

Mother very happy, cannot see father.

I am happy

My grandmother is concerned and happy too.

P. Why is she concerned?

A. Concerned because mother is in pain.

P. Where are you?

A. I am inside the mother’s womb.

P. How does it feel?

A. It feel nice, warm, safe and protected.

P. Experience this warmth, safe and protected feeling and always remember this.

10 minutes.

P. What are you aware of?

A. Girl power.

I feel pukish

I am uncomfortable, bring me out.

P. As I count from 1-10, you will be aware of your body.


P: why did you feel uncomfortable?

A: because mom, you were in pain because of me (same mother, grandmother in that lifetime too)

P: that is how birth happens, it is natural

Time: 25 mins


P. Visualise yourself standing on a cliff. Feel the cool breeze on your face.

A. Smile

P. Feel the breeze blowing on your face and on your chest. See the glittering sea in front of you.

A. Smiling wider

P. Stretch your hands and feel the cool breeze on your hands and your palms. See the clouds floating in front of you.

As I count from 10 to 1, see yourself floating on the clouds.


Can you see anything?

A. Bonfire.



Volcano cave

P. Look at your feet, who are you?

A. Just a man

I am a man, just a cloth around my lower body.

I am a slave.

P. Look around and see who all are there.

A. More people around the bonfire, they are taking in the heat and eating.

P. Can you identify anyone else?

A. No one identifiable

P. Do you have a name there?

A. (shakes her head), no. no name.

P. Can you see the year?

A. No.

P. What do you do?

A. Work for them

Kill animals, get water, get food

P. Do you have a family?

A. No family.

P. Go back in time and visit your childhood. See if you can see any family members of that time.

A. They sold me off

P. Who sold you off?

A. My parents sold me off

I was a small kid

P: How do you feel for being sold off by your parents?

A: Nothing, it was common at that time

P. Which place could this be?

A. Africa?

A. I am tortured and hungry and beaten.

I am starving. I am very hungry like I was about to die.

I was very hungry.

Behosh (Fainting)

Got up, woken up by sticks

I was not allowed to sleep without their permission

(cried and sobbed)

P. What is happening?

A. They are hitting me. They realise that they have to give me food otherwise I will die.

They don’t want to give me food. They have a spear. They kill me with it.

(Aditi touching the abdomen where the spear was hit)

A. They just leave me to die and I die

A. There were other people near the bonfire who I thought were friends because they were slaves too. But they don’t come, they just leave.

P. How do you feel?

A. Betrayed

Relieved that I am out of that torture.

Hurt because it still pains.

P. What is happening now?

A. I am floating above.

P. How does it feel?

A. Relief

No more torture, no more hunger

I can see the cave from above and it is a volcano type crater.

I am just seeing the body there and everyone has left.
I was waiting for someone to come, I was alone.

P. Reflect back at your life. What does it have to teach you?



P. Rest a while

P: Is it possible to forgive the friends who did not stand up to you in that lifetime?

A: It does not matter anymore.

P: Hunger was in the past. There’s enough to eat now. We don’t need to starve any more. We don’t need to worry about food any more

A: Yes

More relaxation and rest.

P. Where are you now?

A. Near the ocean. At the pebbles on the beach.

P: look at your feet. Who are you

A: Feet like humans.

P. How does it feel?

A. It feels nice.

P. Look around. What can you see?

A. There is a mountain behind, has a cave like thing from where you come to the beach.

P. What are you doing?

A. I just surrendered myself to the sea because I am a water baby. (smiles)

P. You are a water baby, what does that mean?

A. The ocean has helped me relieve my stress quite a few times.

P. What does that mean?

A. No, no. I am alive but just I love being near the sea.

P. What are you wearing?

A. (Smiles) The harem pants of the princess. I am a princess.

P. What is your name? Can you go back to the year?

A. Guards, they are looking for me. I am the princess who ran away from the castle.

P. Why did you run away?

A. No one treated me well. They did not give me attention.

P. Can you listen to any sounds there? Go to the dining table and see who all you are sitting with you during dinner time.

