Hello to everyone, this is Pinaki

Hi, to everyone one, I am Pinaki from GS batch. I am blessed to find Amarantos and be a part of it.
Since childhood, I have been an avid believer in Past lives and after I came across Dr. Brian Weiss books…my belief had become stronger and from that day I had been more inclined to PLR.
And with God’s blessing…I found Venu Sir who had been extremely good.

During our training session…he had been very clear and to the point.
It’s been a great great journey.

Thank you once again to Venu sir and the team of Amarantos and to all my batchmates of Spiro batch.


Hi Pinaki ,
Welcome !
Thanks to you and the confidence with which you had done the via online / phone sessions, I was inspired and started trying ‘online’ and surprisingly it worked pretty well esp in these trying times of the lockdown and pandemic . Thank you for showing the way , way back then !


Hello Pinaki,

Great to hear from you and so glad to be part of the same GS batch. Looking forward to learning from your journey and experiences as a therapist.


Welcome ma’am, ya most of the sessions, I had done was over prior to Covid