Forgiveness prayer

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Hi ! dear Amarantos family.
Just wanted to share my experiences with you regarding this beautiful Hawain prayer.
I have always been a very strong believer of PLRT and its healing and life changing effects. In 2023 I suffered from back injury and the doctor advised 6 months rest with minimal movement . I started listening to the PLR tapes by Dr. Brian Weiss and was able to visit all the lifetimes from where I might have stored the pain. A lot of pain was resolved just by knowing and releasing the stuck feelings but it was still difficult to let go of the guilt and my recovery slowed down , during that time I came across this beautiful prayed and I tried to remember every memory, every person and every action that made me feel guilty in the past and started saying to them ‘I am sorry,Please forgive me , I love you , Thank you. I created a thought that I take responsibility of all my actions but now I want to let them go and also did this prayer for the past versions of me for not knowing better. The pain was negligible in 2 months and the recovery was complete in 3 months , I could do everything the Dr. Said no to :sweat_smile:.
I started trying this for my clients also during PLR, mediumship and other sessions and the results are amazing especially in cases of stored ;guilt and grief . Would love to know if anyone has similar experiences.

Lots of love and light :sparkling_heart: