How some diseases are cured by undergoing PLR ?

If someone has chronic illness or pain from past lives and go through same in PLR, it is observed that the symptoms fade away slowly. What would be the reason ?


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Read your ATT introduction post “Truth of past lives” few minutes ago. Wish you all the best on a wonderful journey of self-discovery that you have embarked on.

Coming to your question, “How some diseases are cured by undergoing PLR?”, PLR is all about getting an understanding of our thought patterns that form the basis for our beliefs; and, unearth beliefs held in our sub-conscious mind. Many people, if not most, miss this point and get into the business of arguing / proving or disproving endlessly whether past life exists or does not exist; whether Law of Karma exists or does not exist :pray:t3:

Having said that :grin:, I will now point you to two articles that you may want to read, research and think over at leisure :grin:

How Do Thoughts and Emotions Affect Health?
Published on University of Minnesota website
Expert Contributor: Karen Lawson, MD
Reviewed by: Archelle Georgiou, MD; Kate Hathaway, PhD; Sue Towey, RN, CNS, MS, LP

How Your Thoughts Change Your Brain, Cells and Genes By Debbie Hampton, Writer, blogger, hot yoga enthusiast, brain injury survivor

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Hi Devendra,
My observations have been that dis-eases are causing in the body due to holding up negative emotions in the mind. Through PLR, when the client releases these negative emotions, the body heals itself.

This is also emphasised in other healing modalities such as Life Coaching… I hope this helps.


Quoting from the book,Why Me?

Most of the times, if there is sufficient trance, the Unconscious mind lands us at the Engram — which is the place of origin of a problem. The symptoms of which are deeply embedded in our life as our likes and dislikes. Healing occurs when we can live through the experience — resolving the unresolved and diffusing the charge of emotions locked-up at the time of this stressful episode. Similar to how the natural gases get trapped under the earth during volcanic activity and await being drilled out to be harnessed even after millions of years.


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Thank you for raising this interesting question. During one of the sessions with a client, we had this very interesting challenge that the client was very sensitive to the energy around both positive and negative. The point that came out from the session was that the client needs to balance the energy and the emotions, and the way to do it was by meditating. As I pondered over this, within the next few days, I came across this very interesting video by Prof. Dandapani, on one of the WhatsApp group. Below is the link of the video on youtube titled " DO U HAVE UNRESOLVED EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCES"

To summarize the video, he refers to unresolved emotional experiences that consume a lot of ones energy in the sub conscious mind. He goes on to state that the person can overcome this by writing it down the problem on a piece of paper and burning it. He explains that every experience has an emotion attached to it, which is vibrating as energy in the sub conscious mind. Since, nothing can be done about the experience, the energy attached to the emotion needs to be transformed. As the person writes down the experience, he or she re-lives the experience because it moves by the sub conscious to the conscious mind and the energy attached moves from the mind to the paper, which when burnt gets transformed and moves out of the sub conscious.

In my humble opinion, this is what happens in PLRT too, the client re-lives the experience and the emotion attached to that experience is transformed into a positive one by the process of forgiving and repentance. This is the reason why I think the diseases get cured and the problems get sorted. As mentioned in the books by Dr. Brian, we are all here to learn our lessons and the experiences help us learn this. Once the lesson is learnt the problem is sorted.


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Please go through this blog link and you can find elaborate answer. Read and comment other blogs also…


fantastic expert from the book Ram! Very apt thank you for sharing.
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