Feeling of not been valued enough


Name – C

Age – 45+

Sex - F

Hypnosis Responsiveness – 8/10

VAK – 1/10/4

Dominant sense – K (4)

Secondary sense – A (10)

Eye-roll test – 1+1=2

BRIEF HISTORY (related to theme only)
C had a happy childhood, although she always felt that her mother didn’t love her as much as she did to other siblings(C is eldest among all) and felt that she doesn’t listen her or understand her . C always felt that she isn’t valued enough by anyone, may it be her mother, friends, husband, children or colleagues. C describes her husband to be very kind and good but she often feels he doesn’t take stand for her whenever she needs him especially in family matters and feels that he always put her down and doesn’t support her. Similarly she felt ignorant and undervalued while working professionally with people and even while talking to others she feel that people don’t listen to her and that affects her confidence. Thus C feels lonely when it comes to how she feels when she isn’t valued enough by her family members.

Feeling of not being valued enough.

Induced using Dave Elman, then progressive relaxation

Visualization- stairs, garden

Using affect bridge to reach the relevant life time.

T: are you becoming aware of anything?

C: yes, I see a house… there is a picture of a lady. A cross mark on picture.

T: is it your house?

C: no

T: can you look at your feet? What are you wearing?

C: I am on the steps. I am wearing black shoes.

T: are you aware what kind of clothes you are wearing?

C: gown, it’s greyish.

T: can you describe me more about the house? Whose house is it?

C: I am trying to… very big house, big balcony…very huge. It belongs to that lady.

T: allow yourself to go inside, what comes to your awareness?

C: there is a lady crying and yelling at me…There are some allegations on me.

T: what are the allegations?

C: that because of me they have conflict. I think I know her husband. I am making her understand that nothing have happened. (the husband of another lady was also present there.)

T: what could be the reason of this allegation?

C: (going back in time to recall the reason) we were on horse and he tried to touch me. I didn’t like that.

T: are you aware of your name? may be you can hear someone calling you?

C: I think Sophia or Sonia something.

T: how do you know her husband? Is he related to you in anyway?

C: he is a friend.

T: can you feel him anywhere around?

C: I see him.

T: how does he look like?

C: he is a very rich person, greenish eyes, brown hair.

T: do you know his name?

C: I don’t know

T: do you know the name of other lady?

C: his wife name is Palak.

T: as I count from 3-1, on the count of 1 allow yourself to go to another significant event in Sophia’a life.


C: I am with him(the same person as above). He is a good friend. We have same interests and hobbies. (might be before the conflict)

T: what is happening here? Where are you?

C: horse race, so many horse.

T: how do you feel here?

C: I feel happy talking to him.

T: can you sense how he might be feeling?

C: maybe he likes me.

T: as I count from3-1, allow yourself to go to another significant event


C:I am in my house… some hilly area.

T: is there anyone else in this house?

C: my husband

T: can you look into his eyes and recognize him as someone who might be related to you in this lifetime of C?

C: I think he is my husband in this lifetime as well.

T: how do you feel here in this house with your husband?

C: we both are happy. There are many other people working in this house. We are rich.

T: what is your husband’s name?

C: I don’t know. Starting from R…

T: who all belongs to your family?

C: I don’t know.

T: as I count from 3-1, allow yourself to go back to dinner time to know who all belonged to your family.


C: (she went to childhood) mother, siblings…

T: how many siblings do you have?

C: four

T: brothers? Sisters?

C: all are boys, I am second child.

T: how do you feel here?

C: good

T: can you recognize them to be related to you in the lifetime of C?

C: mother of that lifetime is mother in this lifetime.

T: can you recognize your brothers? Look into the eyes one by one.

C: no

T: are you aware of the surrondings? Maybe how does your house look like?

C: too small, but so much fun… my mother isn’t happy…

T: what made you feel that?

C: I don’t know

T: as I count from 3-1, let yourself become aware of the reason…

C: she wants me to work…

T: are you aware who earn for the family?

C:my mother works, we have goats…

T: what place is it?

C: maybe somewhere in Europe.

T: how old are you here?

C: 10yo

T: let’s go to another significant event as I count from 3-1…

C: my friend’s wife trapped me…

T: is it the same lady as before?

C: yes

T: how did she trapped you?

