How real is FLP - Future Life Progression?

Many wonder how true Future life progression (FLP) is and I just received an email from my client who had come around 10 years ago for a session and whatever she had experienced in her FLP after PLR is turning out to true!
There are so many such cases but this one is the best in the sense you can also see the long-term attitudinal changes deeply embedded into her psyche post the 15 stage process.

I generally avoid posting any material from my clients to avoid giving away any of their personal information. But making an exception to this after morphing all the PII.

Some important things to consider for FLP:-

  1. Future is not etched in stone.
  2. Once the baggage of the past has been worked up and the patterns changed, a whole new extrapolation takes place.
  3. There is always the danger of wishful thinking, lucid dreaming hence conduct only after the execution of 15 stages.

Very inspiring Venu. Very correctly indicated that future is not etched in stone. Most of it is result of our past Karma. However, I believe, our present Karma have power to modify it.


I would like to just give my perspective on this FLP… I think that we are able to do this but on whether what is seen will actually materialize or not depends on the decisions made / taken by the client in their future lives … I always tell the clients , who have asked for FLP , that yes we can do it but its a 50 50 chance of it coming true as at every point you have a choice to make, so if you make the right choices you will get to where you see yourself , or you may go way ahead , or you may fall short too , it all depends on the choices made . If that is understood then it is fair to go for it , otherwise it is better to skip doing the FLP as sometimes if this aspect of ‘choice’ is not understood clearly the client may be disappointed. …Just my way of looking at it :slight_smile:


So true. So beautifully said Brinda… Every moment we have a choice and that decides the future, from immediate future to much later too.
Since Atma is always in the moment, no yesterday today and tomorrow… it must be easily possible to be aware of FL…
But for the client it could take away the fun of exploration in life if he starts depending upon his new beliefs.
Much love , Brinda

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The only FLP I did, is also coming true. The client is just watching everything unfold and waiting for her turn to enter the situation which is still a few years ahead. :slight_smile:


We were able to understand Progression completely on this month’s Forum call.
Do refer to this deck if you were unable to join us.

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Dear Venu,

Grateful to you for sharing. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to join yet again.

Love & Peace,

Thanks a lot Venu for putting it on the Forum. Unfortunately, I could not attend last evening due to some family commitment. It was a pleasant surprise to find the presentation. The topic is new and covered quite well by you. I look forward to next month’s session on this.