Found clarity of my purpose with PLRT

Hello to each and every member of my ‘spiritual’ family here at Amarantos.

My ‘name’ is Shilpa and I am born and brought up in Delhi. I am the eldest of the 3 children my parents have.

My coming across ‘Amarantos’ is pre planned is what I know now. For before coming here I felt lost and alone in amidst the huge gathering of humans and never felt at home. I also suffered with huge self doubt, anger issues and deep frustration at not being able to follow the path of my calling as what I did in form of work never had the kind of effect on my clients to the degree I knew was possible. I felt hugely restricted and impatient at the amount of time and energy it would take to conduct my session to bring any lasting shift in my client’s life at a maximum speed.

Learning PLRT and the 15stage process proved for me to be the answer and assurance that I was in need of as ‘Healer’ and a Psycho-spiritual Coach to do my work in a grand manner and effectively without having to take years of time in each client’s life to help them learn their spiritual lessons faster and integrate them in their personality to reach another level of awareness sooner.

I am just grateful to my masters, Krishna, and my husband for being the catalyst of my personal growth both as a human and as a ‘spirit’. For teaching me ‘love’ and blessing me with ample fortune to learn such tremendous lessons with so much of grace and ease at times.

It was for my husband that I was looking for a verg good PLRT therapist, when I landed across Amarantos and was shown the page where the opportunity to be a ‘PLRT Therapist’ was mentioned and the registration was shown to be open for this year itself. I remember filling the information but not thinking much about it. And when Neha called me, I had no idea the very vital role she was going to take in my life, as of a mother, from whom flows the fountain of strength and courage to move forward and overcome challenges or the bright ray of sunshine she was going to guide me to, our father ‘Venu’, in whose presence, love and technique I found my answer to be a great and a powerful healer, whose work speaks for itself.

I am tremendously blessed to be finally in the company of such great souls and my tribe. :pray:


I wish you all the happiness that you deserve and blessings from the divine who is with us all the time.
Love :heart:


Thank you Neelam. You are such a god send. :heartpulse:


So happy for you Shilpa …stay blessed…it is wonderful knowing you…hugs!


Thank you so much for taking the time to join us here and also share about your inspiring life. @Shilpa_Menon you remind me of the Phoenix!
Keep it up.
We must always remember that being from Dr. Weiss’s lineage, “Patience” is our hallmark. Confronting our karma with atmost love bends it to our advantage :blush:

I watched you while sharing all my treasures with you and am firmly of that belief that you’ve absorbed it all :clap: now go ahead, wipe as many tears and bring as many smiles as you can

Always remembering what your mother taught you, life is one big “gili gili….” :joy:



Dear @Shilpa_Menon
I was really impressed the first time You introduced yourself how easily you could show your vulnerability. When I interacted with you I learned how helpful and kind you are as a person. Thanks for all the support be as you are and remember you are a gifted healer be as you are always.

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Welcome Shilpa,
I can resonate to your words because even I was in similar state before enrolling for PLRT training in Amarantos. I am a healer for past many years still I felt incomplete and wasn’t able to trust myself. But after Learning from my Master Venu, I feel I reunited with my Guru of past life times.
Wishing you a very bright future ahead.


@Shilpa_Menon, thank you for being beside me all the time. You and I share lot of similarities (we spoke about). Wishing you all the happiness…Gilli…gillliii :smile::hugs:


Moumita what an amazing connection we have then. I completely get the feeling of something missing and needing to be filled and the surge or fresh wave of confidence the process curated by Venu instilled in all our hearts. Feels like a sure shot milestone in the soul path. :sparkling_heart:

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Pooja love, you are not alone and I see you. Thank you for embracing me as your soul sister :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Aashishh you are a champ,such a humble person your own self, you have the power to own people’s heart just like you own mine. :heartpulse:

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Venu, your love overflows and fills each one of us. I feel so protected and cherished under the shadow of your presence. Thank you for embracing me with such generosity and openness. For allowing me to attend this program and training each one of us with such deep trust and surrender. Blessed to be seen and honored as your daughter :heartbeat:

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Hi dear Shilpa, you described it so well :clap:. I’m confident that the genuine intention within your heart will undoubtedly bring transformative changes to the lives of your clients. This, in turn, will pave the way for your success. Our conversation on that last day, along with the message you sent after our departure, still resonates deeply in my heart and always reminds me of you. I wish you a life filled with fulfillment, prosperity, and joy! :raised_hands: :cherry_blossom:

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Dear Shilpa, It’s wonderful to hear about your journey and how PLRT has brought clarity and purpose into your life. Your story is inspiring, and we’re glad to have you as part of this spiritual family. :blush::pray:

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Dear Prasanthi,

I was truly mesmerized by your gentle grace and beauty on that 1st day of our workshop. I still remember myself thinking "she looks so beautiful!

And how well that beauty overflows within you. Blessed to know you :heart_eyes:


Thank you Sandhya for such a warm welcome into the family. Looking forward to knowing you better. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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@Shilpa_Menon welcome to Amarantos family, you have reached your home. I wish you all the success for your journey with Amarantos.

Sure dear. It’s my pleasure too. Thanks for your lovely comments.

Grateful to be welcomed. Thank you so much Naveen…:grinning:

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Dear Shilpa,

So happy for you for joining this spiritual family “Amarantos”. This means, a shift in consciousness and a shift in the journey of life, from materialistic to spiritualistic. This journey of Self-Spiritual Discovery is so Amazing that you will actually get to feel "We are spiritual beings who came back to experience this material world.

Please also read the 13th Chapter of the Bhadwad Gita for more answers to our confusions and on how to connect with the spiritual self. Hare Krishna!

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