C: same reason… that I am involved with her husband…

T: what happens after she accused you?

C: people are throwing stone at me…

T: is there anyone to help you? Is your husband there?

C: my husband thinks the same, but he is wrong…

T: how do you feel about this?

C: I am crying, it’s painful… I am hurt and injured…

T: allow yourself to go few moments forward to know what happened to you after you were injured?

C: I want to go back to my home…

T: I understand your pain… are you aware of what happened after you were injured? Allow yourself to go a few moments forward…

C: I am at some unknown place…

T: how did you reach this place?

C: I don’t know…

T: allow yourself to become aware how you came to this place…3…2…1

C: some strangers forcefully brought me here… looks like an asylum

T: how do you feel here?

C: scared, unwanted

T: as I count from 3-1, allow yourself to reach another significant event

C: same place, I am very old… I am on bed… dying

T: is there anyone around you?

C: there are other people… they are standing nearby…yet I feel lonely…

T: what were your last thought just before you left your body?

C: no one is with me, I am alone… I gave my everything to them

T: what are the carry overs from the life of Sophia to the life of C, what is common between Sophia and C?

C: loneliness, despite giving so much to people… they don’t care, they don’t trust.

T: what happened after left Sophia’s body? What comes to your awareness?

C: people are coming to take me?

T: do you recognize who they are?

C: my grand parents… they are my guides…

T: are they communicating anything with you?

C: yes, they are smiling.

T: how do you feel with them?

C: very good, loved and wanted…

T: what could be the learnings from Sophia’s lifetime? Is there anything C could learn to let go of the feeling of being unloved and undervalued?

C: my guides are saying spread love, be with everyone… it’s not easy but love unconditionally, take your stand…

(allowed C to be in this moment for a while)

T: is there anywhere else you wanna go from here?

C: I am a farmer (lady), I am in the farm… dark skin

T: is there anyone around you?

C: some other farmers…

T: how do you feel here?

C: I feel I am very dominating woman… my legs are in water…(she was yelling at others to work properly)

T: are you still in the farm?

C: yes… I am… I think it’s a paddy farm…

T: what do people call you? Maybe you can hear someone calling you by your name

C: I don’t know

T: that’s alright, let’s go to supper time… to know who all belong to your family…

C: three children, all boys…

T: can you hear them calling you by any name?

C: they call me amma.

T: is your husband there as well?

C: no

T: how do you feel here? How does the house feels like?

C: it’s very small…its hut. I am yelling at them.

T: you are yelling at your children?

C: yes

T: what are you yelling for?

C: to eat properly…

T: how old are you here?

C: around 40

T: as I count from 3-1, allow yourself to go to any significant event…

C: I am running… someone took my child…

T: who took your child?

C: I don’t know…

T: is it a male or female, who took your child?

C: male…

T: allow yourself to go back a few moments… you might become more aware of this situation…3…2…1

C:they think I am a witch…

I believe in hanumaji… there is a temple of hanumanji nearby, I go there often to pray… many people come there…(she used to visit that temple every evening, there were others who may have performing other rituals so villagers thought she is also involved with them. C describes the temple between woods.)

They think I am going some black magic… so they took away my child…

T: how does that make you feel?

C: I am running, I am strong… I fought with them…

T: did you get your child back?

C: no…

T: allow yourself to go to another significant event…

C: I am in that temple… I stay there and pray.

T: are your children with you?

C: no… they took away my children…

T: how does it feels like?

C: I keep praying… I stay there…

T: as I count from 3-1 allow yourself to go to another significant event

C: I am dying…

T: what happened to you?

C: old age… natural death

T: is there anyone around you?

C: maybe my children…

T: what was your last thought before you left your body?

C: I became very devotional to god…

T: what could be the learnings from this life?

C: believe in god, he is always with us…

T: what happened after you left your body? What comes to your awareness?

C: I met my guides…

T: do you recognize them?

C: there are so many of them… they are so happy with me…

T:how does that makes you feel?

C: so good, so fulfilled… loved…

(allowed the client to be there sometime)

T: now if I ask…how does it feel when you think of not being valued enough by people and your husband… what comes to your awareness?

C: it’s okay… doesn’t affect much right now.

T: would you like to explore about anything else?

C: no

T: would you like to come back?



