Haunted by the dream of perfect life, how much have we missed out on life?

[Demographic information and PII changed to maintain the anonymity of client]

Today I was replying to a client from Singapore, who was referred to Amarantos by a client who had come from the Middle East! What he wrote is haunting me, and hence I thought of putting it in front of you all in this forum.

“After spending time with each other for close to 2 months, I can say that we both like each other.”

No wonder why he is still lonely right? Do we need 2 months to like someone?

Take, for instance, something from my life. Mine was an arranged marriage. There was no way I could choose someone as I did not want to get married. I was handed over by my mother, who is an expert cook to someone who is still unable to add the right amount of salt even after eight years of our marriage. She is not perfect, but that hasn’t affected us adversely, as my palate has reprogrammed itself to adjust with whatever the quantity of salt in a dish. So many such adjustments have automatically or unconsciously taken place in all the facets of our life.
As humans, none of us is meant to be perfect. Our imperfections are our vehicle of learning.
So the point I now have is, how much are we missing out on life due to this dream of a perfect life*?

  • Replace life with partner, house, career, relationship, assets, children…

From my perspective, no one is missing out anything - be it dream of a perfect or an imperfect life :joy: - given that they are all ultimately resulting in learning and progression of the individual by life experiences.


What ever we may aim… What ever we were receiving… All are programmed or propelled by our own samskaras carried from our past experiences irrelavant of pleasure or pain.