Gaslighting -- Have you been gaslighted?

The word has its roots in this movie

Very interesting do watch

Thanks Venu, will watch it tonight.

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Dear Dr. Venu,

Good day to you,

I watched the movie gaslighting yesterday but understood that people around
us might be our own family members will try to instigate fear in us making
it obvious we start believing and spoil our health and life untill some one
like us tell gaslighting is under our control we can manipulate it to
amount of brightness we want, similarly We need to manipulate our mind to
know the truth of life and enlightening ourselves with the help of masters.

Thank you for the link for learning something new which was very old.

Many thanks
Dr. Sundar.S

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Thanks Venu  ,  as advised  I have watched the movies.
After watching about 5 numbers I realized that the list is never ending.
Kindly let me know if I am required to watch all of them. 

Lt Col B.Arumugam (Retd)

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Just finished watching this beautiful movie. Feel much better. Thank you dear venu.

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Thank you for having gone through it Dear Lt. Col. Bala,
Movies are a very powerful communication medium and I am glad you found some value in gone through a few of them listed here.
You can catchup on them only when you have some time and feel inclined :slight_smile:


Watched the movie.

The very question I had was after watching the movie was Why Bella attracted Mallen in her life at first place. Her need to be controlled versus his need to control was evident through out.
A good watch

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Interesting perspective Dera Neetu,

gahanā karmaṇo gatiḥ


Have you been gaslighted

Refer to this link for more.

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