High Blood pressure brought back to normal through PLRT

Namaste Dear Amaranthians,
With the grace of master Venu and all the spiritual guides I was able to execute my first case. Thanks for the patience reading the case.

Client Vitals: AAA, F, 44YO, Life purpose so that I can take needed actions, 7/10

Date: 22nd Aug 2023
Session 1:
Her hypnosis score is 6
Her VAK score is 3,4,8 highly kinaesthetic
Eye roll score 2
Pain level:7

Theme: Purpose of life

Client history:
Before she was born theirs was a joint family but as she was born her parent shifted to another place where she got opportunities for study and personality development which wont be possible if her parents would have not moved out.

She was an average child in studies but very much interested in sports , music and dance, drama.

In grade 12 she got supplementary and those few months were the darkest phase of her life. She also went through physical abuse. But now she says that she has forgiven her abuser.

She took a year drop to qualify engg exam but couldn’t make it so did her BCA. After that one of her friends who was working in a college offered her job in the same college and she went there.

After few years her another friend (which is me) suggested her job in the company where she was working and then she cleared the interview and came to Ahmedabad to join the software company as technical writer. But as it was a telecom software startup so she learnt testing also. Then someone told her something and she got hurt and floated her resume and got interview call from another software company in Pune and she got selected and came to Pune. On her first day of office in Pune she met a boy who she thought would be her husband and later on it happened. its been more than 15 yrs she is with the same company.

Her father was not well off and She felt responsible for her 2 younger sisters. When she started earning her whole focus is to support her family. By gods grace she was able to do so and now her sisters are also well settled.

She is having varicose veins, suffering from rhinitis, she is over weight so she does cross training so gets injure often. Sometimes back pain, knee pain. She is very emotionally sensitive.

Right now as her purpose of earning which was to support the family is over and because of org restructuring in the company , she is not liking what she is doing in office. She is searching for her life purpose.

She has a lovely family with a very understanding and caring husband. She has 2 daughters. Even if she leaves job there will be no financial problem. She is looking for deeper meaning in life.

She has observed whenever she is in stress she can see in her body.
I had told her we will do session coming week but Few days back she got her blood test report and her all the health parameters were very off. Her BP was also 150/100 which her doc said is not good and apply for holiday from office. As she was taking off so she came and discussed with me to do the session early.

Date: 23Aug 2023
Session 2:
We stated with stage 7
Theme setting: To find the purpose of life.

Gone through the checklist

Started with prayer and then Dave Elman then progressive relaxation. When she was with light she started crying and because of that her coughing started. After that she started coughing continuously. it was being difficult to continue to emerged her.

After break we started again but this time in sitting position. Coughing was not there we went to garden and from there i tried to take her to happy memories but her head started aching.she complained of heavy head. I anchored it and tried to levy that pain. I asked many questions like “go back in time and see if you had this pain at any other point of time” but she was in lot of pain. Tried to do affect bridge , tried to see if pain is giving any message. I tried to do some pain management But didn’t work and i emerged her out. After emerging she felt better.

Date:24th Aug 2023
Session 3:
Started with prayer followed by Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation. Went To garden. From there i took her to happy memory.
She was able to see herself as small girl in grade6. Seeing rain outside window feeling wonderful….

Then came back to garden and then to cliff.
There she saw one of her traumatic past.
Her grandmother died and her father couldn’t reach on time. Dadi wanted to meet her dad. Dad told her that because of her he was not able to meet his mom.

T: what makes him say so? How are you responsible?
C: it was my exams and we couldn’t go earlier.
(While narrating that she pointed to her knee and said here it’s paining.)
I guided her that it was her past. I guided her to look the situation from her dad’s perspective. She realised it was not his fault also.

T: Did you forgive your father?
C: no
T: what makes you say so
C: not able to

I was able to guide her to reframe the memory and put it in the box and push it into the ocean. For future worries also she was able to put in the box and threw the box into the ocean.