The client could co-relate lack of support from Sophia’s lifetime and current lifetime. Similarly she couldn’t find her husband anywhere in the lifetime as a farmer.
She also said, it felt the same how in both the previous lifetime people around her treated her.

Integrating the learnings from both the past lives are:

  • Love unconditionally, take your stand, spread love.
  • Believe in god.

Client didn’t notice any difference when we talked again in October. Although now she notice that both her and husband’s behavior is same but it doesn’t affect her much and she feels peaceful overall.

Client is meditating from years, and continues to do so.

Report sent.


Wonderful session Siddhi!!

It is through my limited knowledge may be our beloved master Venu can correct me if I am wrong.

You could have considered paraphrasing and an open ended suggestion here.

Example, having gone back to this significant moment in this lifetime as Sophia you have found yourself not being valued. Same pattern has repeated in current life as C and I understand that you are feeling upset about it . What could have led to this situation? What comes to your awareness?

Thanks for sharing your experice. It was an amazing session and very well articulated.


Thank you @Ashish-Meher! I agree, paraphrasing could’ve been helpful. I will keep it into consideration the next time. :innocent::sparkles:


Good work Siddhi! Looks like client experienced healing in form of peace of mind. And understood how she is responsible for creating and practicing ‘love’ no matter what may be happening outside of her.

Also the carryover emotions and feelings from previous lifetime as ‘Sophie’, are clearly present in this lifetime too as a false sense of identity of ‘being lonely’.

I believe though you could have asked her ‘what makes her feel lonely’ despite her children being there next to her?

And how can she put ‘love unconditionally’ into action in this lifetime for further transformation!


Thank you @Shilpa_Menon for reviewing!

After reading this, even I think it would have been more helpful for the client and may have provided more clarity and understanding. :innocent::sparkles:

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Well done Siddhi. Good session. You were able to be on track throughout and able to help the client to learn the life lessons.
Great job. All the best for future cases.



Thank you Deepak uncle! :smiling_face::sparkles:

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Thanks for having conducted this sessions and sharing it with us, @Siddhi
Adding to what my beloved @Ashish-Meher and @Shilpa_Menon have said,

Is that the question to ask? Remember we need to keep our survival instincts aside while conducting the sessions for the truth to emerge during the sessions. Here the more indirect and open ended suggestion could have been, how does it make you feel, tell all that is happening, coaching breathing… stress management…

you could have used the suggestion, “breath into this experience…” slow down, coach breathing and paraphrase, that’s the mantra for you.


I agree, it could’ve altered the truth. I will make sure to use appropriate suggestions and questions. Reminds me of a line from “why me?”- “Nothing is so powerful as well-phased questions”



You did a good job, beautifully conduct session.
I only had One thought, I felt the subject saw 2 lifetimes of similar experience being accused, disrespected and undervalued by family and others, so why did the need of the soul to choose to go through this experience?

Secondly can this feeling be replaced in the subconscious mind with positive feelings.
which eventually happened where Masters And Divine told that she was been loved unconditionally n without any judgement.

All is well that ends well, ultimately the client is at peace with herself.


Sir, in this case, can we also lead the subject to go yet deeper in memory to explore why did the soul need to go through the humiliation of being accused for something she hasn’t done, yet got punished by people ( stone injury and insult by others)
It seems guilt and feeling of shamefullness is been carried forward from that life time to this life where she is experiencing low self worth and undervalued.

One can hv several lives of similar sufferings but we need to explore the root cause where and why it started. I think the unwanted wrong conditionings needs to be extracted and disintegrated which is attracting more negative experiences n sufferings in this life.


Although it didn’t cross my mind at that point of time, I think maybe I could’ve suggested to know the reason during “in-between” state.

Thank you for hinting at this question, I think this can be very helpful in all the cases. :innocent::sparkles:

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Congratulations Siddhi​:clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: your client felt peace of mind and is now not affected much by the behaviour of the people around her.
Though you could have dived deeper in the case by some other questions . Consider reading ‘ Why me’ by our beloved Dr.Venu and
Regression Handbook by Dr. Winfred Blake for having an idea about right questions to be asked during the session.

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Thank you Dr shipra :innocent::sparkles:
Sure! a lot to learn :smiling_face::pray:t2:

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