Healing the Back Pain

Anju (name changed) called one afternoon seeking an appointment for the PLRT session. She said she had been struggling with back pain for the last few months. The intensity of the pain would be extreme while cooking and she would stand bending her back while cooking. She was hesitant to visit the doctors due to the Covid-19 pandemic. She wanted to explore the PLRT route.

During the history taking, there was nothing that rang a bell. As she drifted into trance, I suggested she go to the event from where the back pain arises. I asked, ā€œWhat is coming to your awareness?ā€

Anju: I am on a tree.

Harish: What are you doing?

Anju: Plucking some fruit.

Harish: Are you a boy or girl?

Anju: Small girl.

Harish: Is it this life?

Anju: No.

Harish: What fruit are you plucking?

Anju: Purple color fruits, I think it is black jamoon.

Harish: How old are you?

Anju: 9 years

Harish: Is it India or some other country?

There was silence.

Harish: What are you wearing?

Anju: Skin, leaves.

Harish: Do you look like an Indian?

Anju: I feelā€¦it is India.

Harish: What are you wearing?

Anju: Wrapping some kind of animal skin, leavesā€¦not a proper dress actually. Everybody are wearing the same thing.

Harish: Who else is there?

Anju: Other kids.

Harish: Go forward and see what happens.

Anju: One of the kids, little elder to me threw some arrow or stone at a beehiveā€¦all the bees started scatteringā€¦I was plucking the fruitā€¦I got scared as the bees started stingingā€¦I fell from the treeā€¦below there was a sharp pointed stoneā€¦ I fell on it.

Harish: Did you hurt yourself?

Anju: I hurt my back. Blood started oozing out. The people around came running and plucked some plants and treated me. For few days, this continued. After few months, I was not like before, not able to stand properly. Whenever, I start playing my pain increases. I just stopped playing then. Everybody went to play. I was sitting alone all the time. Everybody were doing their work.

Harish: Is it the same place where it is hurting now?

Anju: Yes, right side, lower back. Lower waist. I used to play with tigers, deer.

Harish: Tigers? (I asked with a surprise)

Anju: Yes. We used to stay inside the jungle.

Harish: How can you play with tigers? Do they not harm you?

Anju: Few animals were there with us.

Harish: How many years back is this?

Anju: Many many years backā€¦I donā€™t know.

Harish: So, you used to play with the animals after your back was hurt?

Anju: Before also we used to play. But the animals used to usually move around our places.

Harish: Did you continue to play with them after your back was hurt?

Anju: Yeah, they were coming as usual. Now, we usually have pet dogs. Those times many people used to have pets like elephants, tigers, deer, everything. The pet animals donā€™t hurt us. They are very friendly.

Harish: Go forward to a significant event.

There was a long silence.

Harish: Who else is there in your family?

Anju: I donā€™t know. I can see a person sleeping there in my house. I am unable to see his face. He used to feed me, bring me food, take care of me.

Harish: Is he your father?

Anju: No.

Harish: Is he your brother?

Anju: No, my grandfather.

Harish: Do you recognize him in this life? Look into his eyes.

Anju: I feel he is like my father-in-law in this life.

Harish: Do you see your parents?

Anju: They are there, but am unable to see them properly. My grandfather likes me more.

Harish: Go forward to significant event in that lifetime.

Anju: We both (grandfather and me) are playing outside.

Harish: How old are you?

Anju: 5 years.

Harish: Anything significant happening there?

Anju: No.

Harish: Go forward to significant event.

Anju: I am able to see only two of us. He is cooking some food and giving me.

Harish: How old are you?

Anju: 11 years.

Harish: Anything significant there?

Anju: No.

Harish: Go forward to the time of your death.

Anju: I am 45 years oldā€¦I died.

Harish: How did you die? Go back few minutes and see what happened.

Anju: The house which we stayed, something shook, like earthquake or something, the stones fell on me.

Harish: Who else was with you at that time?

