How can we link our sessions when conducing them for 3 days

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Plz help me to clear doubt…
when we suggest our client that at least 3 sessions are needed for PLR therapy.
And the client is before you for the first session and did it…!!

The next day, how will you get him to connect with the previous day’s past life experience he had. … And go along with it … To get a continuation… ??

Thank you
Jyothi Sankaran.


Thank you for posting this question here Dear Jyothi,
As I understand that you must be conducting the sessions in stages, here is a stagewise breakup of the sessions at Amarantos.

If the client feels that the pain level of the core issue that was agreed up in stage 8 has alleviated and they feel that there are no more issues that need to be addressed then we need not force them to come for sessions.
Remember the client is always in control.

Amarantos Stagewise Session Breakup


Perfect …venu.

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