I brought her back into the garden and from there she went to a door and behind it there was a soothing white light and she saw master guide there. I guided her to ask questions for whatever she is looking answers for but she didn’t . She felt very high energy. When she was done then after sometime i brought her back into the garden and then emerged her out.

After session:

C: I saw 4 flashes while progressive regression.

C:the light was so soothing that I just wanted to be there. Didn’t want to communicate.

Date:25 Aug 2023
Session 4:
Started with Prayer and then Dave Elman followed by progressive relaxation
Took her to the garden and from there to bridge and door.
She was not able to open the door but can sense some castle behind it .
T: what can you sense?
C: I am a small girl
T: How old are you?
C: 8 yrs
T: Who all are there in your family?
C: there is my baba.
T: What is your name?
C: baba calls me gudiya. Baba is pandit
T: Do you recognise him from present life?
C: I can feel but can’t see his face. Only back. Don’t know if he is anyone from present life.
T: Where are you? Which place is this?
C: Village somewhere in south.
T: Is there any other member in your family?
C: No only we two are there.

On count of 321 go to other significant memory of this lifetime.


C: Baba is not there.

T: What happened to baba?

C: He has gone leaving me alone. I am not able to find him.

T: Where has he gone?

C: For Pooja he has gone to jungle for ever.

He abandoned me.

T: How old are you?

C: 12 yrs

T: How are you feeling?

C: Sad, abandoned

On count of 321 go to another significant moment of this lifetime

C: I am working.I am lifting heavy stones and boulders. My body is aching very much.

(Client was sensing too much pain.she was touching back , shoulder to show where ever she is feeling pain.)

Guided her to float above the body and sense but she was not able to float.

T: Take deep breaths. This was your past no need to worry. You are fine.

C: No one is keeping on work as i am not able to lift heavy stones because of my body aches.

T: What this pain is telling you

C: Don’t pick heavy things

T: Go to next significant moment of your life

C: I am working on a field. I am 25 years old. That is my field. I have bought it. Many other people are working on my field.

She saw 3-4 people from this life working there with her.

In evening usually people come to her for taking suggestion and advice.

T: By what name do they call you?

C: Ganga kaki

C: It is a very hard life. Too much physical labour.

T: Who all are there in your family?

C: No one in the family.

T: What are you feeling?

C: Feeling safe, secure. I am taking care of others but lonely myself.

I am old. I am helping others. Even i have given away my land to them also.

C: Someone is crying

T: What has happened?

C: I died

T: What were your last thoughts?

C: Help everyone, don’t leave or abandon anyone.

T: See who came to take you?

C: Keya (Name changed)

(She is one of her best friend with whom she feels some connection)

and also she felt her husband’s (this lifetime) presence.

T: What are they telling you?

C: Do not to feel alone we are there with you.

T: What are you seeing?

C: A Place is full dark like someone has burnt it. I can see only ‘angaree’ here and there.

I am a male. Old . My hairs are white.

T: What is your name?

C: Don’t know

T: What is happening?

C: My back is hurting. I am sitting .

T: What happened to your back?

C: I fell down and got hurt.i am not able to walk.

I have killed a boy.(crying and in pain)

T: How old is the boy?

C: 4-5. Yr old

He wanted something and I didn’t want to give. I pushed him and he fell down and died.

T: Have you seen the boy in this life?

C: Yes seen him somewhere

C: He is A(her sisters son)

T: take deep breaths. It was past. A is fine. You are fine. You can float above and see.

(She couldn’t float above)

T: How are you feeling after this incident?

C: I should have given him the stuff. His house was burnt.

T: What about your about family in that life.

C: I have a wife and kids.

T: Who’s your wife ? Can u recognise?

C: S(One of her good friend)

T: What about kids?

C: Kids died. There was no food. They died of hunger.

Here also she was in lot of pain after seeing her kids plight.