Anju: My grandfather was also with me.

Harish: What happened to him?

Anju: We both died at home.

Harish: What are the thoughts and emotions that are coming as you are dying?

Anju: I wish I had wings and could fly away.

Harish: What feelings do you have for your grandfather?

Anju: He took care of me. I just love him a lot. We both missed each other at that time (of death) and were helpless too. He was old and I was unable to move. We struggled and left our bodies. But we were ok after leaving the body.

Harish: What is the reason for carrying forward the pain into this life?

Anju: Donā€™t know.

Harish: What do you need to do to let go of the pain?

Anju: I will just pray.

Harish: Are you angry with the boy who threw the stone at the beehive?

Anju: No.

Harish: Do you miss your grandfather?

Anju: Yes.

Harish: Is that the reason for carrying forward that pain?

Anju: Yes, off course I miss him. He was always friendly with me. In that life and in this life also. I want to come back (from trance).

Harish: Now, I want you to connect with his soul.

Anju: I can see his face far away.

Harish: What is the message he has for you?

Anju: Nothing. I want to come back.

Realizing that she was not comfortable and wanted to come back, I asked her to heal herself in the divine light and then brought her back. The healing was not complete and I knew she needed another session.

After she came back from trance as we discussed we realized that the life revolved around the love and care her grandfather had given her. She also mentioned that her father-in-law has passed away about a month ago and the pain had started about 2-3 months before his death. He had been suffering for few months before his death and she felt sad seeing him in that state. Her back pain had only increased after his death. She mentioned that she shared a very warm relationship with her father-in-law and felt good and protected in his company.

Giving some more details about the environment in that life she said, that people used to domesticate the wild animals. They used to wear animal skin, leaves and the women applied ash to cover their breasts.

I told her that she might need another session as we had not closed this one properly. She said she will come back for that. After couple of weeks, she called to say that the pain had reduced slightly, but at on some days it felt worse.

We did the next session two weeks later. I decided to take her back to the same life where she had hurt her back to explore it further.

Harish: Go back to the life where you hurt your back. What is coming to your awareness?

Anju: I am sitting on a rock

Harish: How old are you?

Anju: 25 years.

Harish: Is it same lifetime you had seen last time?

Anju: Yes.

Harish: What are you wearing?

Anju: Leaves.

Harish: Is there anybody else with you?

Anju: There are few people.

Harish: What is happening?

Anju: They are all holding long sticksā€¦they are having fun timeā€¦they are making some sounds and arranging sticks in different patterns and jumping in and out.

Harish: Do you know which place it is?

Anju: No.

Harish: Which country is it?

Anju: Donā€™t know.

Harish: Look at the face of the people.

Anju: People are dark, few have curly hair, very big nose, very tall.

Harish: How many years back is this?

Anju: Very long back. I donā€™t know but feel it is very very long back.

Harish: How is your back at that point of time?

Anju: I used to have pain. I am sitting outside and seeing them. Everybody are jumping. It is a kind of a game we play there. When I was small before this fall, I was the one who used to win it always. I was the fastest. I was the most active one in our groupā€¦ I am feeling bad that I am unable to play, that small incident.

Harish: Who else is there with you?

Anju: My grandfather is sitting beside me. My brother, his wife. I have one brother.

Harish: Do you identify your brother and his wife in this life?

Anju: No.

Harish: Go forward to significant event in that life. Where are you?

Anju: I am unable to see anything.

Realizing that she had nothing significant, I guided her to the time of her death. The emotions, regrets and lessons always have a clue to the issue that gets carried forward.

Harish: Go to the time of your death in that life. What is happening?

Anju: Rocks are falling on usā€¦on my grandfather and me.

Harish: Do you recognize your grandfather with anyone in this life?

I wanted to be sure that it was indeed her father-in-law.

Anju: My father-in-law.

Harish: What are the lessons from that life?

There was a silence.

Harish: What emotions do you carry from that life?

