How my PLRT session and NDE matched

Hi Venu and all other members of Amarantos family,

I wanted to tell you that recently I had a NDE while at hospital for H1N1. It was a severe case with 80% lung damage and the doctors had given my daughter 20% chances for my survival. I was on ventilator for 9 days and several severe complications.

However, I was in total bliss, a bliss which can never be explained in this worldly terms.

I was with Mahavishnu and my father. There was no form to God. Communication was instantaneous. there was no need for speech. What I thought of was answered by him. Even though God appeared before me, I felt no desires, no requests. Just being there with him was enough.
I did not know how much time passed, it felt like a brief moment. At some point there was a flash of awareness of light which conveyed the message for me to tell the entire world - " You are in this human form for a very short journey on earth, so be joyful always"

Acutally 9 days had passed, with doctors and nurses working over time to stabilise me.

How did I come to know it was Mahavishnu? Because I got transported to the river in Thirunelli, Kerala where my father’s remains were immersed. The temple is of Mahavishnu and it is said that souls attain moksha at that place

Now as to how my own PLRT and NDE matched.

I had my PLRT done by Ankit, and he had taken me to the future and one of the things was to go to the last moment of this life. I saw that Bhagavan Sree Krishna had come to take me home, and transformed me into an object and dropped me in the river. The message from my PLRT was that “love, peace and joy are the only things that matter in the end”

It took a lot of time for me to realize this congruence! it is fascinating how NDE aligned with past life regression therapy

Though I was hospitalised, I am at immense peace after this experience.
Venu knows how tormented I was earlier.

I got discharged within 4 days of regaining consciousness, with zero damage.

I hope this experience helps anyone!


Such an amazing experience !!…
Instead of ‘ Near Death Experience’ I would rather call it ‘ Near Enlightenment Experience’ where you found oneness and merged with the divine .
The river might be symbolising the ‘Superconsciousness’ where your soul completely immersed itself in it ! You are a blessed soul to acquire this rarest of rare experience. God bless !


Dear Prasanna Ji,
Thank you for sharing your profound experience. It’s incredible how your NDE and PLRT aligned, offering deep insights into love, peace, and joy. Glad to hear you’re at immense peace now and that you’ve recovered so well after such a challenging time. :pray::blush:


Dear Rashmi,

At the inception I must confess that you are a truly blessed soul to have the SAKSHATKAR with God Almighty. I am happy for your come back and pray for your good health and happiness.

Thank you for sharing the amazing experience with us all. It only proves what I know in my limited knowledge about the cycle of life and death and most importantly the aspects of Afterlife as per our Upanishads and other divine scriptures.

Your experience so profoundly establishes the divine nature of all Beings and that it is only the Maya that veils our True Nature. All through over lives we are designed to run after the worldly and transient while the Permanent Soul, who is a representative of Creator Herself ,silently resides within us as the Divine Witness. Once the Atman of Jiva meets the Par Atman there is nothing left to ask for. You have truly experienced the divinity from ADHYAROPA (superimposition) to APAVADA (de superimposition) and I thank You again for Sharing.

God Speed.


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Wow, got goosebumps reading this. Previously, I’ve read quite a few cases of NDE’s, but hearing it from someone who has directly experienced it that too in so much of details is something different…God bless💐


Dear Rashmi

You are truly blessed. Your experience was very amazing.
I had the impression as I read that you’ve
been a devotee of a fortunate soul
journeying to commune with God. It’s an amazing experience.I would suggest that you should be proud of yourself for
overcoming all obstacles to receive a word
from Darshan. Remain fortunate and joyful at all times. adoration


That’s such a profound experience​:sparkles:. Hope you are doing well now​:innocent::pray:t3:


Wow, that’s indeed an out of the world experience. Although for common people it may be frightening, but the experience has given so much of insight, peace and no residual disease is infact proof of the divine experience you had.
Enjoy and spread the bliss.
Love and regards


Amazing Rashmi, you are a blessed soul. Thank you for sharing your experience. We are blessed to know you.


Thank you all for your replies. I am very happy to share my experience. i feel like telling the whole world of it all the time! I am happy to be a part of this family where emotions can be shared easily, and without judgement :pray: :pray:


Wonderful Rashmi, absolutely love the insightful learnings that you became aware of during your transient meetings with MahaVishnu and SreeKrishna. Amazing!


Wow is all i can say. I am amazed at all I am learning from this community. As I get to know you all, I feel blessed. Rashmi, your writeup was really good. Going through the experience and then sharing in such a beautiful way - helped me ease some of my anxiety. Thank you for sharing.


Dear Rashmi, I agree with all that you are a blessed soul. Happy to hear that your torment has ended. Thanks for sharing the beautiful message of staying HAPPY.


Dear Rashmi,
Thankyou for sharing such an experience with us. I can totally believe the authenticity of your NDE, and the matching of PLR with this experience gives me goosebumps. So true, when you meet God, nothing is left to ask for, and still we feel so blissful and at peace, even after going through such a hard phase in life. Physical discomfort went in time lapse, nine days passed by and you were in that dream like state of bliss. Wow, You are blessed to have the darshan of Lord Mahavishnu. God bless you!