Ask. Her to deep breath and took her back.

T: What happened after the kid died

C: I got scared and am running away. Villagers are coming after me. They are hitting me, beating me.

C: No one talks to me .

T: Why nobody talks to you?

C: I do low grade work. I clean.

T: What happened after that?

C: I was there for 2-3 days and then died.

T: What were your last thoughts?

C: I should have given him. I should not be angry. In anger I pushed him.

T: Is there anyone with you?

C: There is white light. Feeling calm and relaxed.

T: from where the light is coming?

C: It’s very bright could not see anything

T: Ask what is your this life’s purpose

C: I should help others. Give things. Don’t keep it to yourself.

T: Is there anything else you would like to know?

C: No

Emerged her out from door to garden and then to senses.

After Session:

  1. BP gone down to normal (measured in the evening)

  2. Feeling very relaxed

  3. Previously legs feels to be heavy but after 3rd session feeling very light

  4. Understanding has increased

  5. Knee pain has gone down significantly.

  6. Got the clarity of life purpose.

  7. Help can be done irrespective of profession into which you are in. Its 24/7.

  8. Also, she should be grateful of her corporate job as to help others first money is needed.

Pain level has gone down to 2

Post session recommendations:

  1. Meditate as she was doing it previously but stopped de to some reason.
  2. Suggested to forgive father as I feel unless she forgives her father her knee pain will be there.

My questions to Venu and other Amaranthians,

  1. What should we do if client is in pain as happened with my client on session 2. I was not able to anchor it. What should i have done better?
  2. My client was emotionally very sensitive and was not able to float above the body and was in lot of pain because of that. What other approach should i have taken?

Really appreciate the patience you kept throughout. So beautifully done :sparkles:


My response for (1): Continue to use BRV and continue to encourage the client to become aware … as aware as they need to become. Awareness itself heals.

My response for (2), it could be that the client had to experience the pain to be able to make peace and let go of the pain (evidenced by the reduced BP and legs feeling light after the session) and there was nothing more for you to do as a therapist. Have you considered this as a possibility?


Congratulations Aditi! Executed really well. Getting success on very first case is really commendable. One thing i liked is you have not insisted your client to forgive her father as it was her own call not to forgive. However you covered it in the Closture session. It can be also covered during client accessment by expalining the importance of forgiveness in this therapy.Thank you for sharing with us and enhancing our knowlege and confidence.

Q 1 Q2 : Distraction , BRV,


@Aditi, congratulations for the session and detailed submission.

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I observed that the client was not able to float above the body. May need some investigation. Could be attachment of some kind.? Overall very nice. You took great pains. Keep it up.


Congratulations Aditi! On beginning your Journey as a PLR therapist, you did a commendable session!
Answers to your questions

  1. I too have experienced such cases, client having severe distraction or pain during the session, If the trance is well established in that case I look for trying to make an effect bridge to connect to Past Life. If trance is only not established then in that case, I ask the client to mentally focus on the pain and talk to it as ask the pain to take a form and lift up from body. This form can be anything, shapes, colour, object, or at times thoughts. If anything surfaces up we then acknowledge it and ask it to go to the light. Mostly my observation is the pain or distraction vanishes. Then I proceed further.
  2. At times staying with the body to feel the pain one last time can be of no harm unless it is very painful and distressing. Allow some time and then remind the client he can observe and understand everything without feeling the pain as it is over with that life and body and he is now safe and in devine light. Then guide the client’s focus towards higher journey and learnings.

Hope it helps… I am also a beginner in this Journey, so whatever little bit I knew I shared. Seniors may guide further.


Dear Aditi, first of all a heartful congratulations for performing an excellent PLR session. The client was not an easy one. Had lot of issues. I feel you have managed it very well. You were able to integrate the findings extremely well. Overall, there was physical and mental benefit post the session. Kudos to you.