Anju: We should enjoy our life fully till the end of our life. Some small health issues, accidents will turn our life upside down.

Harish: Any regrets that you carry from that life?

Anju: No.

Harish: What is the reason for you to carry forward the pain?

Anju: I was with my grandfather. He was the one who helped me a lot at that time. In this life also he used to be good and protective.

Harish: You are now aware that people come back again and again in our lives. There is no need for you to miss him. Are you willing to let go of the feeling of missing him?

Anju: Yes.

Harish: Are you willing to let go of the pain?

Anju: Yes.

She headed to the divine light and I asked her to heal herself of the pain and let go of the emotion. She was lot more relaxed as she experienced the healing light this time.

As she came out from trance she said she was experiencing severe back pain as if someone had placed a boulder on her back. I asked her to meditate and relax through deep breathing. She felt better after some time and left for home.

After a couple of days, I browsed through the internet to find out about the fruit she had described during the first session. She had said it looked like jamoon a fruit found in India, but it was slightly longer and bigger in size. I found that ā€˜Dacryodes edulisā€™ is the fruit that is found in West Africa. It is widely used for medicinal properties. I shared some images of the fruit and tree with her and she confirmed that it was something similar to what she has visualized during her first session.

As for the pain, it was very severe on the night after the session, but has completely disappeared the next day. It came back slightly the next evening, but then was also quick to go. She has not experienced the back pain for many days now.

I have seen that there are some dramatic changes in peopleā€™s lives whenever someone leaves or enters their life. The past emotions attached with these persons from the earlier lives have a lot to do with the changes that accompany their entry and exit into our lives. If we can become conscious about the emotions that we experience, we can simply solve the problems by letting go of those emotions.


What sessions Harish! Your client is relieved of the pain and has
insightful lessons.
I wish I too can get down to penning the sessions in detail.
More power to you and all Amarantians. :+1:

In Gratitude,
Nanda :pray:


Lovely session. Thanks for sharing Harish


Thank you for having reached to her Beloved Harish and taking the time to share this splendid session with us. :pray:
I felt this was such a poignant message for all of us.

Pic of ā€˜Dacryodes edulisā€™


Great session Harish. Wonderful insight I got. I could never imagine that passing away of someone, who were related to us in previous life, could trigger physical symptoms whose roots lie in previous lives.


Great session. I hope the client is healed completely


Thank you. Regarding penning the session, I take their permission and record the session. I then use the MS word auto type feature to repeat the session while hearing the recording and correct the typos. Give it a try.


Great session Harishā€¦Thank you for sharingā€¦


This is wonderful to see how PLRT can treat the problem and at the same time evolve client to be a better person.

The technique used by you ā€œHarishā€, I would like to try on my client.

What a wonderful session.

I would also like to know at some point, if client does not want to share any event during the session, how to bring it out, as I think this event must be one of the important one to address or heard.


Thank you Anand. The beauty of PLRT is that even if the client does not want to share any event, if it is destined, it would come out and be addressed. This is my belief.


Very interesting proceedings of the regression.


This is so amazing.
The power of the Unconscious Mind revealed and thank you to you Sir for being such an amazing Lightworker guiding your client ever so gently for her to reach a resolution.
Thank you again:)


Thank you Anu. These sessions make me humble.

Great session Harish, and a great message. Usually the messages are so simple and right in front of us, but we tend to ignore that simplicity. Many people are just trapped in pain and they actually do not want to come out of it till they have suffered a lot.
Thank you for sharing this and highlighting the importance of becoming conscious of our emotions.

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Looks like such a straightforward case but yet such profound and meaningful messages. Trust you to do a fantastic job with whatever limited information is handed over to you !! Thank you for sharing with us.

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those simple words have so intense and in depth wisdom attached to them. the magic lies in consciously connecting to the emotions we experience in our lives as they are the fuelers and propellers of our destiniesā€¦
congratulations for a wonderfully conducted session and wish you many more healingsā€¦