Finally found it "Dead Again"

Ah I finally found the movie my master was casually talking about almost a decade ago.
It’s a must watch for us as therapists and not so much as client*
(of course keeping in mind that there is a lot of dramatisation and misconception inducing statements.)

I think this is the only movie a PLR therapist can relate to…
would like to know if there are any more…

Trivia: Who knew that a side actor in this movie Sri Robin William would one day turn out to be such a famous actor and then we would loose him to depression!

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I watched it… It’s good/thriller watch on telegram app for free… Not available on YouTube.


Hey, can you please share how to watch it on telegram?

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I just opened the telegram app. Press, search button… Type dead again 1991. Paramount movie logo wala window comes… Click on it… Can watch as it is downloading… This is how I did… For gaslight movie YouTube link was there. Free guy and office space and me before you I installed movie HD app from google( not playstore) . Watch for free( no ad also) as it was not on telegram.

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Thanks a ton, got the movie.