Regarding your questions I feel there is no right way. You handled the situation very well. Just feel good that you handled well. Above all as our guru says you diligently followed the 15 stages.
For me this is a very well conducted session.


Thanks for making the time to reach out @Aditi ,

This is also a sign of resistance

Client is highly K, so suggestion meant for visual “see” should be avoided

No see :blush: and it could’ve been “what happens to you after you die”

A better way to phrase this would be to paraphrase and then ask

Am so happy for the client, BP came down to normal! you did it @Aditi

@Murali thanks for the valuable advice
@moumita.tamhankar tiny correction it’s “affect bridge” :blush:

  1. List item

Dear our @Aditi…heartiest congratulations to u …awesomely conducted…so patiently as u r… ur questions while reading I felt I was at peace. …very happy for u and many many more to achieve :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::nazar_amulet::innocent::pray:

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Thank you so much Venu for taking time out and sharing your feedback. Points noted. Will work on it. Thanks a lot once again.

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These points are really good inputs. Will keep in mind for future sessions.thank you so very much.

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Yes I followed up with her on forgiving her father as she said she has:)

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Haven’t considered but yes you could be right. Thanks for giving this perspective.

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Well done Aditi. First case, difficult client, well handled. Coughing is a problem even I’m facing. Overall I think you did very well. May be further short sessions are needed for complete healing.
Best Wishes, Deepak


Dearest Aditi, my love,

First and foremost Congratulations on going through your first case and taking it to completion and not stopping in between.

I love your gentle, kind, open energy and grace.

Secondly, coughing can also be sign of hitting energy blockages and moving of energy, I have faced it with one particular client when ever we do deep belief work and she see hits resistance on her way. I just stop for few seconds to allow her to catch her breath, ask her to drink water and relax, sometimes the coughing stops, sometimes it doesn’t. I have learnt to take it as a part of her processing mechanism. This client has huge resistances towards her own ‘self’ is what I am understanding while writing now. And that is the reason why she takes so much time to process information and instructions.

Also openness with client works a lot in your favor. Be open to whatever may come up for you to face during the session. And if you ever get stuck during the session just surrender to the masters and you will experience ‘magic’. :pray:


Dear aditi,
So well conducted… congratulations :tada::clap:

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Dear Aditi,
First of all congratulations on conducting your first PLRT session with such dedication and care. Your thorough documentation shows your commitment to helping your client find her life’s purpose.

Regarding your questions:

  1. When a client experiences pain during a session, it’s essential to reassure them and guide them through relaxation techniques. You could try different relaxation methods, such as deep breathing exercises or visualizations, to alleviate their discomfort. Always prioritize their comfort and well-being.

  2. For clients who are emotionally sensitive and struggle to float above their bodies, it’s important to be patient and empathetic. Encourage them gently, using soothing language to help them feel safe and secure. Sometimes, it might take multiple sessions for them to become more comfortable with the process. It’s also beneficial to work on building trust and rapport with such clients to create a more conducive environment for regression.

Your commitment to your client’s well-being and your eagerness to learn and improve are commendable. Keep up the fantastic work, and your skills will continue to grow with experience.

Warm regards,


Thanks for taking the time to share about this session in the ask.amarantos.org and now with the meta of this session, here is my detailed feedback once again @Aditi
Adding to what our blessed @Murali, @Ashish-Meher, @moumita.tamhankar, @Krithika_s, here’s my suggestion.

I hope you were actively attempting stress management techniques here, please revise all of them.

this suggestion was premature, instead we could have strived for I of IDT and then gone to it…

why the hurry Aditi? if someone dies, wouldn’t we want to know why they died?

again why the hurry? You are getting such valuable outcomes and it would have been prudent to get more details.

this is amazing

for a therapist of your caliber, zero should be the target, please slow down, compose yourself and take the time to conduct the session in a much more relaxed pace, to answers your questions, please revise the workbook and take care of the fundamentals.


Very well done Aditi. Required lot of patience and energy from your end.

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