How to answer potential client enquiry?

To all my practicing Therapists,

  1. When a potential Client calls for enquiry, How much details / time do you feel we should give on online/ offline enquiry.
  2. How do you book appointments?
  3. How many hours sessions do you ask them to come for?
  4. When do you take fee? Whether all in one go before Session or in instalments after each day session.

Hi Moumita,
Thanks for asking, I will share what I do at best and have been able to improvise over time

  1. When I can get a call, and it is established that is an enquiry call , I have a basic set of questions to ask during enquiry
    a) it is for them or someone else in their family friends relatives. If someone else, I try to connect with the actual client
    b) where they are staying, to have an understanding how far they are located
    c) have they read about PLRT OR did someone asked them to take up a session. How they got to know about the therapy?

I mention how much a session would cost them. If they ask for a discount totally depends on client to client basis.

I do give time for the enquire say 10-15mins. IF I don’t have that time to spend when I receive their call , I take their preferred time and give them a call back.

  1. Book appointments I do it over the call. When there are too many enquiry in the same week or back to back. I usually ask them to make a prepayment , so that I don’t miss out on a genuine client and they also give their commitment
  2. I ask them for 3-4hrs average , also mention it can go longer , so that they can plan their day accordingly
    4.I don’t have a set rule. But mostly on the day of visit , unless I have asked for prepayment to confirm their dates…
    Taking a session fee prior is good way though

Good afternoon ma’am,

The initial conversation with the client is the most important part of
commencing any treatment of process of treatment, one need to take down as
much as possible personal details including one!s past history … because
it will obviously make the Therapist prepare once the client is willing to
take an appointment and subsequent approves to go ahead with the therapy ,
I have prepared myself a set of questionnaires which are a set of pattern
one can adopt prior proceeding with the 15 steps of our taught procedure
from Amarantros…


Commandant Yogesh Dutta Retd



Thank you Preeti ! This is helpful guidance.
Gratitude :pray:

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Thank you Yash sir
This is a valuable guidance, thank you for sharing.

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Very good questions and shows how much you want to practice this professionally.
When the clients enquire it’s our duty to explain and clear all their doubts truthfully.
For appointments you can explore, I haven’t tried it yet, for is an automation our developers at Amarantos designed and it might be time consuming and an expensive venture for you.
At Amarantos we’ve consistently seen that it takes at least 4 sessions to deliver the 15-Stage PLRT process.
As for the fee, most of the times we forget but the client reminds us and does the transfer, that’s how awesome people are!
All the best Moumita, the rule of thumb is to always have clients healing and wellbeing in the forefront and everything else takes care of itself!