First time ever experienced PLRT

Hello family,

It has been a while since I have been back at home from Bengaluru, but what I have gone through must to be recorded. After receiving answers to self-questions, this version has been updated.

Am thankful to my therapist @shiprabharadwaj13 who guided me through the session.

Theme: Relationship issues with loved ones.
Hypnotizable score: 7/10
Dominant sense: Kinesthetic,
Secondary sense: Auditory
Eye roll test: 1+1
Pain level: Before session 7/10, After 0/10.

My experience as a client

Stage 1

At first, I was confined to the present. My mum and grandma were present. Both instances were painful since my mother was preparing to give up my sister and I, who are 12 years old, and try to take her own life. The reason for this was that because my father had abandoned us, she was unable to support us economically.
Yet praise God! In actuality, it never took place.

In my second encounter with my grandmother (Dadimaa, my father’s mother), she gave me some milk and a slice of bread while looking at me with the sympathy of a poor.
Since I experienced these moments, they have been permanently imprinted in my heart. Sincerely, up until this point, I had never discussed it with anyone.

While I was regressed, I could trip my past life :blush:

Stage 2
Around 1800 century, I saw myself sanding on a Paris bridge wearing white dress and stiletto, waiting for a man. He never showed up. I waited and waited, got angry and returned to my apartment crying.
Then @shiprabharadwaj13 took me to my death, Am, around 60YO, sitting on a dining table in the same apartment, there’s a cup of coffee kept beside TV is on and I see myself standing next to the body.
The soul fly’s out of the window, into the clouds and turns into a pure white rock pigeon (DOVE).

Stage 3
This me – pigeon is sitting on a tree in a jungle. Unfortunately, there too am alone as I see other flock of birds around me chirping.
Am sad, feel chocked, Shipra asks me to look for some water and as am having a water in a pond I see a tiger approaching me. This tiger wants to eat me! I gather the energy and flyout from there, dash through the same tree I have been living on. My wings are hurt, its bleeding, and am dying…….
I become a speck of a light (jungnoo - Firefly)

Flying above in air I see Jesus and he says, “My child do not worry am always here for you”. You are my child, and I shall always take care of you!


  1. Now I have my answers why my mother was always in stress. She never got any support from any of our immediate family and may be that’s the reason she doesn’t get along with them.

  2. The man I was waiting for on the Paris bridge is the man I dated for years in this life. He ghosted on me in this life as well. Today I understand he was destined to never come. Many times, he did try contacting me and kept saying sorry. I never listed to him, but know I forgive him!

  3. The tiger who came to eat me, is my ex-boss in this life :wink: In this life he has a tattoo of a full tiger with a long tail on one of his arms. Whenever he wore a short sleeve shirt, the tigers tail use to be visible.
    Being a boss, he always nagged, and I use to avoid / run from him. Now I understand why :blush:

My take after this session
Don’t be depended on anyone, live your life to fullest as almighty is always there with each one of us even if we cannot see him.

Lastly, I must say, during one of @venu session I also saw myself as a colorful happy mermaid :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



My Dear Pooja ,

Its pure love & bliss together to read your experience and your take aways from the session.

It is so lovely to have answers to your questions , your learnings & most preciously, message the Angel Spirit Guide , theJesus gave you.

It is all the Power of your subconscious mind who gave you answers and we both had blessings & grace of our masters the Angels on us . We also had the Grace of our Guru Dr. Venu hence this turned out be a good experience for both of us .

Even this was my first session as a Therapist , may be i have missed something which could give you more clear things but if you got even this much , its only the blessings of our Gurus and Masters as we both are new in this field .

I feel we both had & have blessings of our Masters . I am in complete Awe… to know some more things which i was unaware ( some more revelations) the connection of that Man & Tiger from current lifetimes .

I am speechless . Love you from all my Heart .

Always Remember what Learnings you had & what Jesus said …:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Lots of Love :heart:


Dear Pooja,

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing first experience of PLR therapy. The lessons drawn out from your experience are wonderful and they validate the cosmic laws of karma, of experiencing emotions through relationships, travelling in soul group…all heading towards the one source of creation while learning and growing through respective Soul Journeys.

and above all… :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:

Best Wishes and Regards



Hello Pooja
You are a beautiful and brave soul. Who has learnt your lessons during the session . I wish you the deserved happiness and peace .
May god always be with you.


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My dear Mermaid @Pooja… life is like an neverending ocean…what a wonderful exploration…live ur life to the fullest as we all are blessed and protected :innocent::innocent:god bless​:pray::pray:

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