How to answer client question - How many sessions is it going to take?

Hello friends,

Can you please share how do you space out your sessions…I’ve had cases where resolution takes 3 sessions and then cases where resolutions happen in one single (long) session.

Do you have a set plan as to what you will cover in each session - because as per my little experience, all such plans get blown as the client’s subconscious mind is the boss and knows where to take the session…

In this light, how do we set expectations with the client as to how many sessions will be taken? Especially when as a therapist I myself am clueless as to how many sessions it will take for the client…This issue I am asking especially for clients who come from outstation and have to plan their travel and hotel stay.

Thanks a lot.


Hi… I’ve yet to begin my PLR journey and this is one question for which I too am seeking an answer.
If sometimes resolution happens with just a single session would there be a need to force them to continue further :thinking:?
For my practice sessions I have people willing to go through it but a commitment of at least 3 sessions, each lasting 4 hrs, is a challenge for them.
I’m wondering how to move towards my certification in such a scenario😊.
Please guide.:pray:


Dear AbhinavG and Nanda
Every Client is unique and in this field unlike allopathy in which we docs prescribe and follow set protocols for treatment for every patient irrespective of their different soul journeys, can’t be followed. This is what I could understand attending the workshop and now trying my hands at this therapy. Though can’t generalise , still my take would be may be 3 sessions or even more are required. Exceptions can be kids for sure where one session in most of the cases might be enough. I can be totally wrong on this but these are 2 my cents.

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