Future-Regression -Marriage

Client Name - Ms. Pr

Gender -Women

Age -29 yr

Date -2018

Little background - She is separated with husband due to domestic violence and husband fidelity .This was arranged marriage.

Occupation- content writer

Pain point- Confusion & irritation

Client preference place- Beach

Hypnosis responsive questionnaire score-7

Eyes ball score-Good

Reason for therapy – Wanted to understand herself more and wanted to decide about current love suitor .Wanted to see if there is any future with one guy(Named A) whom she liked liked, wanted to release other guy (V)who is interested in her and but she took it casually and feeling guilty of having one night stand with V and thinking bad about her character and all.

Current feeling - Hatred, Anger and frustration toward husband , Confusion regarding 2 guys(A & V) and feeling guilty.

Sense dominated – Feel, and seeing

Stress level -8(confusion), 10(Guilty), Anger(8),

Approach – Deep induction to release guilt regarding recent episode with V and future progression to see any possibility with A

Step-1: Started with Deep breathing and uses Dave Elman rapid induction technique ( Eyes open and close technique with counting and finger clicks )

Step-2: Age regression using staircase to understand any hooks in childhood –Client was able to see her childhood remembering all love and care she got from her parents , describing each and everything scene with minute details including mother dress and her dress as well.

Step-3 Took to sunny beach to meet wise being , angel, Guides or God/godess for any advice about this Guy name “V”

Therapist- what coming in mind

P-I am sitting in garden and waiting for some one to come and answer me

Therapist- As I am counting 3 down 1 by 1 you will find someone to talk to in that garden. Keep yourself relaxed and keep breathing

P- Yes I am seeing Guy, oh I am not expecting him its V and he is not leaving me and smiling , why he is here, I don’t want to see him.

Therapist – Relax yourself and ask V what he wanted to say to you, any msg he would like to give. Even convey your feeling of yourself to him…

P- He is saying. He liked me a lots and he likes to continue this relationship .I am telling her No, I did it out of frustration and I am feeling guilty and there is no future of these kind of relationship and I am not that kind of girl and you are younger then me. So please end this and stop chasing me. I liked you but as friend and whatever happened under the influence of alcohol and please go

Therapist – What are his reply, he is still there with you?

P-He is not leaving me, He is saying I will not leave you, I told him I love someone else. He is saying its fine with this but he wants to be with me. Why he is here I don’t want to see his face.

Therapist – As I count 5 down 1 he will leave this place and your Bf“A” will join you in this place .

P- okay, He is still there

Therapist- 5,4,3,2,1, what do you see now.

P- He is still there and I see my ex husband .oh god why he is here.I don’t like to see his face…

Therapist – What your ex-husband wanted to say to you, any msg.

P-he is smiling and seeing me like this. He is feeling good about my this situation .I don’t want both of them. Now my husband is leaving me . Now I see my bf “A”

Therapist –Now how are you feeling seeing A there. Connect with him and see what he is wanted to say to you.

P- He is smiling and standing there but this “V” is not leaving me to go. He is holded my hand and he is saying I will not let you go to “A". You are mine.

Therapist- Now I would like you to call your guide and ask their help and convince “V” to leave this place.

P- Yes I see monkey kind of face siting on bench with me. Its seems he is protecting me, I felt like he is my guide and I am not getting any answer from him. He is not speaking . Could be monkey god. Now I see both gone(V, A).

Then using light technique, P got shower of universal energies and releasing all those feeling from her body . See was releasing lots of dark energies from below stomach side and asking for forgiveness from god and forgiving herself for this temptation. Then she absorbed lots of healing energies on below Naval part which we call sacral chakra .While receiving energies she was saying that her sacral chakra was over active and this energies are balancing her so that I don’t get those sexual urge .She was feeling lots of warm tingling sensation and shaking while releasing and absorbing energies. She did receive healing energies in her throat as she having thyroid issue… Rest her all bodypart was good .

Future progression:

Therapist – Okay now we will go and explore any opportunity of you both meeting in future. Now I would like you to close that scene and drift yourself going ahead ahead in future of 10 Yr from now. Trust your intuition , your first thought/feeling.

P-Oh I see snow, lots of snow and I am playing

Therapist – Keep exploring it and connect and see what else you are doing.

P-I see myself only. Same me. This is some mountain full of snow……oh I threw snow ball on some one……

Therapist- Very good see who is that.Just connect while keeping yourself relax.

P- Oh he is my bf A…We are so happy. I see my hand I see diamond ring in my ring finger.

Therapist – Okay go back to place where you both are staying to get more information .

P- I am still in snow.

Therapist – That’s fine, enjoy being with him in snow. As I count down 5-1 you will find more information about where you are staying .

P-oh I see lodge with some white people, seems foreigner.

Therapist- Look for the name of this place.

P-I don’t see any name, Oh yes I see hotel register and its having mine & his name & sweets room is booked for us.

T- Look into logo where you are staying , any name of place you are getting?

P-Seems Alpine hotel or cottage …seems swiss mountain. We are going to room as he wanted to change his cloths. we are both staying in same room

Therapist –okay, see what date and time you get. If you find any date and time ?

P- I don’t see any calendar or wall clock

Therapist – Look in cell phone

P- oh yes 23rd May,2032 3:30 PM, Oh shit I see something in mirror.

Therapist – What did you see.

P-I see Mangal-sutra , oh shit I am married to him. He is coming from bathroom and smiling .Oh god I see our name written on desk as MR and MRS A as welcome. And this is honey moon sweet. Oh shit …He is saying welcome MRS X and hugging me and I see sindoor on my head.

Therapist- You would like to go ahead and see how this marriage happened.

P- No I don’t want to see. I wanted to come back. oh shit I am married to him…i cant believe. This is all my imagination.

Therapist –Coming back as I am counting 1 up 10……slowly coming back with each number going up…

Client reaction - Oh god.it felt so real, but cant be real……how can that be possible. He doesn’t even know I like him. Its all from my side right now. I think I am imaging

Therapist – Yes it could be imagination and it could be truth also as future is not fully shaped . we see possibilities .Now it will be in both of your hand to make it true if you wish. Trust your feeling instead of your mind…

Client stress level - Very happy and relaxed Confusion(3), guilt(1), Anger(4 -still angry with husband but focus got shifted), felt peace and calm….

Post session - client took decision to move back with her parents so that V should not contact him and she also don’t go and meet & focus on finalizing divorce