How to identify and dissolve blockages that hinder regression?

Hello Everyone !

There is one client of mine, with whom I have conducted two sessions. What’s happening is she does very well till visualization, but as I ask her to go back in past life, she doesn’t responds. In my last session, to some extent she could go but couldn’t see or feel anything, just saw herself standing. We tried some guided imagery which she could do very well but the moment ask to go back in the past, it won’t happen.

I am wondering, whether is it some part I am missing out or some unconscious resistance. In her waking state I have explained her all about PLR and she seems completely fine with it. But now, I am a bit confused that how to proceed ?


Where does she see herself standing? … is it a dark place… you may ask her to extend her hand and feel what is around? How does she feels on her foot, what texture of ground beneath her

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Once, it was a dark place and then it was greenery around… I asked these questions, you mentioned here… she always said, " I can’t see or feel anything else." She could only say she is a child, a girl. After, we tried framing questions in different ways. But, all the time same answer came, " She can’t see anything else ! ".

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Thanks for seeking out Dear Deepshikha,
This is normal, and the reasons could be so many. Is it possible for you to provide a detailed stage-wish report with the vitals so that we can all help you out.

Sure, will share the detailed one soon.

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Hi Deepshikha,

Since I’m not sure about the client’s personality my speculation is that she’s a person who likes to be in control and the resistance could be stemming from there.
I’m not sure whether you gave her the option of where she would like to go further, “ now that you’re standing at this place would you like to go further and explore what lies beyond”… the answer could be either way and accordingly it goes further.
This can work as the client feels in control by having a choice.


hello guys

on netflix there is a series called Chicago Med

Season 3 Episode 15 talks about physiatric treatment to a victim.
Doctors find out that the girl slipsped back to her age of 6 in her
subconscious mind , where as parents think she is possessed by an evil
spirit … interesting study …

highly recommended …and discussion can be done…

must watch this case…


Thanks for the recommendation.

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Hey, thanks !! May be I will try this approach. Thanks a lot.

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Have you tried changing the theme for the regression.
At times because of fear of finding the truth, client resist going to past.
Try changing the theme for the session and spend more time on relaxing the client.
Let us know, if it works…


Hey, thanks a lot… I tried doing the relaxation part more. May be this time I can change the theme to see if it works. Thanks a lot.