guilty of relations


Client R : Feeling Lost and Guilty of relations

Pain Level 6/10

session duration including all steps was 1hr :45 Min

Visual person

Eye Movement 2

Session starts

Progresssive induction +

Pyramid induction

Client started snoring and slept

After few minutes responds to my command

SS: are you able to see a ball of light ?
R: he sees the ball of light

White light

SS: after him covering himself with a bright light he felt happy and calm , i asked him to visualise a staircase

Clint again slept and snoring ……

SS: after few moments he replied and i asked him to come back and this tme try to visualise garden

R : Able to see garden with fountain ,
SS: what else are you aware of around you ?

R: Birds and butterfly

SS: is here anyone around you ?
R : Does not see anyone

SS: now allow yourself to go the the happy moment of this life time

R: He sees his mother (deceased now), throat little choked

Tears rolls down , he is on her lap and she is putting her hand on his head ….

SS: now go to the next significant moment or point where you think you got disconnected

R : He sees : now His mom(death time of her mom) she is going away where he feels lost

Tears roll down again

Mom walking away , he is Seeing her going

She have to go … i can not stop her

SS: mother leaves and i ask him to allow himself to imagine a light which might be door way to his next birth

R : He enters the white light

SS: I asked him to surrender

He feels good in this light ….light coming from inside

Stuck in light for a while

SS: I asked him to got to the same garden where he came from

R: Coming back to same garden

SS: Now allow yourself to Goto the moment you feel guilty about

R: Mom going again same point ……tears roll down

He could’nt stop her

SS: What you could have done ?

R: don’t want to stop her

He Reply

nothing …

R: now he enters the tunnel of light
he enters the same light and ,

SS: what are you aware of ? what form are you in ?
R: he does. Not existence

source of white light is me ……

SS: try to go closer to that source

S: what are you doing now ?

R: sitting as human around

S: what you are you wearing , try to look at your feet

R: bare foot , white clothes light ……

S what are you doing sitting there …?

R : meditatiting

there is this light Coming from me and every where ……

SS:Thought emotion during meditation ?

R: No thought no emotion …

Bliss ….peace ……

Any taking ?


No thought no emotion , as if I am getting lit up

SS: Ask your angle to take u further to the journey

R: Calm face no reaction

R: He sees Garudh & vishnu they say nothing ////

Blue sky …. Going with them in the sky ……

SS: How do you feel with them…. secure ……

R: Flying …. feeling of flying is ok ……

for a while he could not see anything and iasked him if he wish to come back ?

R: yes

Relaxed ……. At the garden ………

Came back to counsicous ……

No learning …… no message

His feedback : felt very relaxed. , calm and happy never experienced anything like this before…

Could not enter his past life so I did not force him too…

But would love to come back again …

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