How to make meditation Fun even for beginners

[Subject changed from “Meditation is unanimously accepted as the most beneficial thing we can do” to “How to make meditation enjoyable even for beginners”]

But what stops us from meditating?
Or what makes us want to just spring up into action while meditating.
I am trying to understand the problem as I feel that finding the problem is half the solution.
Please share what stops you or your clients from meditating?
As I always say, nothing is trivial, feel free to express yourself.

Saw this article today morning and hence the ask.


One reason could be having a notion that meditation is about being thoughtless when it actually is about becoming aware of oneself - by allowing the thoughts to pass by, observing and becoming aware of the nature of thoughts and feelings / emotions associated with them. When one allows thoughts to pass by instead of attempting to stifle them, mind automatically calms / settles down and meditation becomes possible.


What a coincidence, this was the quote in an app that I use

“Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone.”

–Alan Watts

  1. There is always a right time for everything in life, when it is the calling then only one begins to walk on the path of meditation. Otherwise all efforts are disrupted by one force or the other.
  2. There is a belief that meditation is boring or time taking, thus people push it for later thinking that they will do it after finishing work in hand. And that later never comes.
  3. Lack of knowledge of how to meditate or what is meditation.

Generally people never sit with themselves and the moment they start meditation they sit and that is the time when the thoughts start flooding and this actually scares many people and most of them stop the so called meditation fearing the negativity which arises. My justification is only that just like when we wash a dirty cloth initially a lot of dirt comes out, do we stop washing fearing the dirt, we wash harder until the cloth is completely clean. Similarly the dirt from the mind comes out the moment we start meditation. Wait breathe and watch it and then you will find the calm beautiful serene You in the innermost domain.


Q: Today’s lifestyle is very busy and people don’t have time. Heartfulness meditation requires at least thirty minutes. So how to find the time in a day of hectic lifestyle and stress?

KDP: If we can create a stressful lifestyle, I think we also have the choice to create a calmer lifestyle. The choice is ours. If you want to feel peaceful, you want to feel calm, you will have to adopt it. Even if it takes an hour to achieve twenty-three hours of a good day, it is a good investment of time – the choice is yours.

Q: Would you share with us a little bit of your experience of this Heartfulness meditation? How did you come to do this and what do you feel about it?

KDP: Well I started this meditation almost like a joke actually. One of my friends was able, at will, to dim or intensify the light and it was very impressive. I had an inclination towards meditation, so I used to do it on my own without any goal, without any particular process, but I was influenced by Swami Vivekananda. So I would sit like him and devote my time silently in brooding over things rather than in meditation, and I misunderstood that whole process as meditation.

My friend used to observe my lifestyle. He said, “Why don’t you come and meditate using this method?” I said, “Ok, why not?” He said, “Let’s go. He took me to one elderly lady, who introduced me to this system. In the very first meditation, I was very moved. The very first experience blew me apart. It was the most wonderful thing I had ever felt.

Q: How can people start this practice?

KDP: You must have seen on our website,, the process is given there how to meditate. You can meditate in a comfortable corner of your house, and if you want to try this meditation with transmission, please send your request via email. Someone will get back to you and say, “Okay, sit at such and such a time at your place.” Or if there is another person who meditates in your town, we will give you their contact details so that you can meet each other and meditate. It is a very simple process.

The family life advocated with Heartfulness meditation is a balanced existence that we try to seek: balance within, balance in my surroundings, balance in my society. We kind of breathe peace in and we exhale peace out.

The interview / Speech with our Master Rev,Kamlesh can be viewed in Sahaj Marg Raja Yoga Meditation - Interview on Heartfulness, Lyon, France


I believe that sometimes clients are not aware of the meaning of awareness and how to be aware, focused or to concentrate.

When I use imagery like awareness is a “ball of light” and this ball of light visits the fear that lives in (I would have checked earlier about where the client feels it) our mind or heart. The light removes the fear (has a colour). The spot lights up and client is asked to fill in the gap with (client’s chosen value or energy). This seems very helpful even with children and those who do not meditate. After the experience, they seem to be able to meditate.


Priceless advice dear Nishaji :pray:
Thank you for sharing this nugget with us.

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I learnt everything from you Venuji. Krishna is our Guide…