A. Can’t see anyone. I am eating alone.

P. What are you aware of?

A. Needed some peace so ran away from the castle.

P. How do you feel?

A. I can’t explain the feeling. I just know it.

P. How do you feel surrendering to the ocean?
A. It felt light and very nice.

P. Go back to your life and see what is to be learnt.

A. I just want to come out.


Day 3

A: I can see black spots in front of my eyes. Are they any negative energies?

P: close one of your eyes and see if they are still visible?

A: they are visible only in the right eye

P: do they float on their own like bubbles or they have a vibration like energy

A: they float on their own

P: then they are floaters. They are a physical symptom of the eye and it has got nothing to do with any negative energy.

A: fine

Theme: Protection, closure and self-inflicting pain

Protection done.

Closures done.

Regression :

Smell of masters.
Another smell of masters again.

Prayers and gratitude and feel blessed.

A: requested to emerge.


  • Pranic kriya and meditation everyday
  • Physical Exercise

Follow-up after 30 days :

She is following the advice as regularly as possible.

The constant fatigue has gone completely.

The body ache is reduced to level 2.

She looks more radiant and participates more happily in daily affairs.

Picture references: Google.


Dear Preeti,
It is absolutely wonderful to see our children heal. God bless her.
Congratulations :confetti_ball:. Preeti very well conducted.

Loads of Love
Stay Blessed


@Preeti_Khandelwal1 congratulations! you are brave and so the client. :hugs:
God Bless both.


Beautifully you handled the case. I can smell it has a little different essence. I believe this essence is going to be helpful for us as well to spread our creativity with god embedded creation.

All the best!


Indeed you are! You handled it very well :sparkles:


Hi Preeti - The sessions were wonderful. I could almost feel it. Also, you were very brave just before the start of the session when the energy was moving around. I actually couldnt understand what it was…May be our Guru Dr Venu will explain it on 4th Nov Concall. Secondly, I think, you have written the transcript with lots of emotions…this needs to be a bit straight, so that one who is reading is able to understand the flow correctly. Third, Day 3 should have been written more elaborately. Infact, what Masters advise, is a point of interest for me.
However, well done. All the best for your next PLRs.



Dear Preeti,
Wonderfully done therapy. I could see your professionalism when your completely pulley yourself away from your client even though she was your own daughter to give that fairness in all earnest. I find it very refreshing to the reader, because just by reading you also feel the refreshing and high energy pull you try to give to your daughter to pull her out of the current situation, which is wonderful!


Awesome! the constant fatigue gone & body ache reduced to level 2 …. this 15 stage Amarantos process is so magical & so are you preeti g :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:



Thank you dear Pooja for going through.
Much love dear


Thank you my dear Seema ji
May our children be protected, blessed and healed, wherever they are.


Thankyou my dear Neelam for going through.
Yes, it has a different essence and I knew you will get it too.


Thank you siddhi for going through. Love


Deepak ji
Whatever was said, is transcribed word to word
The masters didn’t say a word. So we just offered our gratitude to them. Maybe they are guiding us passively.

Thankyou for reading it so well deepak ji


Beautifully conducted!! It was an amazing read. God bless​:blush::heart:


Well done, Preethi! :clap: I could truly sense the essence of the session — a loving mother trying to heal her own child with utmost love :cherry_blossom:. The session was both interesting and unique. I believe you are acting as a shield for your daughter, as the negative energy came to you instead of affecting your daughter. I’m blessed to see how you effectively utilized your decades of devotion with the assistance of Lord Hanumanji to dispel it :star2:. I’m so happy to see your daughter recovering. May God bless her with more strength and power :herb: :pray:.


Beautifully conducted session Didi. You have shown immense strength and determination to conduct session for our little one.
It was scary to read about the energy, which you helped to release with so much courage.Bless you both with complete healing. Im very proud of you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:


Congratulations, Preeti Di, on conducting the therapy with such care! It’s heartening to know that your guidance and support have made a genuinely positive impact on your daughter’s life. :tada::sparkles:


Thankyou for your kind words, Ananda. You encourage me to follow Venu’s words even more diligently.
may we all keep doing our best :smiley:


Thank you kaushik for your kind reply. May we all keep trying our best.


Then you dear Sandhya, for going through the case and for your warm wishes.